viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2015

It´s Christmas Day!

Dear readers,

First of all I´d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. 

Let´s see how the Chocolate Rabbit Family spent this special day.

Freya woke up early. As soon as she opened her eyes she jumped out of bed. "It´s Christmas Day!, Coco. Come on!, get up!" She told her brother who was still half asleep.

She ran down the stairs as fast as she could. Mum was already in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. "Merry Christmas mum! Has Santa been here? Freya asked with excitement. " Go to the leaving room and check for yourself" Teri said smiling.

There´s was no doubt. Santa had been there and so had Rudolph and they seemed to be hungry!

Definitely he stopped at The Chocolate´s and left presents for everyone.
"I´m sure this parcel is for me" Freya was tempted to open up her present but she knew it was a family tradition to wait for the rest of the family, including her grandparents and they were not coming round until dinner.

 At least they were allowed to see what was in their stocking.
 Creme was delighted with all the sweets she got. "Mmm, candy cane, yummy!"

 Freya and Coco were very happy  with their gifts too. A magic wand for Freya, water colours for Coco and sweets!

After breakfast the family left the house to go to mass.

 The church was crowded. Most villagers go to mass on Christmas Day.

This church is somewhere in New Zealand. Not that I´ve been there but  I saw it on the internet and I thought it coud go well in my Sylvanian village.I think it fits Sylvanian style buildings

After mass they headed downtown. Even though all shops and business were closed the main square was bustling with activity. There was a Christmas tree in the centre and lots of villagers gathered around on Christmas morning .They enjoyed meeting some of their neighbours and friends and  it was a good time to wish them  Merry Christmas.

"Merry Christmas Lucy. What a lovely scarf you´re wearing" Teri greeted her friend.
"It´s my Christmas present, Teri." Lucy said proudly. 

"You know Sadie? Santa left a magic wand in my stocking" Freya told her friend.
"Wow, a magic wand! I got a toy house. Will you come to play with me soon?" Sadie invited Freya.   

"Merry Christmas Barker!" Frasier greeted cheerfuly.
"Merry christmas Frasier!" Nice to see you! Barker replied and they both had a chat.

One by one they stopped to give Christmas greetings to their friends.

Back at home, Teri was busy in the kitchen. She had to get everything ready for Christmas dinner. She started cooking early this morning.

Some time later there was a knock at the door. Patricia and Rhys were at the doorstep. They came round to join their family for dinner.

Freya and Creme opened the door to their grandparents and greeted them with joy.
"Up, up, grandpa, kiss, kiss" Creme told Rhys who took her in her arms and placed a tender kiss on her cheek.
"Merry Christmas grandma! It´s great you´re here. Can we go in and open the presents?"
Freya was all excited. She couldn´t wait any longer.

Teri welcomed her parents in law affectionately . They were just on time for dinner. Teri was about to put the fish in the oven . Freya insisted  once more "Mum, can we open the presents?, please!!". " Yes, of course, meanwhile the fish will be cooked"

At last!!! Presents opening time!! the children exclaimed loudly.

 What will Creme get in her parcel?

A trumpet!! Yipee!!!!!

"This is for you grandma" Freya said  handing  Patricia a small golden parcel.
"Thank you , my dear" Patricia accepted gratefully.

"Wow!! Just right!!  That´s what I asked for!!!" Freya exclaimed when she opened her present.

Fraiser was the last to open his gift.

A camara!! Fantastic!!

They were all delighted with their presents. A new football for Coco, a toy rabbit for Freya, a white rose perfume for grandma, a book about  Sylvanian plants for grandpa, a bag for Teri, a camara for Frasier and a very noisy trumpet for Creme!!
" Creme will you stop blowing your trumpet for a while? " her sister asked kindly.

Smile!! Say cheese!!

They not only exchanged gifts but also hugs and kisses. Loving one another and being together is the greatest gift.

After the excitement of opening  presents and showing their care and affection all the family helped to set the table and get everything ready to start having dinner. The nice smell coming from the kitchen was making them hungry!

