My Sylvanian Families

Let me introduce you to my Sylvanian Families. They live in Sweet Berry Valley, one of the lovely villages of the country of Sylvanian.
Here you will get to know who they are and what they do. For some of them I kept something of their official bio but for most of them I just made up my own.
I hope you enjoy meeting my families as much as I did when taking pictures and writing about them.
You are very welcome to their lives and world.


Cameron is the mayor of Sweet Berry Valley. He is a good-natured man who is willing to listen to the villagers´ demands. He always acts honestly and openly to others. He wants the best for the village and its inhabitants and he puts all of his efforts towards improving all the public services. He managed to do most of what he promised in his acceptance speech but he knows there´s still a lot to be done.

Rowena feels very proud of her husband .It is said that behind every great man there´s a great woman and Rowena is a good example. She helps her husband to write his speeches and gives him a hand to reply to letters .She is very good at organizing tea parties and other social events in order to raise funds and make projects for the village more affordable. Rowena wasn´t brought up in Sweet Berry Valley. She comes from a very well- off family and more than once she asked her relatives´ for money to pay for some improvements in the village. At first some of the ladies thought Rowena was a bit posh and had her nose in the air, but as they got to know her they realized she is a down to earth woman who is very approachable and kind to others.

Buck wants to become the president of the Sylvanian government when he grows up. He is always giving his father ideas on what would be good for the village. He also likes to write. He writes articles for the school newspaper. His articles are very interesting and he has lots of readers. When his father seems too busy or worried about some of the village issues, Buck changes his mind about becoming a president and thinks he´d be better off being a story writer or a journalist .

Juniper is very artistic and draws all the pictures that go with the articles her brother writes. She loves art classes and wants to be an illustrator for children´s books when she leaves school. When her father was elected as a mayor, her brother Buck wrote an article about it and Juniper drew her father wearing a very smart suit. When her parents saw the drawing, they liked it so much that they showed it to Mr. Bramble, the  village tailor, and asked him to make that suit for Cameron´s acceptance speech. Since then, it has become his favourite outfit and the one he likes to wear most of the time (Actually, he doesn´t always wear the same one. He ordered three suits so he can change his clothes to be washed)



Frasier Chocolate is known as the best confectioner in Sylvanian. His cakes, pastries and chocolate creations are a delight for the senses. He gets up really early to have all the orders ready to be delivered. His family loves waking up with the smell of chocolate, cinnamon and freshly baked cakes every morning
Teri Chocolate helps his husband with all the cooking and baking but what she really wanted was to own a cake shop to sell hers and his husbands´creations. At first Frasier was not very keen on the idea but after much persuasion her dream came true and she is delighted to sell her cupcakes, decorated biscuits and other delicious sweets there.
Coco Chocolate has no interest in making cakes at all but he loves to eat them. He wants to be a famous football player and travel all around the world.
Freya Chocolate is very popular among the children in Sweet Berry Valley. She has lots of friends. She loves to invite her friends round for tea and hold parties. After school she helps her mother in the cake shop.
Crème Chocolate is the baby of the family. She really has a sweet tooth. Her grandma Patricia says there is no doubt she will be as good at confectionery as her parents.


Rhys Chocolate has always been a keen reader and writer . Before retiring he worked as a journalist. He used to write articles for the local newspaper. Nowadays, he still likes reading and writing, even though he complains about his eyesight getting worst . He writes short stories for their grandchildren. Creme loves to sit down on his lap and listen to the stories he tells her.

Patricia Chocolate is as sweet as the cakes she makes. She is the one who taught his son Frasier to make the best chocolate cakes in all Sylvanian. She inherited the secret from his mother and she passed it to his son. She is very proud of his son and she is very happy that he is married to Teri.


Alex Periwinkle and her wife Kate Periwinkle are the owners of the Blackurrant Café. A lovely place to enjoy a cup of the best tea or coffee along with freshly made sandwiches or the best cakes and pastries (Frasier  and Teri Chocolate provides the café with the best confectionery). They have three children, Oliver, Rebecca and baby Henry.
Oliver is a very good student. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up. He likes to visit his aunt Clarice (nurse) and uncle Victor (dentist) in the Country Clinic. He says he wants to be such a good doctor as Doctor Murdock.
Rebecca wants to be a writer. She writes short stories that she leaves on the tables of the café for customers to read. Her big imagination and good sense of humor make their stories really enjoyable.
Henry is very lively. He loves to explore and make friends. At the weekends he enjoys walking around his parents café greeting customers.T hey all think he is adorable and some of them offer him sweets that he always accepts with a wide smile and a cheerful "thank you".



