jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

Christmas is coming to Sweet Berry Valley

Dear Readers,

It´s nearly Christmas and the villagers of Sweet Berry Valley are getting ready for the holiday season.

Families enjoy decorating their homes for Christmas.

The Robinsons have hang a new Christmas wreath this year.I think it looks lovely on their door.

Let´s take a family picture!

The Moss family looked really excited when their Christmas tree arrived.

I´m afraid they´re going to need a ladder to decorate it.

The Periwinkle grandparents are getting every inch of their home into holiday spirit.

Grandfather Mack Periwinkle loves putting up the christmas tree.It brings him back memories of festive family moments.

His wife Mabel has been cross-stitching some cushions for the past few weeks to have them ready for Christmas.

They have all set up to spend a lovely Christmas time with their children and grandchildren.

By the way, their grandchildren are having a lot of fun playing in the snow.

It´s actually very cold at the moment but even in a cold snowy day we can find Nacy Waters enjoying a cup of her favourite tea at the Country Market tea room.

The Country Market is a busy spot at this time of the year.

Daisy Buttercup and her mother-in-law are spending more time together lately and they are going to do some shopping there.

The Buckley family have just bought some Christmas presents for friends and relatives.

All children is Sweet Berry Valley are looking forward to opening up their presents on Christmas day. Will they get many presents under their Christmas trees? I´m sure they will. They´ve been very good this year.

Candy Mulberry has been a very good girl.
"What do you want for Christmas, sweetheart? Her grandma asked.
"I´d love a new dollhouse granny." Candy didn´t hesitate.
"I should have guessed" her grandmother said.

As I´ve just told you, children of Sweet Berry are quite good but sometimes they are a bit naughty.
I wonder what are Aidan Osborne and his brother Jason up to? 

I see...! Who can resist the smell of a Christmas cake?.

There´s also a delicious smell at The Chocolates´ kitchen.They are busy making and wrapping chocolate truffles to treat their friends.

Do you know who is also very busy in the days and weeks before Christmas.
Eleanor Bramble, the dressmaker.She is just about to finish a party dress.

But there is someone who is even busier at Christmas time.Have you guessed who I´m talking about? Yes! Our good friend Pete Petite, the postman.Despite being so busy he really enjoys his job at this time of the year. He loves to see the happy faces of his neighbours when he delivers a parcel or a Christmas card.

Oops!So many letters to Santa. You´d better hurry up, Pete!Christmas Day is around the corner!

Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Best wishes from Sweet Berry Valley and lots of love.

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016

Premium Fan Club Package

Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago I told you about the cute Freya figure I got for joining the Sylvanian Families Premium Fan Club. 

Today,a lovely surprise came on the post.
I have received the rest of the goodies!
A tote bag, a 2017 calendar, a keyring,a membership certifcate,
a 2016 SF catalogue and the winter magazine. 

I was so excited that I took some quick pictures as soon as I got home back from work.(The light wasn´t very good so sorry for the quality of the pictures)

This is the tote bag.I expect it to be smaller but it has a good size.
It looks a bit wrinkled as I just took it from the plastic blag. 


This is the calendar. I LOVE it!!💓. The pictures are awesome and the quality of the paper is very good too.

This is how it looks at the back.It´s hard to appreciate from this photo the lovely pictures but at least you can get an idea.

It also includes a page for December 2016 and some pink sticker to label the holidays.

This is the keyring.

And these are the membership certificate, the catalogue and the magazine.

On the certificate you can read the fan club code. These little creatures encourage good values, don´t you think so?


I just took a quick look at the magazine. It includes a Christmas story with very nice pictures. As I didn´t have time to take any Christmas pictures myself I took some  at the ones in the magazine. 

I think it´s a great package.I´m glad I joined the Premium Fan Club.I was delighted when I received the little package with Freya in her party dress and now I´m over the moon with all these extra gifts

I can´t wait to sit down and relax to read the magazine and look at the details of the amazing pictures of the calendar.

This year, I´m afraid I won´t have time to write a Christmas story but at least I´d like to post some photos. I hope I can take some at the weekend.

Lots of love💖