miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Welcome back to Berry Grove School!

Dear Readers,
I meant to post this story at the beginning of September but family and work kept me quite busy for the past few weeks.I took some pictures at the end of August but I didn´t have time to download them from my camera until now.I´m a teacher and the beginning of a new academic year always involves a lot of work so I didn´t have much time left for my Sylvanians.As you can guess, being a teacher myself, a Sylvanian school was one of the first Sylvanian buildings I wanted to own so I was quite pleased when I added Berry Grove School to my collection.
I´m glad to welcome you all to join the Buckleys to get school ready for the new school year (Agatha Buckley is the headmistress and her husband Rupert is the Maths and Language teacher). Just, let´s pretend the story took place at the beginning of September.


Berry Grove School is currently close for the summer but not for too long.
The holiday break is coming to an end.

A week before the start of a new school year,The Buckleys work hard to have everything ready before it is time for the children to go back to school.

Willow Thistlethorn, the school cleaning lady,was quick to knock at the door to offer her help. "Here I am, ready to leave the school spick-and-spam!".

Time to clean up for everyone!

Once everything is clean , it is time to arrange the furniture.

Agatha Buckley seems quite pleased with the U-shaped arrangement of this classroom.

"What do you think of the notice board?" Rupert asked his wife. The school headmistress always has the final word.
"Just perfect!"she sounded excited about the beginning of a new school year. She has so many projects in mind!

Meanwhile, upstairs, Maria is delighted to be in charge of organizing the art corner.

Agatha wanted to turn the reading corner into a cozy area for children to relax and enjoy reading.

Baby Oscar is still very young to read but the reading corner its his favourite. He likes to go there to ring the school bell. "Stop it Oscar!. It´s not time for school just yet"  Maria warned his little brother.

"School is good fun!" Oscar said out loud when was about to slide down the stair banister.His parents hope he doesn´t change his mind about school when he grows up.

Mr. Fenton,the music teacher is also busy getting all the instruments tuned up for his music class.

Attendance books are also ready! There are so many new students this year...The village is growing!  

After a few days of hard work it seems everything is set up and ready to welcome a new school year.

Finally,it is time to go back to school!
The first day of school is always full of emotions!

Children are excited about seeing their friends.

Agatha and Rupert make sure all students are given a warm welcome.

"Look at you! You grew up so much during the summer!" Rupert told Ralph. "Do you think so, sir?" Ralph asked back feeling quite happy to hear that comment.
"I´m glad to see you Frances! Did you have a good summer" Agatha asked "I did, Mrs.Buckley but I was looking forward to going back to school" Frances Robinson is one of the best student.

School is about to start in Sweet Berry Valley! Welcome back!            


Hope you enjoy today´s post!

If you are a student and you are reading this post I wish you all the best for this year at school or university and if you have children at school I wish them all the best too! Good luck!

Lots of love