Victor Buttermilk and Clarice got to know each other when they were studying at the Sylvania School of Medicine. Victor was studying to be a qualified dentists and Clarice wanted to be a nurse.
When they finished their degree they both wanted to leave the city and come back to the country.  Clarice wanted to go back to Sweet Berry Valley. She wanted to be close to her family so they decided to move there.
 A few days after their arrival good luck knocked at their door. Doctor Murdoch was looking for a new nurse as the one she had was going to get married and meant to move to another village. Both Clarice and Victor got a job at the Cottage Hospital.
Clarice is the best nurse any doctor could ask for. She is sweet, caring, patient and hard-working. She makes patients feel better just by the kind way she treats them.
Victor also works as a dentist at the Cottage Hospital three times a week. Before he arrived at Sweet Berry Valley villagers have to travel to visit the dentist as they didn´t have a dentist in the village so they are very pleased that victor is here to stay.
Clarice and Victor have an adorable baby daughter called Clarita. She loves to play with her cousins. She gets on very well with Henry.


Alonzo Macavity and his wife Cassandra have known each other since their childhood. They shared their games and dreams. As they grew up their love for each other grew too and eventually they got married at a very young age.
They wanted to have a big family and they did. They have seven children (six of their own and an adopted baby cat)
They run a family business, a pizzeria. Alonzo´s mother, was from Italy and she taught his son all the secrets of the best Italian cooking. When he was a child he used to impressed Grizabella tossing up pizza dough. The dough never fell off. As Grizabella used to spend a lot of time with Alonzo she loved to help Alonzo´s mother, Simonetta, to make the most delicious tiramisu and spaguetti carbonara.
When they got married they went to Italy for their honeymoon and once there they decided that back home they would set up their own business, a pizzeria.
Their oldest children Grizabella and Mistoffeless help them to run the business.
They study in the morning and go to the pizzeria at lunch time. Grizabella serves the tables and Mistoffeless is in charge of the deliveries.
Rumpus and Asparagus are twins. Rumpus likes to answer the phone to take the orders and Asparagus likes to chat with the customers but most of the time she has to keep a close eye to their baby sister Skimble and her adopted brother Snowy. 


Rupert Buckley and Aghata are both teachers at Berry Grove School.
Rupert is the Maths and Language teacher. He is very patient and he wants his pupils to learn and have fun at the same time.

Agatha is the headmistress at Berry Grove School. She is a well mannered lady, very elegant and discreet. Children like to get close to her because they say she smells of strawberries and cherries. She loves art and painting so she also gives arts and crafts lessons.

Maria wants to be a teacher like her parents. She is very hard working and responsible and she does very well in all the subjects. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Music.

Freddie shares with her mother his interest in painting. He is happy with a paintbrush in his hand. He is very good at painting portraits.

Oscar loves going to Berry Grove School and ring the school  bell . He also likes to scribble on papers and more than once he spoiled his sister´s and brother´s homework. 


Barker Fenton is a virtuous musician. Since a young age he showed an interest for music. The first musical instrument he owned was a trumpet but her mother complained because it was too loud. The same happened with the drums. At the age of 6th their parents bought him a piano for his birthday. He started taking lessons and her teacher used to call him “Little Fenton Mozart”.
When he moved to Sweet Berry Valley , Agatha Buckley, the headmistress of Berry Grove School, offered him a job as a music teacher and he accepted it. He is a loved and respected teacher who teaches his pupils to love and feel the music.

Lucy Fenton is a nursery school teacher. She is sweet, caring and patience and all the babies in Sweet Berry Valley are happy to be with her. She is very good at story telling and singing. Her husband teaches her how to play some nursery rhymes and children songs at the piano. 

Sadie Fenton loves babies and enjoys helping her mother at the nursery after school.

Buddie Fenton is very shy. He doesn´t like to go out much. He prefers to stay at home reading or playing chess with his father.
Poppy, the youngest of the family is very attached to her mother so she is delighted that her mum is the nursery teacher. This way she can be with her all day. However, sometimes she feels a bit jealous when her mother has to take care of the rest of the babies and doesn´t pay her much attention.

