viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

My brand new Maces Mouse Family

Dear Readers,

About this time last year I bought my first second hand family on ebay: "The Maces Mouse Family"  (I already owned the baby and the sister next to Spencer Maces and I wanted a family for them).

The description said they were in very good condition and to be honest with you the pictures looked good enough to me.However, I was very dissapointed when I saw them in person. The mother was missing her tail and flock from her hands. The brother was also missing flock. I had to paint their ears as the brown and pink colour was nearly gone.The parents were in their original clothes but not the children.
Considering all these things and the high price I paid for them I was determined not to buy a second hand family again ( but I did!)
If you are a regular follower of my blog you´ll probably  remember The Maces emptying the counter of the cheese shop and feeling over the moon when they found a cheese plate in my flat.

The truth is they looked fine in  pictures but when I have them in my hands I wish I had bought them new in the first place.A few weeks ago I found them brand new from a Spanish seller and I couldn´t help buying them again. At least postage was reasonable and as the seller combined postage I bought some more second hand families to make it even more reasonable! I gave the second hand family of mice to my children so now everybody happy :)

The two Maces figures I had came from these sets.

Here is my new "Maces Mouse Family" still in its box.

 They feel much happier in the green fields of Sweet Berry Valley.

They are the owners of the shoe shop.You´ll see them soon running their store.

Thank you for reading!

Lots of love.  

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

A day in the life of Postman Pete

Dear Readers,

As I promised,the post "A day in the life of Postman Pete" is ready. Hope you enjoy it.

First of all I´m going to show you his small apartment.

This is the living room but in fact it´s also his bedroom as he sleeps on the sleeper couch. 
By the way, I made the couch following Kyraja´s fantastic tutorial on her blog Aeternum Somnium. For the fabric, I used one of my dad´s old shirts. A good way to recycle and save some money on furniture.
Thank you Kyra. Pete thinks his couch is very comfortable.

This is the kitchen. It´s quite small but at least he has a place to cook a warm meal after a long working day.

  And this is the bathroom.

And now,the story.

Pete Petite wakes up early at the first light of the morning, when the sun´s rays filter through the window and the birds start singing. "Morning Pete. Time to get up!"

After a few stretches, a hot morning shower is what he needs to wake up completely.

After getting dressed, Pete likes to take his time to enjoy a good breakfast. He needs energy to cycle through the streets of the village.

Then, he tidies up his apartment, gets his mail bag and jumps onto his bike ready to start the day.

First of all, he goes to the post office to pick up all the mail that has been delivered quite early in the morning by the mail van from the nearest big city. 

The delivery is left on the bench that is next to the post office. Pete used to wait for the van every morning to collect the post himself but soon he realized that Sweet Berry villagers are so trustworthy that they wouldn´t dare to steal any parcels or letters. So now, he doesn´t have to get up so early because he knows all the mail will be safe waiting for him on the bench.

Then , he starts sorting the post . It seems he´s going to have a busy day ahead!

Once that´s done he starts his delivery route.  

Today his first stop is the Chocolate grandparent´s house. 
"Morning, Mr. Chocolate. I have a package for you. It says fragile, handle with care "
"My new glasses!!". Rhys exclaimed all excited. I´ll be able to read the paper again! My old pair of glasses broke when I was playing with Créme, my grandaughter.

"I´m glad you have your new glasses. Mr.Chocolate. Send my regards to your wife"
"I will, Pete, I will. You know, Pete? You made my day" .Rhys said with a wide smile and Pete smiled back with satisfaction.

Then, he went to the watermill bakery. Since Christopher Appleblossom´s family moved to live with him, Pete visits them very often. Jane gets lots of letters from her parents. 
"There´s a letter for you, Jane" Pete said handing her the envelope.
"Thank you, Pete. It´s great to have a postman in the village. Letters help to get my parents and I closer. Before you came here ,the mail service wasn´t good and keeping in touch wasn´t easy.
"That´s good news, Jane." Pete was glad to make people´s life happier.

