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International Play Day

Dear Readers,

Did you know that the 28th of May is "International Play Day" ? I didn´t but I just found out a few minutes ago when I had a look at the Spanish Sylvanian Families page on Facebook. They posted one of the photos I sent when I entered the last photo competition they held (when I won the seaside ice-cream shop)

I feel very proud and honored that Sylvanian Families chose one of my pictures to illustrate this day.

  These are my daughter´s hands.

 Let´s play, then!

 Lots of love

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

Why were Christopher and his family apart?

Dear Readers,

I´m writing this post just in case some of you( after reading my last story)were wondering why Christopher moved to Sweeet Berry Valley on his own.
I´m afraid it´s just the story,no pictures this time.
Well, just one. Here you can see Jane Appleblossom with her two new friends Daisy Buttercup and Kate Periwinkle. They´re having a chat over a cup of coffee at The Blackurrant Café. Daisy was looking forward to know more about her new friend´s life so Jane is telling them the reason why she and her children didn´t move to Sweet Berry Valley when  Cristopher did.

I wrote this story for you just in case you´re also a bit nosey :)

Christopher and his family lived in a small village not far from Sweet Berry Valley. Jane´s parents had a small grocery store and Christopher used to bake and sell bread there but his dream was to have his own bakery. One fine day, he saw an ad in the local newspaper: “Water mill bakery for sale in Sweet Berry Valley”. Christopher couldn´t believe it. A bakery for sale in a nearby village. He told Jane about it and both agreed to move to Sweet Berry and start a new life there. Having their business and their own home ( they used to live at Jane´s parents) was something they were looking forward to  for a long time and now they had the chance to do it. Unfortunately, just a few days before their departure,  Jane´s father got seriously ill. The village doctor couldn´t find the right medicine to ease his ailments.  Jane couldn´t leave her parents  in that situation. Her father needed to be looked after and someone had to be in charge of the shop. Christopher decided to stay too , but Jane and even his in- laws encouraged him to leave “You have to follow your dreams ,son” his father in- law said from his bed. “Life is too short and you have to do what you think is right for you” he said in a whisper. It was a tough decision but finally Christopher decided to give it a go and moved on his own. Leaving his family behind  was very sad and starting a new life away from his family wasn´t what he had expected. Fortunately , the inhabitants of Sweet Berry Valley were very welcoming and a few weeks after his arrival he felt much better. He used to visit his family every weekend. He loved to spend time with his wife and children but he felt really sad for his father in- law. He didn´t seem to get any better.
One day, Doctor Murdoch went to buy bread at the bakery. Christopher was a reserved man who didn´t talk much about his private life but this time he had the feeling Doctor Murdoch could do something for him . He had had a very good reputation as a doctor in Sylvanian  and he could  have the solution to his  father in-law illness,  so he told him about the hard time he was going through. Doctor Murdoch offered to visit Christopher´s father in-law. The weekend Christopher arrived with Doctor Murdoch things starting to improve. Doctor Murdoch gave him some medicine and a special diet. Doctor Murdoch assured he was going to get well even though the recovery was going to take a few months. He was right. After a few months he was able to walk and the pains were gone, and after a year he was a new man. Despite his age, he felt healthy and strong again so he encouraged her daughter to reunite with Christopher .
And that´s what happened. The day they agreed to move to Sweet Berry Valley Christopher got up earlier than ever  and took  the first bus in the morning to look for his family. He was so excited about it that he totally forgot to leave a note to let his customers know he was going to be absent for the day. He helped his wife to pack all their belongings . As they didn´t live far away, they promised to visit Jane´s parents very often . Christopher and Jane were delighted to be reunited again. A new life in Sweet Berry Valley was waiting for them. From the very first day they spent together  in their new village, they knew they were going to be very happy there. And they are indeed!

And that´s why Jane didn´t follow Christopher when he setteled down in Sweet Berry Valley. Daisy is glad to know all about it. Hope you like to know about it too.

I promise next post will include pictures!
Thanks for reading!