Arthur Osborne and his wife Carol are the managers of the Country Market. A popular spot where you can buy medicines, toiletries, toys, gifts, magazines and even clothes.
You can even have a nice cup of tea at the Tea  Room.
Arthur is usually behind the counter. He is in charge of the cash register and the medicines and toiletries section.
Carol is always willing to help her customers. They always rely on her advice and good taste when choosing presents. She is also in charge of the Tea Room.
They have three children, Ava, Aidan and baby Jason. Ava and Aidan help their parents, specially on Saturdays when they are off school and the store is busier.
Ava likes to help her mother to change the display window and restock the magazines and toiletries.
Aidan also helps restocking the shelves and likes to talk to the customers.
Jason is a cheerful baby with a contagious laugh. His favourite place is the toy department at his parents´ "Country Market". He loves rocking on the wooden horsie for hours.

Bruce Springer is the PE teacher at Berry Grove School. He likes to holds sports events for the children. Sports Day at school is one of the children´s favourite day.

Sheila is also good at sports. Actually she met Bruce at a sports competition when they were younger. Sheila was the winner and Bruce who was secretly in love with her for a while took the chance to congratulate on her and they started a friendship that ended up in marriage a few years later.

They have two children, Joanne and baby Joey.

Joanne was over the moon when his baby brother was born. She didn´t like to be an only child. She plays with his little brother a lot and enjoys running and cycling.


Billy Brightfield and her wife Nancy are a kind and generous couple. They provide the villagers from Sweet Berry Valley with the best quality cheese. When they opened their Cheese Shop they never thought their business was going to be so successful. It seems their customers appreciate the good nature of Billy and Nancy and the good quality of the products they sell.
They have two daughters, Mandy and Jenny.
Mandy is learning how to make cheese and yoghurt. Annabel Buttercup, from the Friesian Cow Family, is one of her best friends. When they are together they like to make cream and butter to spread on buns and have a tea party and  little Jenny is always their special guest.


Hornbull Buttercup is a relaxed and quite man who loves going for long walks in the countryside to enjoy the beauty of nature. He gets up early every morning to supply his neighbours with fresh milk for breakfast at their doorstep or at the supermarket.
Daisy Buttercup prefers the walks along the main street of the village rather than in the peaceful countryside. She likes to meet people and knows what is going on. She can be a bit nosey at times and her husband is always telling her to mind her own business but she can´t help it. She is more than happy chatting with a couple of friends over a cup of tea.
Annabel is a bit like her mother, chatty and lively. She wants to own an Ice Cream Shop when she grows up. She already knows how to make cream, butter and ice-cream , chocolate and vanilla are her favourite.
Paddock is also cheerful and frisky. He is always busy doing something. He loves running and jumping. When he goes for walks with his father in the country he always ends up running up and down the hills.
Cheddar was named after her mother´s favourite type of cheese. He is very affectionate and loves to be hugged and kissed. He loves when her mother tickles and kisses him while she says "I´m going to eat this little piece of cheddar". That makes him giggling nonstop.


Montgomery Kennelwoth and his twin brother Rufus Kennelworth are the carpenters of Sweet Berry Valley. When they were children they liked to play in their father´s workshop. They used to pile pieces of wood to see who could make them higher without falling down. Now, they are always busy, they get lots of orders not only from the villagers of Sweet Berry Valley but even from nearby villages.
Montgomery (Known as Monty by his friends) is a hard working man and a loving and caring husband and father. He says his family is his treasure and even though he is quite busy at work he manages to spend time with his family every day.
Dorothy Kennelwoth (Dottie for her husband) is a charming lady with a sweet word and a smile for everybody. She is always willing to help her neighbours. She is also a hard working mother who can do three and even four things at the same time. She loves cooking and her family is delighted to eat her delicious meals.
Rufus Kennelworth is not married. He is shy and reserved. His brother and Dorothy invite him every day for dinner and he usually accepts the offer since it is hard to say no to Dorothy´s tasty dishes. His niece and nephews enjoy his company and always search his pants pockets for sweets.
Montgomery and Dorothy have three children. Rufus, named after his uncle, Clara and baby Mark.
Rufus likes playing games and sports. His favourite subject at school is PE but he  is not very good at Maths.
Clara is a quiet girl. She likes studying and, unlike her brother, she never forgets doing her homework. She doesn´t mind baby sitting her  baby brother when her parents are not at home.


