lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

SF Tea and Treats Set and Light up Street Lamp

Dear Readers:

Today I´m going to show you my first two SF Town Series sets:

Even though these sets belong to the  new Town Series and are meant to be part of a town setup I found a place for them in my village.

The tea and treats set is also perfect for a woodland garden tea.

Imagine a beautiful afternoon enjoying tea, chocolates and macaroons with a friend in the back garden.

Lucy Fenton has a lovely garden and today she is having tea with her new friend Veronica Cakebread.

I´d like to dedicate these pictures to my mother for buying this little cute set for me.

Thank you mum!馃挆

I also found a place for the street lamp.
I think it looks nice next to the garden bench.
The street lamp has two bottons to choose between a regular or flickering light.

The Perinwkle grandparents are waiting to make a phone call but I´m afraid they´ll have to wait for a good while. Daisy  Buttercup has always so much to talk about…

It´s getting dark ,streets lamps are already turned on and Daisy keeps talking on the phone.

"Mabel, Mack, I think you´d  be better off going home. It´s getting dark." I suggested.

"No problem! We won´t get lost.We have new street lamps in the village so it´s not so dark  anymore" They said.

I don´t know if I´ll be able to add any Town Series buildings to my collection due to my lack of space at home but I´ll get some other small sets and figures.They´re all lovely!
Actually, I had already bought another one,
The "Chocolate lounge" set but I haven´t taken any pictures of this one yet.

The pictures you have seen on today´s post were taken the day before my hand surgery. I didn´t know when I was going to be able to use my camara again so I spent half a day setting up the Fenton´s garden to take these pictures.I even made a little pond.The Fenton´s house is not finished yet but soon I´ll show you the Buckley´s home that I decorated a year ago. 

Thanks for reading, my friends!

A big hug!

s谩bado, 1 de septiembre de 2018

Welcome September

Dear Readers,

I must confess September is not my favourite month at all. 
Holidays are over and it is time to get back to work and get used to the daily routine again.It is usually a very busy month at work.I´m a teacher so I also have that "September back to school feeling".

However, September seems to bring good news for our Sylvanian town girls as we can see looking at this picture of the SF calendar for this month.

Judging by Laura´s and Lulu´s reaction, the letter Stella is reading must say something good.I wonder what…

Focusing on the picture, I always like to spot all the little details and accessories. 
Aren´t those ceramic tea cups lovely?

I ordered two miniature ceramic tea sets  some time ago and I received them yesterday so I´ll show them to you.

I also bought this set. This one is made out of plastic. The little book was a gift a friend gave me long time ago.

The teapot printed fabric is not a tea towel, even though it looks like it. It is a t-shirt  I bought recently. My husband thought it was a pyjama top but I like it anyway...

Hope September also brings good news and happy moments to all of you.

I´ll drink plenty of relaxing herbal tea to help me cope with the stress of starting a new school year.

A big hug!

jueves, 23 de agosto de 2018

The Puddlefords´friends

Dear Readers:

As you have seen in the previous post, The Puddlefords are living happily in their small cottage.

They are glad they made the decision of moving to Sweet Berry Valley.

They were friendly welcomed in the village and they  have already made some good friends.

The Timbertops, the first family who helped The Puddlefords as soon as they arrived, are their best friends. Beth and Nelson will be grateful for their help for the rest of their life.

Nelson is always happy to meet Taylor. He just wished Taylor didn´t pat him on the back so strongly when they meet.

"How is my good friend Nelson doing?" 

They also have a close relationship with their next door neighbours, The Truffles.
The truth is Nelson didn´t like Eustace straight away and the triplets were even scared of him but appearances can be deceiving and now Nelson feels very lucky to have such a nice family as neighbours.

Beth is also a very good friend of Eleanor Bramble. They have lots of things in common and enjoy talking about their needle work skills and projects. Beth was thrilled the day Eleanor gave her a signed copy of her "Book of needle work".

Sitting down in the front garden is still one of Nelson´s favourite pastimes.He likes reading the paper and he even enjoys making small talk with some of the villagers.

Nelson is always glad to see Pete Petite,the village postman. Pete delivers parcels of fabrics and sewing supplies very often. Once a month, he also brings a fragile package that contains a bottle of wine from Beth´s sister, Jemima, who runs "The Old Creek Pub" with her husband Ernest in Marigold Creek. Nelson won´t ever admit it openly but he´s looking forward to having a sip of the bottle of wine his sister-in law sends each month.