Lots of love


domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

The bakery is closed

As every morning Kate Periwinkle took the children to school and  on her way back to the Blackurrant Café she stopped to buy  bread to prepare her tasty sandwiches. This morning something was different. The smell of freshly baked bread didn´t waft through the village as it normally did every morning.

 Kate tried to open the door but it was closed. "That´s strange!" she thought.

Then, she had a look at the bakery window and to her surprise there weren´t any tasty treats.
"That´s very, very strange" she thought once more.

"Mooooorning Kate!!!! Daisy greeted cheerfully. "Good Morning , Daisy. I´m afraid we won´t have fresh bread today. The bakery is closed" Kate told her friend. "Closed? Let me see..."

If there was someone stubborn is Sweet Berry Valley that was Daisy Buttercup. "I´m telling you Daisy!. It´s closed" Kate insisted while Daisy was giving the door a few hard pulls. Definitely the bakery was closed.

 "Oh my goodness! Something must have happened to Cristopher! We have to find out, Kate. He could be sick lying on his bed or maybe he slipped and fell on the bathroom floor and broke his leg and he can´t get up and ..." "Will you STOP, Daisy!" Kate commanded. "Stay calm please, and don´t get so worked up. I´m sure he´s fine and of course there must be a reason why he´s not at the bakery at the moment but there´s no point reacting this way." Kate tried to calm Daisy down but it was a hard job. "You´re right but just imagine he is in pain and... " Daisy, PLEASE!!! Kate exclaimed.

At the supermarket Fliss and Wilbur were also wondering why Christopher Appleblossom didn´t bring the baskets full of freshly baked bread and biscuits as he normally did every morning. " I´m going to the bakery, Fliss. This is the first time in a year he didn´t deliver his bread and there must be a reason for that" And having said that Wilbur left the supermarket.

"Nobody in, no tasty treats from the oven...I wonder why..."

Shortly after Wilbur left, Kate and Daisy entered the supermarket. "No BREAD here either!!!" Daisy exclaimed even before greeting good morning."We´re just back from the bakery and it´s CLOSED" Daisy told Fliss. "Seriously? Wilbur is on his way to the bakery." Fliss said. "Well, ladies.I´ll have to go back to the café, the first customers must be there already and I´ll have to tell them there won´t be any fresh sandwiches today" Kate Periwinkle said with a sigh.

Daisy was telling Fliss how worried she was about Christopher when she saw her husband through the window shop. "Look, that´s my Hornbull!.Hornbuuuuull! she called him from inside the store.

 "I thought you were home already, Daisy. I was about to finish my milk delivery service and I was looking forward to going home to have a hearty breakfast. Mmmm, a big cup of coffee and a thick slice of crusty bread with melted butter and..." Hornbull, stop dreaming! Daisy ordered. "Dreaming? It´s just a breakfast, sweetie" "No bread today, Hornbull!! Something terrible must have happened to our Christopher, the best baker in the whole Sylvanian!! "Come on Daisy, don´t overreact! He´ll be ok. Hornbull replied. He knew his wife had a tendency to get things out of proportion.

When Wilbur was back from the bakery  Daisy and Hornbull were still there. Daisy went on with her worries about Christopher . "First of all, we should go to his house, just to make sure he´s not sick or anything worse" Daisy suggested. "I´ll go to look for Doctor Murdoch, just in case ."she added. . The three of them left the supermarket with a mission, in Daisy´s words. "We have to find out why Christopher Appleblossom hasn´t opened his bakery this morning"

More customers went to the supermarket for their daily shopping. "Morning Fliss, here is the shopping list for the school menus " Nancy said showing Fliss the long piece of paper. Fliss had a look at the list and said " I have everything in stock except for the bread. As soon as I have everything ready we´ll deliver it to the school". "So, no bread today?" "How is that? Nancy asked surprised and Fliss told Nancy what she knew about it.

On their way to Christopher´s place they passed by the Blackurrant Café. Doctor Murdoch had just ordered his breakfast. Daisy had a glimpse of him through the glass door and without thinking twice she went straight to his table.

