My Sylvanian Families (part 2)

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I posted this new page on my blog "My Sylvanian Families (part 2)"  because, for some strange reason, I can´t edit any more on the page "My Sylvanian Families". My last addition to that page were the Mulberry Racoon grandparents but I couldn´t edit their bio neither add a link to the post I wrote about them.

That is why I decided to post a new  page to document about the villagers of "Sweet Berry Valley".
 I´d love to keep adding new families to my growing village so from now on, the new families that I add to my collection will be on this page.



Barbara and Peter Polaris are the owners of the soft serve ice-cream shop. 
They were welcomed kindly by the villagers od Sweet Berry Valley. Their flavoured soft ice-creams, parfaits and cones are a delight for both children and adults.

Barbara and Peter have two daughters, Julia and Beth. They are both very fond of ice-cream and  they love to sample the new flavours their parents create.


 You can read their bios in this post 


Myriam and Maurice Chantilly are a couple of fish lovers who run the fishmonger of the village.

They are delighted to offer their customers the great selection of day boat fresh fish and seafood that the fisherman Caspian Neptune brings to their shop every morning.

As all the villagers of Sweet Berry Valley are pescatarians their little shop is always busy and most days they sell out all their produce but Myriam always keeps some fresh fish for her family dinner.

Myriam and Maurice have a daughter, Esme. She is a very affecionate and friendly girl.
She says being an only child is a little bit boring and she would love to have a baby brother or sister to play with. Esme loves to invite her friends over and have pyjama parties.

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