"Fancy a pastry ? Christopher asked Pete. "They come just from the oven".
"Mmm, they smell delicious!" Pete couldnt´help to take a warm pastry. It was hard to resist  the Appleblossom´s sweet treats.

On  his way to his next stop he met Daisy Buttercup. 
"Is there something for me,Pete? I see you have some parcels to deliver and I´m expecting a package"
"I´m afraid there´s nothing for you today, Mrs. Buttercup. As soon as it comes I´ll deliver it to you".
And waving goodbye he kept going.

Pete was looking forward to get rid of one of the parcels. It was quite smelly! It was adressed to the cheese shop, so he pedaled away as fast as he could. He couldn´t bear that smell for much longer. 

"Morning, Mrs.Brightfield. Morning , Mr.Brightfield. I can tell what´s in this package without opening it. I smell cheese" Pete said joking.
" I´m sure you can, Pete! It´s a very strong blue cheese, it comes all the way from France" Nancy said.
Would you like to have some? It tastes much better than it smells? Billy offered.
"No, no!,thank you. I´m not hungry at all. I´ve just had a pastry from the bakery and I must hurry up." The truth is that Pete wasn´t very fond of blue cheese and he didn´t want to seem unpolite.

After delivering the smelly parcel he went to the Chocolates´s house .
Teri took a bit long to open the door. She was taking some muffins out of the oven when Pete knocked.
"A postcard from my parents!" Tery exclaimed glad to hear from them."They are on a cruise around the Mediterranean. My father loves the sea".
"It seems they know how to enjoy their retirement" Pete commented.
"They do indeed! Since they´re retired I hardly even see them. They love travelling around!
" Pete, would you like a muffin? I´ve been baking some.
"Thank you very much Teri but I had a big breakfast this morning and I´m not that hungry. I´ve got to get going".

Pete was in a bit of a rush. After finishing his delivery round he has to go to the post office and work there for a few more hours.He enjoyed talking to the villagers but he had to admit he didn´t mind when there was nobody home, especially when he had lots of letter and parcels to deliver.

At his next stop, he knocked at the door but nobody opened."That was quick" he thought himself delivering the letters through  the front door.

 Before having a break for lunch he still had to go to the Country Market and to the Beauty Salon.

"I´ve got a letter  for you today, Mrs.Osborne"
"A letter from my sister!" Thank you Pete and call me Carol next time, OK?
"OK, Carol" 

 Suddenly, he spotted Eleanor Bramble leaving the Country Market. "Mrs. Bramble!" Pete called out her name. Eleanor turned her head and greeted Pete with a warm smile.
"Have you got something for me? she asked. 

" I do, Mr.Bramble. I´ve got a very light and soft package adressed to you. I was on the way to your place to delivery it" Pete explained.
"There must the silk I ordered. Don´t you bother going to my home. I´ll just take it myself" Mrs. Bramble said.
"Thank you, Mrs. Bramble.The sooner I finish my rounds, the sooner I´ll be able to open the post office . Pete said gratefully. 


The Beauty Salon was his final stop before his break. He parked his bike outside and entered the waiting room. What a lovely smell!
"Here you are Mrs. Walnut" Peter said giving Yardley a package.
"The essential oils for back massage! That was a quick delivery. Thank you Pete!. You deserve a relaxing massage after finishing all your rounds" Yardley said.She was very pleased since Pete was working as a postman. All her orders arrived earlier than she expected.
"I wouldn´t mind a back massage Mrs.Walnut .Don´t say twice or ll take your word!" he said laughing out loud.


At last, it was time for a break! He stopped at the Blackurrant Café for lunch. He usually meets up there with Doctor Murdoch. Pete and Doctor Murdoch got on very well since they first met. Actually, they became good friends and both enjoy each others company.

Good to see you, doc! You saved me a ride to the Cottage Hospital. I have a heavy parcel for you" Pete said pointing to the last  package to deliver.
"Great! They must some medicines and the new stethoscope " Dr. Murdoch sounded excited.

