jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Sylvanians in my flat

Dear Readers,

Today I´m going to show you some pictures of my Sylvanians next to real size objects (food mainly ;). They enjoyed exploring my flat and I had a good time taking pictures of them :)


  Breakfast with Sylvanian´s. A nice way to start the day

"Let´s see what´s cooking over here"

 "No doubt Hornbull. Our milk is much better"

 "Sweet moments"

"Run, run as fast as you can.You can´t catch me!"

"I have the feeling they would like me here. They seem to be very fond of good bread"

"No, no. Don´t let him in!!"

 We caught you!! Don´t do that! You´re a big bad wolf!!

 Ha,ha! You deserve it!

 Hi! Nice to meet you!

 "Extra large pizza. I´m afraid we won´t be able to deliver it."

Drawing in good company.


Hello buddies !

My baby´s lamb has a little lamb.

 "Nuts about nuts". "Do you want some?"

What do you think, Teri? It seems someone has a sweet tooth in this place too.

ig towothpaste and look at this toothbrush! I´m not the only one with big teeth!
What a big toothpaste and look at this toothbrush!  I´m not the only one with big teeth.

Smile, say cheese!

I let my Sylvanians out of their boxes and they had a tour around my flat and it seems the kitchen was the favourite place for most of them.

Hope you liked them!

Lots of love