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Farmers´Maket Day in Sweet Berry Valley

Dear Readers,
The theme for the fifth creativity/crafting challenge in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community  is "Farm life". The aim of this challenge is to show how farming is connected to the lives of Sylvanians.
One of the potential ideas for this project was building a farmers´market and that´s what I have made.


It´s  Farmers´Market Day in Sweet Berry Valley.
Once a week, local farmers set up their stalls on Green Park Avenue to sell their fresh organic produce.

The stalls are already set up and soon the market will be bustling with activity. 

Would you like to stroll down to see what can be found at Sweet Berry Valley Farmers´Market? Pretty colours, sweet smells and yummy tastes are waiting for you.

The vegetable stall belongs to Aaron Cottontail and his wife Sorrel. They provide villagers with the freshest vegetables that they grow themselves.

Mabel and Mack Periwinkle always buy a big bunch of carrots when they go to the market.Their grandchildren are coming for dinner and Mabel is going to cook her speciality :carrot casserole and carrot cake for dessert.

Cassandra Macavity is buying some great tasting tomatoes for her pasta sauces.

Nelson Puddleford is checking the corn cobs are fresh and bug-free. 
"I bet you won´t find better corn in this area,Mr. Puddleford" Sorrel said. 

The triplets were getting a bit impatient. Betty promised she would make them a  delicious sweet corn soup for dinner if they behaved themselves . 

As you can see next to the Cottontails ´stall, Ewan and Barbara Dale have set up their fruit wagon which is stacked with the fresh fruit they collect daily from their family orchard.

Did you know that Sweet Berry Valley is famous for its berries? Sweet and delicious, hence its name.
Agatha Buckley loves them, especially on her pancakes. Today she´s going to buy some raspberries to make her children´s favourite tart.
"They were picked up this morning, Mrs. Buckley, they´re just at their peak ripeness". Ewan pointed out proud of the good quality of his produce.

Yardley Walnut and her son Ambrose love going to the market. The tricycle basket comes in very handy to carry the shopping.

Betty Blackberry´s juice bar is permanently set on Green Park Avenue.

Besides fresh fruit juices, Betty BlackBerry 
sells a an assortment of tasty homemade jams.

Strawberry jam is Nancy Waters´ favourite.

Her juice bar has just opened for business after the cold winter days. Now, as spring is coming and the days get warmer it´s nice to sit down to enjoy one of her delicious fruit juices again.

Sweet Berry Valley´s Farmers´Market is not only about fruit and vegetables. The Brightfields offer artisan cheeses at their stall.

Once a week they close their cheese shop and bring their best selection of cheese to the market.
The Thistlethorns enjoy going together to Farmers Market Day.The Brightfileds ´cheese stop is a must for this family of cheese lovers.

The Brighfields´ stall is  also Ashley and Laura´s favourite, especially when Nancy offers somes samples of cheese to taste.

It is well-known that cheese and wine make the perfect pair and Michael and Yvonne Bramble are aware of it. That´s why they set up their wine stall next to the Brightfields´.
They grow some of the best variety of grapes. They stomp their juicy grapes to make excellent red and wine wines. They also  like to experiment with other fruit and their melon and strawberry wines are becoming very popular in Sylvania.

"Would you like to taste some strawberry wine?" Michael asked the Chocolate grandparents.
"Yes, of course" Rhys accepted the offer.

"Rhys! You shouldn´t!" His wife Patricia exclaimed.
"Relax Pat! A sip won´t do me any harm.You should have some too.

"Anyone for grape juice?" Yvonne offered the Kennelworths´children as she saw them  approching her stall.
Michael offered Monty a glass of melon wine.

"Cheers,dad!" Rufus said raising his glass of juice. "Cheers,my son!"

Eric Renard goes to the market every week. He is one of the Brambles´ regular customers. He always buys some bottles of wine to serve at his pub.

As we continue walking along the avenue, we find Christopher Appleblossom´s bread stall.Once a week Christopher sells his fresh baked goods at the Farmers´Market.