 "Morning doc! We need your help. I´m pretty sure one of our fellow villagers is sick or in serious pain at home on his own! 
Doctor Murdoch was a bit puzzled and asked  "Will you be more explicit Daisy? So she told him all  her suspicions about why Christopher Appleblossom wasn´t at his work place today.
"Hmm...I see... Just give me a few minutes. I´d like to go to the hospital first to get my medical case and to tell Clarice I´ll be a bit late for my first appointment." Doctor Murdoch told Daisy.

He gulped down his coffee and left. When  he arrived at the Cottage Hospital Clarice was already there. Doctor Murdoch told her about her encounter with Daisy at the café.

"Take your time, I´ll get in charge of everything" Clarice was a wonderful nurse.
"Here is your lab coat and your case, doctor" 
"Thank you , Clarice".

"Hope Mr.Appleblossom is fine!" Clarice said as Docotor Murdoch was leaving the hospital.
"Me too, Clarice. I hope to give you good news when I´m back."

Wilbur, Hornbull and Daisy were at Christoher´s place already. They knocked at the door but there was no answer so Daisy decided to look through the windows. 
"Lift me up, Hornbull. We´re lucky the curtains are not drawn"
When he lifted her up he was about to make a comment on her weight but soon he realized it wouldn´t be a good idea so he just holded her patiently.

 "He´s not in bed, that´s for sure! It seems there´s nobody home but I´m telling you he might be in the bathroom!" Daisy went on with her suspicions.

After a short while Doctor Murdoch was at Christopher´s doorstep.
"Sorry for making you come up to here but it seems Christopher is not at home, my wife just thought..." Daisy didn´t let Hornbull continue with his apologies" " Doctor, he could have slipped on the bathroom floor, don´t you think so? Daisy remarked .

While they were sharing their views on what might have happened to Christopher, the Walnuts approached to them.
"Is Chris sick?" Yardley asked Daisy and once more Daisy told them all about her worries and suspicions.

Daisy had the brilliant idea of trying to break down the door. "This is the only way to be sure he´s not at home" Daisy tried to persuade everybody.

At first nobody seemed very happy with Daisy´s idea but finally they all gave in, even doctor Murdoch who was very reluctantly at first joined the line. But all their efforts were in vain.

When they were about to leave, Richard  Grunt, the builder, who was on his way to work, passed by and as soon Daisy spotted him she asked him to stop for a minute. "Morning, Richard  you come very handy! Daisy said while the rest were wondering what she was having in mind this time.

She asked him to place the ladder close to the front of the house and in a matter of seconds she climbed up to the top.
"Daisy!! mind yourself! Hornbull claimed. 

Hornbull has just said that when  Daisy fell of the ladder. "Daisy!!!" they all exclaimed.
She was lucky her husband and Richard Grunt were there to stop her from falling on the ground. 

 "Are you ok? they all worried about her. Hornbull was particularly concerned. He had a good fright. " I just felt a bit dizzy when I reached the top of the ladder but of course I´m fine, I´m a strong woman" Nobody had doubts about it.

When Daisy was totally recovered Richard Grunt climbed up the ladder this time. "I should have climbed in the first place, I´m used to it"

Hold it tight Wilbur! Richard said. "Hurry up! you´re heavy, you know? Wilburn replied.

Nobody home!! he said loudly while looking through the window on the top. "Daisy, he´s not in the bathroom either!" he added.
Daisy was relieved when she heard that. The picture of the poor Christopher lying on the bathroom floor with a broken leg was too much to handle for her.

Once there was evidence that Christopher Appleblosom wasn´t at home there wasn´t much to be done for the moment. "I´m sure he´ll be here soon" Doctor Murdoch pointed out and he added " There must be a reason for his absence today but it could be for a good reason. This is a peaceful place, nothing really bad has ever happened so let´s look at the bright side of things and hope for the better" When he finished talking, Richard Grunt praised his sensible words "Well said, doc". "We should go back to our jobs just in case our fellow villagers start wondering why are so many people missing from their workplace" Cedric Walnut suggested.