Mortimer is the tailor of Sweet Berry Valley. The trousers and shirts he makes always fit to perfection.
Eleanor designs and makes costumes for special occasions and beautiful ladies´ dresses. She´s always very busy but she enjoys her job.
Maxwell is learning how to be a tailor. He´s particularly good at measuring up material.
Abigail helps her mother design clothes.. She feels very proud when her mother makes and sells some of the dresses she has designed.
Bilberry loves to get pieces of fabric to cover his face and play peek-a-boo with them.


Richard E. Grant is married to Constance Grunt. They have five children , Hugh and May and three baby triplets, Little Minor and Tiny.
Richard E. Grunt is a builder, he has a reputation of being one of the best in Sylvania. He builds lots of houses but also schools, shops, churches and even hotels.
Constance Grunt is always busy taking care of her large family and home. She likes to have everything clean and tidy, a difficult task with the triplets around.
She enjoys cooking so she doesn´t mind spending so much time shopping for groceries and making meals for her hungry family .
Hugh Grunt helps his father on Saturday morning but he doesn´t really like building . He says it is a hard job. He wants to become an architect when he grows up. He prefers drawing up plans for others to build.
May Grunt loves fashion magazines. She wants to be a fashion designer and is always drawing fancy dresses, bags and hats. Her mother says she should learn how to sew clothes instead of drawing them.
Babies Little, Minor and Tiny Grunt are always hungry and despite being so small they eat a lot, they are not picky with food at all. Their parents tried to find a way to lock the fridge  once but the triplets managed to open it and emptied the shelves in the blink of an eye. 


Fliss and Wilbur are the owners of the village supermarket. They offer the best selection of groceries one can wish for . They make sure their supermarket shelves are packed with the best organic products from tinned cans and boxes of cereal and biscuits to the freshest fruit and vegetables delivered daily from the local farms. They also sell freshly baked bread made by Christopher Appleblossom, the village baker.
Fliss and Wilbur are a friendly couple always willing to help their customers and give them the best service they deserve. If you need to have your shopping delivered to your doorstep you just have to ask for it.
They have two children Frances and baby Cali. Frances is a very bright student. He is very good at playing the violin. Everyday after finishing her homework she helps her parents at the supermarket. She makes sure all the products are placed in order. She´s very tidy and organized. She is always keeping an eye on her baby sister Cali to make sure she is not behaving naughtily.
Cali  is a bit the opposite. She likes to pile cans of food and knocked them down all over the store. That drives her parents and sister mad. She likes to eat a lot and once she opened a packet of biscuits, ate most of it and then left it back on the shelf. As soon as she is in the supermarket she stands up on a stool to reach for a red apple, her favourite fruit. 



Dominic Dingle works as a gardener. He grows the most beautiful flowers that then her wife sells at the Flower Shop. He is also in charge of delivering the orders from their Flower Shop
Rebecca knows a lot about plants and flowers. She enjoys her job at the Flower Shop. She knows the meaning of every single flower so all the villagers trust her advice when gifting flowers.
Amanda is a very helpful girl. She waters the plants everyday and make sure they all look nice and fresh.
Katharina is very lively. She likes playing hide and seek and ride on her tricycle.


Spencer Maces and his wife Harvey are the owners of The Mace´s Shoe Shop where you can find a good selection of high quality shoes and lovely bags.

Before settling down in Sweet Berry Valley they spent a few years in the big city. There, they worked in the shoe department of a shopping centre but they had always dreamed of being the managers of their own business.  They had to work long hours and didn´t have much time to spend with their children. One rainy day, late in the evening, after a long working day, Harvey suffered an accident. She was hit by a car. Spencer was so concerned about her that he was by her side all the time she spent in hospital. At the time she was pregnant but luckily the baby didn´t suffer any damage. When Harvey was recovered Spencer suggested her to move to a quieter and peaceful place. Harvey was delighted to hear that so a few weeks after baby John was born they packed all their belongings and moved into the countryside.
They have four children Mark, Nichole and Lucy, who are twin sisters, and baby John.
They children love their new home. They have lots of nice friends, they can play in the street, everybody is friendly and their parents seem much happier.