Grandma brought the appetizers and even Creme helped with the cutlery.

After a lovely filling dinner there was still room for dessert. Teri placed on the table a traditional christmas pudding and the chocolate log Frasier prepared on Christmas Eve.

 Mmm, mouthwatering!! Simply delicious!!


 Anyone for coffee?

Dinner was followed by a cup of coffee and a good conversation while the children ejoyed playing with their new toys.

What about painting with your watercolours, Coco? Freya asked her brother.
"Good idea. I´ll get the paintbrushes". Coco said.
"Get some crayons for Creme , at least if she´s painting she will stop blowing that noisy trumpet for a while" Freya said raising her voice.

They are all set to start their "work of art"

What are you doing, my dear? Grandma was curious about what her grandchildren were painting. 

" Creme, this is a lovely Christmas tree!" Grandma said looking at Creme´s picture.

"And what about you two? Can I have a look?" Grandma inquired.
"Just wait a minute, grandma. We´re about to finish it" Coco and Freya said.

Ta dah!! What do you think?   The children showed their picture with pride. 

"Ohh! It´s lovely. Well done!" Patricia said clapping her hands.
Coco and Freya asked the rest of their family to come and see what they have painted.
"Nice, really nice" they all complimented. 

"Let´s take a picture" Frasier suggested willing to use his new camera but this time I offered myself to take a picture of the whole family so that he could be in the photo too.  

 My Chocolate Rabbit Family and I wish you all the best for Christmas and for the coming year.


Once more, thank you for reading. Sharing my Sylvanians with you  makes me happy.

See you in January.

Best wishes and lots of love.

jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2015

Christmas Eve at the Chocolate´s

Dear readers,

As I anticipated in my last post, this year My Chocolate Rabbit Family wants to share some of their Christmas moments with all of you.

Today just some pictures to see how they spend Christmas Eve.

A few days ago  The Chocolate Family decorated their house for Christmas. Setting up the Christmas tree is one of their favourite activities at this time of the year . Creme is always in charge of placing the star on top of the tree.

Frasier is the one that lits the fire and keeps it lit . It´s a cold winter day outside but it´s warm and cosy inside.

They are making some phone calls to wish their friends and relatives a very Merry Christmas.
The last one just to make sure grandma Patricia and grandpa Rhys are coming for dinner tomorrow.

In the kitchen all the ingredients are ready to prepare a nice dessert for Christmas dinner.
Teri has already cooked Christmas pudding a few days in advance but Christmas dinner for The Chocolate´s always  include  a chocolate treat and Frasier is the master for that.

The children are all excited about tomorrow.
Creme is checking  that her stocking is in the right place.

Teri suggest to sing some Christmas carols to keep the kids entertained. "Look at this book.I own it since I was a child. There are some lovely carols. Let´s do some singing"

 Creme is the first one to have a look . 

Finally, they all join for a family christmas carol concert. Freya is very good at playing "Silent Night" with the recorder . And Creme does her best with her xylophone. Coco, mum and dad sing the lyrics. "Jingle bells, jingle bells" that´s the one Creme claims for.

 Before going to bed, they leave a glass of milk and cookies for Santa and  a carrot for Rudolph.

"Santa is on his way! . Time to go to bed!. No presents if you are still up.! " Teri´s words put children to sleep easily this time.

 It´s bedtime for Creme

Teri tucks her up while humming a lullaby

It´s also bedtime for Freya . "Sleep tight, honey" Teri kissed her goodnight . "Mum, if you see Santa tell him to leave a present for grandpa and grandma too,ok? " Freya whispered to her mother.

Bedtime for Coco too. "Na night, sweetheart". Oops, no answer. Coco must be asleep already. Strange he was able to fall asleep so soon with all the excitement about tomorrow.

While Teri was putting the kids to bed Frasier was preparing a hot chocolate to sit back and relax with his wife. They still have a lot to talk and arrange for Christmas Day.

Have a good night sleep and a Merry Christmas Eve!! 

Next post tomorrow:  Christmas Day at The Chocolate´s.

See you then.