Penny Farthing and her son Ralley like doing their daily shopping at the market. The bread stall is Ralley´s favourite stop.

No wonder ! Christopher always treats Ralley to one of his tasty pastries.
"Thank you Mr. Appleblossom! You´re the best!

Going to Farmers´Market is always a fun shopping expedition for Hazel Dappledawn and her grandaughter Rhianna.
They are going to buy some cinammon rolls, fluffy, soft and gooey.A real treat for their afternoon tea.

Next to Christopher´s bread stall, the Buttercup Family have their dairy stall where they sell fresh milk, sour cream, butter and yoghurts. 

Grandma Bessie also sells home baked pies. Her blueberry and apple pie are the most requested.

"Bessie, would you mind sharing your apple pie recipe with me? It´s my grandchildrens´favourite dessert and mine is not as tasty as yours."
"Of course, Clarice!Come to  my place one of these days and we´ll have a baking session. I´d love to learn how to make your rhubard crumble cake". 

Peter Polaris has just run out of milk to make ice-cream.
Luckily ,his soft ice-cream shop is very close to the market.

Adrianne Hopkins is buying milk and butter. "My family and I love this butter. It tastes  much better than store bought." Adrianne complimented Hornbull.

" A glass of milk and a piece of pie for the way back home, young man?" Roger gladily accepted Daisy´s offer.

For the past few weeks, Angus Buttercup has set his own eggs stall.
The eggs are laid by "Turuleca" and "Caponata", two hens who live at his back garden.He is so kind to them that they are happy to give him some of their free range eggs to sell at the market.
I think I´m spotting "Caponata" in the background.

"Don´t touch the eggs!" Yardley and Angus yelled at Ambrose but it was too late.

"I´m really sorry, Mr. Buttercup! I´ll buy a basket of eggs to make up for my son´s prank".

Yardley was apologizing to Angus when Ambrose got into mischief again.

"Don´t hide yourself little rascal!" 

"Come here right now. You´re in big trouble!" Yadley was mad at Ambrose and so was Angus.

"Don´t get so mad, Angus. He´s just a little boy.Let´s have some apple pie.It´ll help you feel much better" Bessie tried to calm her husband down.

When I promised you would see pretty colours on your visit to the market I  did not only have in mind the wide array of the bright colours of fruit and vegetables and some other produce but also  the vibrant colours of Rebecca Dingle´s flowers.Rebecca hasn´t got a stall in the market but her bike basket is filled with some of the beautiful flowers she sells at her flower shop.She usually rides along Green Park Avenue on Farmers´Market Day.There are always some villagers who want to buy flowers.

Today, Freya and  Cr茅me want to buy a gift for their grandma Teresa. It´s her birthday!
"She´ll love that basket of purple flowers!"Freya exclaimed and Cr茅me agreed.

"Happy birthday grandma! This is for you!"
"Oh! They´re lovely! Thank you so much,my sweethearts! ". Flowers always bring a smile to Teresa´s face.

Lucy Fenton likes having fresh flowers at home so she buys a bunch of flowers every week.

Peter Babblebrook bought some flowers too. They are for his girlfriend Peace.( Just in case you´re wondering how they´re doing I can tell you they are very much in love and happier than ever.) 

As you have just seen,Farmers´Market Day is very popular in Sweet Berry Valley. There is always a happy, lively atmosphere.


Hope you have enjoyed your visit to Sweet Berry Valley Farmers´Market as much as I did setting it up.I wish I could leave it as a permanent display but it´s not possible.

It was a lot of work and took me a long time getting everything ready but it was good fun. I really enjoyed this challenge.

I made the cheese, the bread and the dairy stalls. I also  made some potatoes for the Cottontails.By the way, this is the first time you´ve met them. I had this family for a long time and I thought this was a good occasion to unbox them.

Have you spotted my Sylvanian grandparents wandering about the market?
I missed challenge#4 "Celebrating grandparents" so this time I took them all to market.They never miss Farmers´Market Day.

See you soon, my friends!
Thanks for visiting my blog!