My Sylvanian Families (part 2)

Dear Readers,

I posted this new page on my blog "My Sylvanian Families (part 2)"  because, for some strange reason, I can´t edit any more on the page "My Sylvanian Families". My last addition to that page were the Mulberry Racoon grandparents but I couldn´t edit their bio neither add a link to the post I wrote about them.

That is why I decided to post a new  page to document about the villagers of "Sweet Berry Valley".
 I´d love to keep adding new families to my growing village so from now on, the new families that I add to my collection will be on this page.



Barbara and Peter Polaris are the owners of the soft serve ice-cream shop. 
They were welcomed kindly by the villagers od Sweet Berry Valley. Their flavoured soft ice-creams, parfaits and cones are a delight for both children and adults.

Barbara and Peter have two daughters, Julia and Beth. They are both very fond of ice-cream and  they love to sample the new flavours their parents create.


 You can read their bios in this post 

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