martes, 13 de marzo de 2018

Crafting miniature challenge 5 : Yum!

Dear Readers,

The theme this time for the forum crafting challenge was food related: kitchens, cooking, restaurants, food or eating.

I would have loved to make all the dishes from the Harvester Restaurant menu out of fimo but lack of time and my limited skills to work with polymer clay made me change my mind even before starting.

Then, my real life inspired me to make some miniatures.

A few days ago I left a glass bowl, some eggs and a whisk on the kitchen counter.

I left the kitchen for a minute and when I came back the eggs were broken on the floor.

My three year old son wanted to help me cook!
I recreated that scene at the Kennelworths´ kitchen.I have the feeling Dorothy didn´t get as mad as I did.

I made the eggs with a tiny bit of orange clay and white glue. I knew this glue looked nearly transparent after drying because I had use it for some school art projects.
Here you have the before and after pictures.

For the the broken egg shell I used a bit of white air dry clay. I used the back of a paintbrush to give it shape.

The whisk is quite simple. I wanted to add one more piece of wire but I wasn´t able to do it( and I tried hard!). 

I didn´t take pictures of the process but maybe this picture can give you and idea of how I made it.

A few days later, I made another one.

Look at the size difference between a real one and the mini whisks.

As far as I remember, a whisk is not included in any sylvanian set. I think it is very useful considering most sylvanians like making and baking cakes and biscuits.
Dorothy Kennelworth is one of them.

Today , she had just taken a sponge cake out of the oven and now she is about to bake some chocolate chips cookies.

I don´t remember either any kitchen sets that include a cookie jar so I decided to make a couple of them. If Sylvanians like baking cookies there should have a place to store them (apart from their tummies, of course!)

I also made some chocolate chip cookies out of polymer clay.

Which jar do you think will go to the Kennelworths´s kitchen? 

That was easy!

Who wants a cookie?

For the see through one I use the top of a small spray and grey foam that I painted with silver nail varnish.

The Kennelworths´cookie jar is made out of a red felt tip pen that didn´t work any more.

Then, I printed the label and made the top with red foam painted in red nail varnish.

A few days ago, I asked some of my pupils to classify the felt tip pens we had in class by colours and check if they all work properly.
Some of them didn´t paint any more but I didn´t throw them away. Instead I used them to make some minis.
What do you think of these mugs and the cocoa podwer plastic jar?

Freya and Clara think there´s nothing more comforting than a mug of hot cocoa after a school day.

Even better if there is also a plate of just baked cookies. I made the plate removing and painting the plastic of a metal bottle cap.

I´m afraid Dorothy will have to bake more cookies soon.Oscar will help her, ha,ha!

The mugs and the cocoa plastic jar are also made out of felt tip pens and they can be filled.I lost the cocoa box it came with the supermarket and I made this jar to replace it.

I followed this tutorial

Steps for making the mugs.

A coordinated set. 

I love the tiny mugs!I decorated this one with washi tape.

Nancy Waters who saw me making these miniatures asked me to make some canisters for her kitchen. Once again, a felt tip pen, a bit of foam and washi tape turned these simple materials  into storage canisters.

They are similar to the ones we had in our kitchen when I was a young girl.

Nancy Waters is also happy with her new whisk. Today she is using it to make whipped cream.

Strawberries and cream!

(I made some strawberries out of polymer clay, the cream is body lotion)

Yum! Enjoy them, Nancy!

Thanks for reading!

A big hug!

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2018

Welcome March

Dear Readers,

March is here! The SF Town Series are already for sale and Easter is coming soon.
The Grand Department Store has a large selection of Easter eggs and you can even find some hidden eggs in the garden.Have you spotted them?

At first,I wasn´t very fond of the city lifestyle theme for Sylvanians. In my opinion, the woodland theme suits them better but I have to admit the New Town Series has been growing on me for the past few months and I´d love to add some of the new sets and families to my collection.
I like the idea of Sylvanians living in small villages but also it is a nice idea to give them the opportunity to spend some time in Town to attend a concert or show, go shopping for the latest trends or have a nice meal at a fancy restaurant.
How do you feel about the Town Series?

