domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

A day with The Dales

It´s Saturday morning and The Dales are getting ready to have their family breakfast.

Winton and Iona are very proud of the muffins they have just baked.

Ewan is  helping Emma to sit down on her high chair.

Barbara is picking the cups to set the table.

They need to start the day with plenty of energy.On Saturday all the family members help to collect the fruit they will sell in their fruit cart.

The Dales have their own orchard and they pick up daily the fruit they sell.

Their apples are crisp, sweet and juicy.Emma loves munching them.

Their oranges are the best for juicing.

Emma enjoys attempting to help the rest of the family in the orchard.

Winton and Iona are also very helpful.

The children really enjoy picking up berries.
There are lots of blueberries in this bush.
As its name suggests,Sweet Berry Valley is famous for its berries.They are the sweetest in Sylvania.

Apples, oranges, pears, bananas, grapes, berries , lemons and even melons are available at their fruit wagon. All fresh and organic.

On Saturday, The Dales set up their fruit wagon next to a park so that the children can have fun in the playground area.
As soon as they arrive, Emma goes to play on the slide.

It is well known that Sylvanians have a sweet tooth but they are also very fond of fresh fruit and vegs and they all eat their five a day or even more.

Kate Periwinkle is the first to buy a big bag of oranges. One can always have freshly squeezed orange juice at The Blackurrant café.

Teri Chocolate is delighted to see how ripe and fresh the blueberries and raspberries are. They will be perfect for cake filling and fruit toppings.

Alfie and Gail Spotter are getting some apples. They expect their grandchildren for tea and Gail wants to treat them with a delicious homemade apple pie.

Constance Grunt visits the Dales´fruit wagon everyday. 

She always buys lots of fruit. She has to feed her large, hungry family.

"Who wants a banana?"

The park is getting busy and Winton, Iona and Emma are having good fun.

Daisy bought plenty of fruit yesterday but she forgot to get some lemons. She likes to squeeze a spritz of lemon on the oysters she buys at the Chantillies´fishmonger.
Just in case you are wondering... Yes! She liked oysters and so did Hornbull.

Pete Petite forgot to get a snack to keep him going so he stopped for a minute to grab a healthy bite.

A banana will give him a boost of energy to keep cycling.

On Saturdays, The Kennelworths go to do the shopping together and fresh fruit is always on their shopping list.

Lucy Fenton needs some berries to make raspberry sauce . Her children love it on their ice-cream and youghurt.

Winton, Iona and Emma are still playing in the park but it´s nearly time to close and go home.

When it´s time to tidy up the whole family gives a hand.

The boxes, the board...everything can be stowed on the cart.

Ewan helps his father to push the cart back home.

Emma is so tired...

Back home, there´s nothing like a nice meal after a long working day. Ewan and Barbara are preparing dinner in the kitchen.

And there´s nothing like a big bowl of ice-cream after a lovely dinner.
The Dales have just bought a fridge and
the freezer is stocked with ice-cream tubs.The children have never been happier!

Shortly after dinner, they received the visit of their relatives, The Dingles. Barbara and Rebeca are sisters.

They all enjoyed the rest of the day in good company.


The fruit wagon is a cute little set.
I was looking forward to adding it to my collection. I wanted my Dale sheep family to run their own business and when the fruit cart was released I knew it was perfect for them.

Have you also noticed I have a new couple of grandparents?
I got the Meerkat grandparents and the triplets for my birthday.

Hope you have enjoyed spending the day with the Dales.
Thanks for reading and for your kind comments.

Have a nice day!

Lots of love!

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  1. This is one of your best stories with the most wonderful photos! So many fantastic scenes to enjoy! It's also special to me because we shared a common idea at the same time! I will always remember this beautiful coincidence (the second one actually, haha) but as they say 'great minds think alike'. It's obvious how much effort and love you have put into this, keep up the great work my dear friend!

  2. Thank you so much,Sylvanako! Your kind words mean a lot to me . This story is quite simple but it took me several days to take all the pictures to put the story together. I do it for fun and I really enjoy it but it is true that it takes a lot of effort. The worst part is that I have to put everything away after each photo session. The same happens to you so I understand how you feel. Thanks again for being so nice to me! Your comments always make me really happy.