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Welcome to my blog!

I am an adult collector of Sylvanian Families from Spain. I started my collection in March 2015 . It is impossible not to fall in love with these adorable little figurines. In my case I just bumped into them by chance while I was searching the web looking for some Playmobil stuff. 
At first I just meant to have  a few families and two or three buildings but once you start it is difficult to stop.

What I like about Sylvanian Families is not just their nice clothes, the soft touch of their furry bodies, their little bright eyes, their lovely houses, shops and  fine detailed furniture...but also what they portray : an idyllic world where families love each other, friends and neighbours are always helpful and there is no crime or violence but kindness, respect and honesty. It is a peaceful world far from stress and technology. Life is simple and ejoyable.
In fact,the word Sylvan means "of the forest" and the brand has three values at its heart: Nature, Family and Love.

In this blog I want to share with everybody the World of Sylvanian Families. My families live in a lovely village called "Sweet Berry Valley" and from time to time, I mean to post stories about the  lives of their villagers, pictures I take, things I buy or make for them...

As Sylvanian Families are sold in 50 countries and there are collectors from all over the world I will write in English instead of in Spanish (so please forgive my mistakes)

I hope you like my blog and visit it again.

4 comentarios:

  1. I love your blog cutata , and i agree with you on the core values of sylvanians- its such a simple way of life and i truly wish our own real world could be as simple yet beautiful as the sylvanian one

  2. I also wish our real world was as peaceful and idyllic as Sylvania. The good thing about Sylvanians is that we can recreate the world we would like to live in.