lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

Miniature crafting challenge 14:Night time

Dear Readers:

This challenge is about the hours after the sun has gone down: a bed, a lamp , pyjamas or even a pub were some of the given suggestions.

The bedroom I made for challenge 8:"Ultra violet" would have been perfect to fit this challenge but as I was stuck for new ideas I decided to make another bed.

For this bed I followed Kyraja´s tutorial but I made my own headboard.

Any idea what did I use for the headboard?

I know a  bottle of olive oil has nothing to do with beds but its handle makes a perfect headboard. Don´t you think so?

I cut it a little bit ,I painted  it white and glued the fabric to a piece of cardboard.

I also made the duvet, a pillow and some cushions.

My daughter insisted this bed should be for Sadie Fenton. I think she is right. Sadie´s dress colours really match the bedding so she´ll be the lucky owner of this semi-double bed.

I started decorating a room in Cedar Terrace to take pictures of the bed but I didn´t have time to finish it so the pictures were taken on my daughter´s bed.

At first,I thought a semi-double bed was too  big for Sadie but I changed my mind soon.You´ll understand the reason when you read this mini story.

It´s night time and Sadie has just gone to sleep.She is very snug and cozy in her new bed.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard her little sister´s voice:"Sis,I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you, please?"

Poppy jumped into her sister´s new bed. 
Sadie told Poppy her favourite story.
"Once upon a time there was a little girl called Poppy…"

Sadie couldn´t finish telling the story.The two sisters cuddled up together, they fell asleep and had very sweet dreams.

This will be the last challenge I´ll be able to join at least for a while. I had hand surgery  a few days ago so that means no more crafts until my hand is fully recovered. I´ll keep blogging as I have pictures to upload from my camera to write new posts.
I´m lucky the surgery was on the left hand.

Thanks for reading! 

A big hug!

Susan Wheeler´s illustration

martes, 3 de julio de 2018

Betty Blackberry´s juice bar

Dear Readers,

The aim of the last miniature crafting challenge was to work on unfished projects or start a new one in case you didn´t have anything to finish.

This challenge and the arrival of summer gave me the "push" I needed to make something I had in mind since I bought the SF "Juice bar" set, around a year and a half ago. 

Betty Blackberry runs the Juice Bar in Sweet Berry Valley throughout the spring and summer, providing everybody with delicious, healthy and refreshing fruit drinks and tasty homemade jams.

Fruit juices in summer are perfect to beat the heat and to protect your body from dehydration but poor Betty has to stay long hours under the blazing hot sun at risk of sunstroke .I wonder if her black tipped-ears have something to do with sunburn.

One day of scorching heat, while she was waiting for thirsty customers, Betty sat down under the shade of a tree."It would be nice to have some shelter from the sun" she said to herself. 

No sooner said than done,a few weeks later, this is what Betty´s juice bar looked like.

At last, Betty will be able to run her small business and protect herself from the sun.
As she is also very considerate of her customers, Betty set up a table and  some seats beneath the shade of an umbrella so that they can sit down and relax while they´re having a juice.

Sitting outside on a nice summer´s day with a juice in hand is one of the most relaxing and refreshing things one can do.
That´s why Betty´s juice bar is such a popular spot during the summer months.
The Maces love Betty´s juices and they are regular customers.

The Moss family visits Betty´s juice bar daily.  They really enjoy a refreshing glass of juice on the hot summer´s days.

Postman Pete always appreciates Betty´s kind gesture of offering him a glass of juice. 
"You must be thirsty, Pete! Here´s a juice for you"
"Many thanks, Mrs. Blackberry! I´m parched! It´s so hot today!" 

Daisy Buttercup had the great idea of asking Betty to blend fruit with "the best milk in Sylvania" and the result was so SMOOTH that now she also makes smoothies.

Raspberries, bananas, a splash of orange juice and fresh milk ...Healthy and yummy.

Sometimes, Daisy Buttercup has good ideas!

I considered this project as an unfinished one because I had planned to do it lots of times before but I never got on with it.
I even thought it could be a good choice for the previous challenge "It´s too hot" but instead, I got carried away with the beach theme.
It was high time that Betty had a proper juice bar that helped her to escape for the scorching sunshine.

I made the structure of the building out of a cereal box.

Monty and Rufus covered the building with 
wood planks (bamboo sticks from a table mat)

I used a piece of fabric for the awning.

I wallpapered the inside and I made a small shelve out of a green peg to display Betty´s homemade jams.They´re also delicious!

 I also placed this small piece of furniture for storage.

Rufus and Monty are going to have a well-deserved glass of juice for their good job.

Betty´s juices are packed with vitamins and minerals as they are made with the organic fruit grown at the Dale´s orchards.

Every morning Ewan Dale delivers Betty all the freshly picked fruit she needs to stock her fruit stand.

" I´ve just picked these blackberries for you, Betty".
"Thank you, Ewan! They look delicious"

Blackberry juice is Betty´s favourite.
Here she is enjoying a glass of this juice with her two daughters Ivette and Ingrid. 

Vegetables juices are also very popular at Betty´s bar.
Carrot juice is a best-selling and Betty´s  best friend´s favourite.