"Here is your sandwich, Pete.Enjoy your meal!" Kate said cheerfully.

When they finished their lunch Pete gave  Dr.Murdoch a lift to the Cottage Hospital. The parcel was heavy and he was a considerate friend.

After dropping Dr. Murdoch at the hospital he headed to the Mayor´s house. 

"Good afternoon, Mrs.Moss. I have some letter for Mr.Moss".
"Come in please, Pete! I´ve just prepared some tea. Cameron is at home." Pete wanted to finish his rounds early but he couldn´t reject Mrs.Moss invitation. He was very grateful to Mr.Moss for chosing him for the postman position. Pete is delighted to have a job in Sweet Berry Valley and Mr.Moss is  who made it possible.

 "I´ll take the letters to your study and I let you have a chat over a cup of tea" Mrs. Moss told her husband.
Mayor Moss was interested in how Pete was getting on with his new job and suggested to look for someone to work in the post office while Pete was doing the delivery rounds. "Sweet Berry Valley is growing fast and delivering the mail and working in the post office afterwards is a lot of work just for you, Pete. I really appreciate your job and so do all the villagers" Mr.Moss pointed out. Pete didn´t mind working long hours. He really enjoyed his job, but once again he was very grateful. He thought Mr. Moss was a very kind and caring man for taking this into account.

After having  tea at the Mayor´s house, Pete made his way to the post office but first he still had three letters to deliver to one of the new families.

"Hello, Mrs. Truffle! I was about to slip this last letter under the door too. They are all for your husband".
"Thank you ,Pete. Feel free to slid them under the door when we´re not at home. We should buy a mail box."

Mrs. Truffle started to chat away about the way her family was adapting to the village and Pete felt she needed someone to talk to. They were chatting away when Mr. Truffle turned her back to ckeck what her twins were up to and to her surprise one of them was on top of Pete´s bike and the other one was also trying to climb onto it.
"Get off straight away! Pair of little rascals! She yelled.

 "I think they´ll love to go for a ride, Mrs. Truffle" and Pete guessed right. He gave the twins a short ride along the path and they really had fun. Mrs. Truffle thought Pete was a lovely young man and so did the twins. Since that day as soon as they see Pete they start saying "bike, Pete, bike!".

Once all the mail is delivered it is time to start working at the post office. 

Pete has to make some phones calls to claim for lost post.

He has to update the villager´s notice board,

assist  his customers,

 weigh the parcels.

 empty the letter boxes

and stamp all the letters.

Finally, he puts all the mail on the bench for the mail van to collect it when it comes to deliver the mail for Sweet Berry villager´s very early in the morning. Pete is very thoughtful and protects the mail covering it with a plastic in case it rains. 

His working day is over and Pete is on his way back home. The sun is setting down and he likes to feel the warmth of the last sun´s rays on his back.

Back at home Pete makes himself more comfortable. He takes of his jacket and puts on  a clean shirt. 

 He has a wash to freshen up.

 He waters his plant.

And he prepares something to eat. This evening, a pasta dish for dinner.

He likes to have dinner while he watches the news.He never misses the weather forecast. He wants to know if he is going to need his raincoat and wellies in case it rains the next day.
He bought the television when he got his second salary.At first, he felt kind of guilty for spending so much on a luxury item but now he is glad he did. It keeps him company when he gets home and it keeps him entertained.

When there´s nothing interesting on TV, he lays back and reads a book or the paper.

But some days he is so tired that he falls asleep easily after reading for a while  and today is one of those days

" Sweet dreams, Pete. You deserve a good night sleep"

And that´s how our friend Pete Petite spent one of his days.
What do you think?I hope you liked it.

If you are a regular follower of my blog and you have read the page about my families you might have spotted some new villagers that I haven´t introduced yet.
I mean to show them to you soon.
As I told you in my last post, Sweet Berry Valley is growing fast. I´m afraid I´ll have to slow down on adding more families and SF sets and buildings. They are taking over my flat and draining my savings!!

Thank you for your visit!