One of Nelson´s favourite villagers is Hornbull Buttercup, the milkman.
He is a polite, reliable and quiet man who minds his own business.

However, Nelson has a very different opinion of Hornbull´s wife, Daisy.
Most of the time, he pretends to be asleep when he sees her approaching his cottage. 

Lovely day, isn´t it? How is Beth? Who is she making new bedding for at the moment? What about the kids? Are they at the nursery? I heard you prefer homeschooling, is that true?..HELLO! Did you have a bad night sleep ,Mr:Puddleford? Did you know that naps during the day will affect your sleep at night? HELLOO! HELLO!
I wonder what´s wrong with this man! He has such a deep sleep! I must tell Dr. Murdoch about him. I will, definitely..."

Even though it´s true that Nelson is fond of homeschooling, he is considering taking his children to the nursery run by Beatrix Spotter.
The kindness and sweetness of this lady won Nelson over.Her triplets seem to get on well with Beth´s and Nelson´s children too.

A villager who took a while to grow on Nelson was George Mulberry. His motorcycle noise wasn´t very pleasant but George always waved hello when he drove past The Puddlefords´cottage and seemed to be friendly.

When Nelson got to know George a bit better he even accepted to go for a ride with him.
It was just a shame  the helmet was too big for him.

"You are not "big-headed", Nelson, that´s for sure!"

Nelson didn´t like change and he was always complaining about the arrival of new villagers when he lived in Sugarbush Valley.

Being a newcomer himself in Sweet Berry Valley made him much more friendly and kind to foreigners. Now,he is always willing to be of some help.

The Timbertops´ generosity and hospitality
towards Nelson and his family when they arrived at Sweet Berry Valley taught Nelson a lesson that he is already trying to teach his young children:"Treat others the way you want to be treated".

Beth is delighted to see how her husband has changed for the better. He is usually in a good mood, he is more sociable and he seems to enjoy life.

The Puddlefords are a happy family! 

Hope you are also happy!

Thanks for reading, my friends!

A big hug!

Illustration by Susan Wheeler

s谩bado, 11 de agosto de 2018

The Puddleford´s home

Dear Readers,

After months of hard work to turn Ivy Cottage into a homey place to live, The Puddlefords are truly settle in their new home.

This is a full view of the ground floor.

The hall.

A small living room area.

Instead of setting up their shop "Nocturnal" in their own home, as they did when they lived in Sugarbush Valley, now The Puddlefords only take orders by appointment. 

The Puddlefords´s little shop "Nocturnal" when they lived in Sugarbush Valley

This way they can give their customers a more personalized service.
Agatha Buckley had arranged to visit the Puddlefords today.
First, she browsed a catalogue to choose the style of bedding.

Once she made up her mind about the design , she will have to choose the fabric.

There are so many different fabrics to choose from that she is finding it hard to make up her mind.

A few weeks later, Agatha is back to collect her new bedding . The smile on her face is a good sign. She congratulated Beth on her good job.

Beth is glad to have a sofa in the living room. She didn´t have one in her previous home.
It´s nice to have a place to relax at the end of the day.
Nelson seems to be much more affectionate than ever before and both enjoy more quality time together.

He is also much more laid back and he even enjoys a sip of wine from time to time.

It is also perfect to tell the triplets a bedtime story before going to sleep.

The kitchen.

The dining table is exacly in the same place as it was in their home in Sugarbush Valley.
Nelson doesn´t like change and he wanted to keep some things the same way they were in their previous place.

The top floor.

This is Nelson´s and Beth´s bed. Beth made the bedspread and the pillows, of course.

The triplet´s cribs.

The triplets are ready for bedtime.

This is the working area.
Here is where Beth makes quality bed linen, quilts, pillows and bed covers.

Beth´s pieces are beautifully colour coordinated with great attention paid to the detail in the trim and finish, but most important they keep you warm, snug and cozy in bed.

Nelson also helps Beth.He is responsable for sourcing all materials and supplies as well as selling and delivering some of the orders.

Full view of the inside.

As you can see the Puddlefords are happy and comfortable in their new cottage.

In case you missed my older post about The Puddlefords´ arrival at Sweet Berry Valley you can read it here if you want to know more about them.

My next post will show you who are some of The Puddlefords´s friends in Sweet Berry Valley. 

Thanks for reading!

A big hug!