lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017

A day at the dress shop

Dear Readers,

Salome Persis´s dress shop has already become a popular shop in Sweet Berry Valley.
Today we are invited to spend a day with her.

"Hello! Welcome to my shop!"

The first customers of the day are Adrianne Hopkins and her daughter Rose.

Adrianne wants to try Rosemary Bouquet new perfume and Rose is finding it hard to choose the best hair accesory.

She likes them all! 

Lucy Fenton was looking for a new pair of shoes and Salome also showed her a matching bag. Very tempting! 

Olive Butler would like to buy something more glamourus to wear when she is not working. She finds her conductor uniform a bit dull and boring.
"What about this one? Would you like to try it on? Salome offered.

"You look fantastic!" Salome exclaimed. "Take a look in the mirror"

"It´s lovely but... Isn´t it a bit reaveling at the top part?" Olive asked hesitatly.

Grizzabella hasn´t got much money to spend on new clothes but she visits the shop regularly to have a look at the dress catalogue. She is saving money for a new dress.

Yardley Walnut needs some fragance candles for her beauty salon. She likes to light a scented candle when she is giving a massage.

Tomorrow is Safron´s birthday and she can choose her birthday present.
What about this yellow bag and a matching hair band? Salome suggested.
"That´s lovely,Mrs. Persis! Yellow is  my favourite colour!Saffron exclaimed.

And it really suits me! Saffron thought when she saw her image in the mirror.

I think she has already found her birthday gift.

Rowena Moss is a regular customer at Salome´s shop. Today she is looking for a new dress to wear at the charity tea party she is holding.
"I don´t want anything too fancy, Salome." Rowena said.
"I think this blue dress really suits your style. It´s been made and designed by Eleanor Bramble". Salome pointed out.

"Oh, dear...Blue really suits you!.You look so beautiful!" Cameron complimented on his wife´s look. 

Salome totally agreed and Rowena looked very pleased too with all the compliments and her new outfit.

If you can´t find any dress that suits your size or style you can also have dresses made to order. You just have to ask for it and Eleanor Bramble will be there to help you.

If what you want is to improve one of your favourite outifts, Eleanor is also the right dress maker. Victoria Truffle 
feels like she is wearing a new dress.

Do you like my dress? Victoria asked her husband.
"It looks lovely on you but your smile is the prettiest thing you wear"
"Aww,Eustace, you´re such a charmer..."

Agatha and Maria Buckley  love visiting Salome´s shop.
The Buckleys have been invited to one of their siblings´wedding and Maria needs a new dress and matching accessories to wear for the occasion. 

"How do I look?" Maria asked.

"You look lovely, Maria! " Agatha and Salome said at the same time.
"Thank you" Maria said with a smile.

Salome´s dress shop is also a good place to find a gift for a special occasion. Ashley Maces is looking for a present for his wife´s birthday.
"What perfume would you recommend for Laura? " Mr.Maces asked Salome.
"This violet perfume smells of spring.Fresh and romantic without being overly flowery" 
Salome´s description of the fragrance helped Mr. Maces to make up his mind.
"I´ll take it" 

"Send my birthday wishes to your wife and I hope she likes the perfume." Salome said.

Salome´s daughter,Sadie, can´t hide her excitement when she sees a new dress at her mum´s shop. "Can I try it on? Please mum!" 
"Ok!and then we´ll go home. It´s time to close"
Salome told her daughter.

It has been a busy day at the dress shop.
Hope you have enjoyed it!

Lots of love!
Have a nice day!

miércoles, 25 de octubre de 2017

The dress shop

Dear Readers,

Sorry for my absence but life has been very busy for the past few weeks.
It seems work is giving me a break to go back to my Sylvanians, so today I´m going to show you a new shop in Sweet Berry Valley. 
This shop has been on my wish list for a long time and, at last,in August, I won an auction on eBay.

I was lucky to find the shop in very good condition and with all the accessories(except for a pair of shoes that is different to the one in the original set). 
By the way, Salome Persis is the owner.

This is a picture of the original shop. 

I added a few more accessories and made some small changes in the inside.

Would you like to have a look?

First of all, I changed the curtains of the dressing room. I didn´t like the yellow curtains that came with shop.I also added curtains to the front door.

I made a kind of tablecloth and I placed a vase of flowers and some hair accessories on the table.I also made a matching mat.

I covered the open arch with a full lenght mirror. I didn´t see the point of having an open arch in the shop unless the shop was connected to another building.

I love the wedding dress. Hope someone gets to wear it soon. I´d love to have a wedding in Sweet Berry Valley.

I stocked the shelf with more bags and matching accessories from the accessory set.

And I also added more dresses.Two weren´t enough for a dress shop. It seems Evie Hazelwood bought her dress in the new shop.

I´m delighted with this new addition! 

Next time customers come into the shop I´ll take some pictures to show you.

Thank you for visiting the dress shop!

Take care!

Lots of of love

sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017

A dress for Evie Hazelwood

Dear Readers,

Last time I placed an order at SSK, I bought Evie´s Sleepover set.

Even though it is hard,I try not to unbox all the sets on the same day I receive the package. It is nice to keep a new set and open it one of these days you need something to cheer you up a bit.

Last evening, I took Evie out of her box and there she was wearing her pink checked nightgown.

She looked very comfortable in her nightie but,actually,it was a bit tight on the sleeves and it left a mark on her arms  . It´s not that noticeable in the picture but I think you can get an idea of what I mean.

Poor Evie! Her arms were injured and she didn´t have any clothes to go out.
Sooner said than done, I turned a little piece of fabric into a dress for Evie.

Look how happy she looks in her new floral dress!

Have you recognized the building at the back?
Yes! At last! The Sylvanian Dress Shop.(I´ll write a post about it some other day)

Finally,a family picture.

I´m hopeless at sewing but this time I was determined to try my best.
Even though the dress has some stiches, I must confess I cheated a little bit as I ended up using glue for the straps.I also had to add a ribbon and a bow to cover the irregual stitches but the final result is ok for someone who finds it even hard to understand how to put a pattern together.

I´m in the process of updating the page for my Sylvanian Families. I´m taking pictures of the families I hadn´t included yet and writing all the bios again.
The first page I created doesn´t work anymore and I can´t update it.
Hope this new one works but it is still on draft.

Have a nice day!

Lots of love

sábado, 2 de septiembre de 2017

The Dingles´ Flower Shop

Dear Readers,

The Dingle Sheep Family was one of my first families.

From the very first moment I saw them I knew they were going to be the owners of my village flower shop.
Soon, I realized that getting a Sylvanian Flower Shop was not easy. They are very rare and quite expensive so I decided to make my own shop out of a small cardboard box.
The result wasn´t great but I needed a flower shop for some of my stories. Do you remember Rhys Chocolate on Valentines Day and Monty Kennelworth on his wedding anniversary?

I´m writing this post because the Dingles´flower shop has seen a few changes in the past few months.They have changed the roof, they have added a garden section and now they offer a great variety of plants and beautiful flowers.
Here you have some pictures.

Thanks for visiting the Dingles´Flower Shop.

Lots of love.