 It´s nice to have a chat with a good friend over a healthy and refreshing drink.

"Fancy a juice? Help yourself!"

Thank you for reading!
Hope you enjoyed today´s post.

A big hug!

Susan Wheller´s illustration

domingo, 1 de julio de 2018

Welcome July

Dear  Readers:

July brings hot summer days and holidays for some of us!
It is a good month to get out and enjoy nature. This lovely summer scene of the Sylvanian Families calendar suits this month perfectly. 
A fun day at the beach and a barbacue in the picnic area is a perfect plan to spend time with family and friends, don´t you think so?

Hope you have a wonderful July and for those who are on summer holidays, enjoy and relax your vacation!

A big hug!

Illustration by Susan Wheeler

martes, 19 de junio de 2018

Miniature Crafting Challenge 12 :" It´s Too hot"

Dear Readers,

"It´s too hot" is the theme for this challenge.The aim is to make something refreshing to help you beat the heat in the hottest of hot weather days.

It is actually very hot where I live at the moment and the beginning of summer is just around the corner so it´s time to think of some ways to cool off.

One of the first things that comes to mind to keep you cool in the heat is a hand fan.
Fans are very popular in Spain. They´re part of Spanish culture so ,when the heat wave strikes, you can see women of all ages fanning themshelves.

This tradition has also arrived at Sweet Berry Valley. Hazel, Theodora, Tilly and Rhianna Dappledawn are glad to find a solution to cool themselves down.

Creating a breeze when non exists can be an absolute saving grace on days of scorching heat.

As you can see, I just folded small pieces of paper. For two of them I used scrappbook paper and I painted the other two myself.

My second project is about the beach. 
A day at the beach is also a good way to cool off.
The gentle breeze blowing, a swim in the sea letting the waves wash over you, a cold drink at the beach bar...

I chose some of my sylvanians, those more related to the beach,to set up some beach scenes.
Actually, before setting the scenes and this is what my project is about, I made some swimming outfits for:

Narrisa, Shelly and Sandy Neptune

Penny, Wren and Rally Farthing. 

Jane and Captain Horatio Seadog.

You have probably noticed that these swimming clothes, except Captain Horatio´s swimming trunks,aren´t made out of fabric.
They are made out of balloons! 
Some time ago I saw a You Tube tutorial on how to make clothes for a Barbie doll and I remembered the bikinis were made out of balloons.
I tried to make some for my sylvanians and here they are wearing the perfect oufit for a day at he seaside.

Making swimming costumes using ballons is quick and very simple. You just have to find the right size ballons. Regular size are perfect for barbie dolls but for sylvanians you need a smaller size of ballons.

I took some pictures of these happy families enjoying a beach day.

The Sea Otter Family is looking for the perfect spot to put up their beach umbrella.

Narrisa is making sure her family doesn´t get sunburned. 
Shelly and Sandy are picking up sea shells.
"Look, there are lots here"

The Farthings love the beach and they come very often. They are well equipped to enjoy their day off at the seaside.
Penny likes lying back and relax on her deck chair.
Harley and his son Vespa love swimming in the sea and playing ball.
Wren always helps her little brother Ralley make sandcastles.

I have always wanted to take a picture of the Farthings at the seaside. Shortly after buying the "Cycling with mother " set I bought "A day at he seaside" set. I wanted to have the whole family . I was happy to add Wren later on.

At last, I have a picture of this family posing at the beach.

Captain Horatio and his wife Jane enjoy long walks by the sea shore. 
After their walk Captain Horatio feels like having a short nap and Jane keeps herself entertained doing crosswords.
A bucket of ice cold drinks will help them stay hydrated and quench their thirst.

You can buy ice cold drinks and delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails at the beach bar.

Peter Bablebrook is the owner of the beach bar. He runs his small business during the summer months.

This summer he will have nice company and some help to run his bar on busy summer days.
Peace, a girl he met on his last trip,was looking for a job during the summer and Peter offered her a job at his beach bar.

The truth is that Peter has a crush on her.

I have the feeling Peace has a crush on Peter too.

I wonder if their relationship will just be a summer romance or the beginning of a long lasting love. Time will tell...

Peter is an expert at making coktails.

Water melon heart and clear blue sky cocktails are very popular and Peter´s and Peace´s favourites.

If you prefer to buy some cold drinks for all the family, ice buckets are also available. 

Do you know how to make some ice cubes to chill your Sylvanian´s drinks and keep them cool? You just have to cut small squares of hot glue stick with a cutter.

Do you know how I made Peter´s beach bar?
I used a small medicine carton box and covered it cutting sticks of bamboo table mats.
For the roof I used a piece of cardboard. The material that covers the roof comes from a witch´s broom my daughter got a Halloween birthday party.

I made the cocktails out of small beads and the drinking straws out of paper clips.

I made the table at the bar using the top part of a mikado fragance  and that round piece of wood.

If you have questions about my projects I´ll be happy to answer them.

To finish this post, I´ll show you some pictures I took at the seaside ice cream shop.

As you can see my Sylvanians know how to beat the heat and stay cool in summer.

Hope you have a wonderful summer or winter, if live in the Southern Hemisphere.

A big hug!

Illustration by Racey Helps