And so the did. They all went back to their daily tasks.

Before going home Daisy and Hornbull followed Wilburn to the supermarket. Daisy wanted to buy some flour to make her own bread. " I´m sorry Daisy, we ran out of flour. Many villagers bought flour today to make bread at home" Fliss said sadly.She always made sure there was plenty of everything to restock the shelves but today she didn´t expect flour was going to be so popular.
"Don´t you worry Fliss I have an idea. I know where we can get more flour" Daisy said eagerly.

"You come with me Hornbull".  Daisy commanded.

 "Ok, I´ll go with you but don´t push me".Sometimes Hornbull would like his wife not to be so energetic. He was more on the quiet and relaxed side but Daisy was quite the opposite.

Only a few minutes later Wilbur and Fliss saw them coming back through the shop window. They were carrying heavy bags.

"Here you are Wilbur. Plenty of flour for all your customers" Daisy said still holding the heavy sack.
Where did you get it from? Wilburn was wondering. " Just from your next door business. Alonso Macavity from the pizza restaurant gave me these bags. I was sure he was the man to ask for flour, he needs it for his pizzas." Daisy said proudly. "Good thinking, Daisy. Thank you very much"" Fliss and Wilbur complimented her on her idea.

"You´re welcome. Sometime I have good ideas" She said laughing . "We´d better go home so please give me some flour. I´m going to bake a crusty bread. You´ll see Hornbull"
Wilbur put some flour in a paper bag and gave it to Daisy.

Hornbull had his doubts about his wife´s bread making skills so just before leaving he grabbed the last packet of crackers. "Just in case bread doesn´t turn out well" He whispered winking his eye and  Wilbur gave him a smile of complicity. 

"Hornbull!!, I ´ve heard you. Wait until you taste my bread and you´ll see what I´m talking about. I´d like to see you in the kitchen!" Daisy exclaimed angrily. Wilburn and Hornbull made efforts  not to burst out laughing at Daisy´s reaction.

 "They´re a funny couple" Wilbur said looking at them through the window as they were leaving the store. "They´re a nice couple, so different but they suit each other" Fliss added. 

As soon as Daisy got home she started making the dough to bake bread. "First with my hands..."

"Now with the rolling pin". It seemed Daisy was enjoying making bread for the first time.

But the final result wasn´t as good as she expected. 
 "Oh my goodness!" Daisy exclaimed sounded very disppointed.
Hornbull was just back from collecting some eggs and first thing he noticed was the smell of burned bread overtaking the entire house.

They both looked at the bread without saying anything. Hornbull knew his wife wasn´t happy at all and a single comment about her burned bread could make thing even worse. Her silence usually meant she wasn´t in a very good mood.


Eventually, she dared to asked  "Would you like a slice?". Hornbull didn´t reply to her wife´s offer he just went to the kitchen cabinet and took a packet, then he said "I´ll rather have a cracker, I feel like eating something lighter than a slice of bread, honey" He was glad he bought the last packet of crackers at the supermarket.
"Would you like some ? Hornbull offered. And this time, for a change, Daisy just nodded and smiled shyly but said nothing.

That day most villagers made their own bread at home but some had better luck than Daisy.  "Dad, your bread looks and smells as good as Mr.Appleblosom´s" Freya praised his father. "Wait until you taste it" he said.  Frasier and Christopher were good friends and they liked to share their cooking recipes.

The thruth is that all villagers in Sweet Berry Valley were a bit worried about Christopher but none of them showed her feelings as openly as Dasiy. She was a bit dramatic but she had a good heart.

The following morning Daisy was the first one to arrive at the bakery. The smell was lovely and the bakery window displayed the nicest treats. "That means Christopher is back", she told herself.

"Look at this. Free bread today! How generous of Christopher! she said reading the board outside the bakery.

When she came into the bakery she greeted cheerfully "Morning Chris, great to see you back.! Where were you yesterday. We really missed you!"