Hope you have a wonderful month of March!

Big hugs!

martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Crafting miniature challenge 4: Gold, Silver and Bronze

Dear Readers,

The  fourth sylvanian forum crafting  challenge was inspired in the gold, silver and bronze medals of the Winter Olimpics but it was not limited to these three metals. It was actually about metal materials and metalic colours including metalic paints.

I had never made any miniatures using metal or anything that looked like metal and I hadn´t even used metalic paint before but I decided to give it a go and I came up with some ideas.

The first thing I made was a golden tray out of a  metal bottle cap.

 Melinda´s red berry tart fits perfectly on the tray.

You just have to grab your pliers and bend the border of the cap outwards.

First, I removed the plastic inside and I used that round piece of plastic to turn it into a silver plate ( it can also be used as a  picture frame).I put a very thin silver ribbon all around it and I painted it with silver varnish.

I also made two picture frames.

For the first one I made I used silver braid ribbon that I painted with bronze metalic paint. (Sorry about the bad quality of the framed picture but the printer was running out of ink.Actually, I wanted to put a mirror instead of a picture but I didn´t have any mirror to fit the size of the frame)

I came up with the idea for the second frame when I was drinking a mug of chocolate milk. I looked at the  foil that is under the lid of the chocolate podwer can and I thought I could use it to make something for this challenge.

I´m not very proud of the final result. I didn´t take measures properly and one side of the frame is wider than the other.

I gave it to the the Chocolate grandparents who had always wanted to have a silver frame to put a photo of their wedding day.

The next miniature I made is a mini size version of a white gold necklace my parents gave me as a gift on my 18th birthday.As much as I´m not very fond of jewelery, I really like this necklace.

I also  made a matching bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Salome Persis displayed the set at her dress shop window.

These are the materials I used for another small project.

I made three copper canisters for the 
Hazelwoods ´kitchen.

It´s lunch time and Betty Hazelwood is hungry.
"Are you going to cook some pasta, maybe rice, Betty? "

Nice smell!...You made tomato soup.
"I didn´t" Betty said with a naughty smile.
Did Basil cook it for you? 
"He didn´t" she shook her head.

Now, I understand. You heated up a can of soup!
Betty admited she is not a good cook.Basil is the one who cooks at home.

As you can see, I also made this can of soup out of a piece of a foil tea light holder.
Actually, I made something else out of it.
I saw this picture on pinterest and even though there was no tutorial I easily figured out how to make a miniature cheese grater.

I cut a paper clip and a piece of a foil tea light.

And I punched small holes on a soft surface.

Voilá!A cheese grater for the Macavities´pizza restaurant!

Alonso is grating some cheese to sprinkle on his delicious pizzas and pasta dishes.

The last miniature I made for this challenge was a pair of candle holders.
I thought this project was going to be easy and fast but it drove me crazy as there was no way to stick the beads together. I tried different types of glue and I got my fingers stuck together but not the metal beads.
Fortunately, I found a glue that did the job and this is the result.

The top and the base of the candle holder is a thumbtack. I used the plastic part that covers the thumbtack as the base, the nail itself is where the candle rests. I painted both parts of the thumbnail with silver nail varnish.I made two different models. For one of them I used earring backs but I liked the one I made with small beads better.
(I also made the candles, pouring hot wax in a straw. After the wax cooled down, I removed the plastic straw with a cutter. You can light them up)

A few days ago, Cameron Moss attended a Mayors  Meeting in Town and he had some spare time to visit the Grand Department Store. Rowena asked him to buy a pair of silver candle holders. Cameron also bought a silver vase and a especial gift for Rowena:a silver bracelet and necklace.

"I know you like silver, dear"
"Aww, thank you Cameron! You are worth your weight in gold".

 And that´s all for this challenge.

Last week, I had two days off work before the weekend so I had plenty of free time to spend making these miniatures.
Hope you liked them.

Thanks for reading!

A big hug!