But Daisy was shocked when she met face to face who she thought it was Christopher ." Oh! you´re NOT Christopher!" and then she started questioning the lady behind the counter without giving her chance to answer:" Who are you then? Her sister? Her cousin? Are you a baker too? Where is Christopher? Is he ...

When she was about to finish the last question "Is he fine"? The door of the bakery opened and there was Christopher smiling widely . He replied "Of course, I´m fine Daisy. Actually, I´ve never been better!"
Daisy was so relived to see he was safe and sound after all her worries that she ran to give him a hug.

Once in the bakery two children followed him. Are they your relatives, Chris? Your niece and nephew? Daisy  wanted to know everything. "Don´t be so nosy, Daisy" Hornbull was always telling her but she just couldn´t help it.

"No, Daisy, no. They are my own children". This little boy is my son Chris".

 "And this is my little princess, Justina". "Nice to meet you Mrs..." Justina greeted. "Mrs. Buttercup,
 I´m Mrs. Buttercup but you can call me Daisy." 

" I guess you´ve just met Jane, my dear wife". Jane and Daisy greeted each other but Daisy didn´t talk as much as she usually did
She was so surprised that she didn´t know what to say. Christopher was a reserved man who never told much about his life and Daisy couldn´t imagine he was a married man at all.

Next customer of the day was Kate Periwinkle who was also very pleased to see Christopher was fine.
Christopher introduced Kate to his family. He seemed to be happier than ever.

Kate and Daisy welcomed Jane to Sweet Berry Valley and offered their help. Daisy was coming back to her own self and suggested showing her around the village and going for a cup of tea.
"Thank you Daisy, that´s so kind of you...but I´m afraid today it´s going to be a busy day at the bakery so I´d better stay and  help Christopher. I´d love to have a look around the village. We´ve just got back last evening and I haven´t seen much so I´ll take your word and I accept your offer. Jane said gratefuly. 

Kate and Daisy did their shopping. When they went to pay Christopher told them bread was free today. He wanted to make up for his absence the day before. He went to his hometown to help his wife to pack all the luggage to move to Sweet Berry Valley and with all the excitement he forgot to leave a note on the bakery door to let his clients know he was going to be absent for a day.  Besides, he had a good reason to celebrate. Having his family back made him the happiest man on Earth.

Just before leaving Daisy asked " Christopher, would you mind if I spread the good news around the village? We were so worried about you yesterday that I´m sure everybody will be delighted to hear you´re back and in such a good company." This time Christopher didn´t mind at all. He wanted to share his joy with everybody.
"By the way, Chris ,why were you and Jane apart? You seem to get on very well." Nosy Daisy was back to normal.
"I´ll tell you about it some other day Daisy, if you don´t mind" Christopher replied.
"Not at all, but promise you´ll tell me, ok?. She added before leaving the bakery.

 There was no doubt that Daisy was good and quick at spreading the good news. The bakery was busier than ever before and Christopher and Jane didn´t stop baking bread and other treats.

Even Justina helped serving bread to the customers. "Here´s your bread, sir" She said handing the bag to Mr. Chocolate"

Everybody  wanted to congratulate Christopher on her family reunion. So one by one all the villagers in Sweet Berry Valley welcomed Jane and were really happy for Christopher. 

After a long working day The Appleblossoms were tired but also very pleased. They were together at last, they owned a succesfull business and they were surrounded by nice, kind and caring people.
They were sure their new life together in Sweet Berry Valley was going to be very happy.


Dear Readers,
This time the introduction to the story comes at the end as I didn´t want to give too much away.
I wrote this story to show you one of my new arrivals. I´ve been on the search for a family for Christopher Appleblossom for a while and I was delighted when I won this auction on e-bay. I know the daughter is missing her original ballet outfit but instead I got the baby that I think it´s not easy to find.
I love when I read other people´s blog and they get families together. This time it´s my turn and I´m really happy for Christopher. I love family reunions :)

Thank you very much for reading (It was a bit long, I´m afraid!)

Lots of love