Cedric is the barber of Sweet Berry Valley. He seems to be always in a very good mood. He is very friendly and chatty so his clients enjoy a lively conversation while they have their hair cut.
Yardley is an expert beautician and hairdresser. She knows how to make the most of all the ladies´look . She always says” Everyone has beauty in them and it´s my job to help that shine through”. The women of the village call her “The Queen of Pampering”. Her beauty room is the best place to unwind, specially if you are treated to one of her relaxing massages.
Ralph is a sporty and adventurous boy. He loves to be outdoors and he´s very good at climbing trees. Collecting fruit and nuts from trees is one of his hobbies.
Saffron helps her mother at the beauty room at the weekends. She likes to be surrounded by make up, perfumes and massage oils, her favourite one is lavender. She wants to be a beautician as good as her mum.
Ambroise loves to watch his parents at work. He´s more than happy with a brush in his hand. At home he likes to imitate his parents and loves to brush his family members´ bushy tails. Once, he even got a pair of scissors to have his sister´s hair cut but they all got so mad at him that he never did it again.

Dr. Murdoch is everyone´s favourite doctor. He runs the Cottage Hospital and has a remedy for everything. He says he has a big family since he loves and cares for all the villagers from Sweet Berry Valley. He is totally devoted to his patients and when he finishes his work at the hospital he gets on his bike and visits patients at home. His good sense of humor, reassuring words and good practice make his patients feel much better when they leave the surgery no matter what their ailment is.

                                                       NANCY WATERS                                            

Nancy is a chatty and friendly lady.  She is in charge of planning healthy and balanced menus for the children at Berry Grove School. She also serves lunch there and makes sure all the children eat their peas. When she finishes her working day she loves going shopping and chatting to everyone she meets on her way. Her favourite place to meet her friends is the Tea Room at the Country Market. Nancy is single but she dreams of meeting a beaver that makes her feel butterflies in her stomach. 


Christopher is the baker of Sweet Berry Valley. He gets up early every morning to bake fresh bread for the inhabitants of the village. Using old family recipes and the finest ingredients, not only does he produce wonderful tasty bread and pastries, he also fills the Water Mill Bakery and surroundings with delicious fresh baked bread smells.

Jane helps her husband make delicious sweet treats but what she really enjoys is singing. He has a lovely voice and it is a real pleasure to listen to her. She likes to sing while she is working. The bakery is not only filled with the nice smell of fresh baked bread but also with the sweetest melodies and tunes.

Justine is always willing to help her parents. She already knows how to make butter biscuits and scones following an old family recipe. She also inherited from her mother the love for music. She loves singing and dancing.

Chris is a curious baby. He likes to explore every nook and cranny of the bakery. They have to keep the bags of sugar and flour out of his reach because he likes to mess up with them. Once he got sick because he ate half a bag of sugar. He likes when his father lifts him up to watch how the dough mixer moves.


The Hopkins are also known as "The Champagne Rabbits" because of their bubbly and effervescent personality but mainly because Don´s best-seller.
Don is a writer. His stories are as cherful as his personality. " Champagne Bubbles", an uplifting story that leaves a lasting smile on your face, was the first book he wrote about and the one that gave him and his family the nickname of "champagne".
Adrianne shares with her husband an optimistic approach to life. She also likes writing. She works for a women´s magazine. Fashion, holidays, decoration and eating out are her favourite topics to write about.
Roger is a happy boy. He takes things easy and has a big sense of humour. He likes telling jojes to cheer up his friends. He´s good fun to be with. His only weak point is that he doesn´t take school too seriously.
Rosa is a sweet girl who always see the bright side of life. She´s not really an extrovert but she´s friendly and talkative once you get to know her.She was named after a lovely lady their parents met when they were on holidays in Spain. This lady told them that her name had two meanings in spanish: pink colour and rose flower. When their daughter was born  Don and Adrianne thought it was a perfect name for her.

                                    PETE PETITE

Pete Petite is the new postman of Sweet Berry Valley. He gets up early to make sure all the villagers get their mail. He enjoys cycling through the streets of the village delivering letters and parcels. When he finishes his rounds he goes to the post office and works there for a few more hours. He particularly likes delivering cards and parcels for birthdays and at Christmas as he makes villagers feel very happy when they get their mail at these times of the year.



Elma is the village mechanic. He has shown a big interest in cars and motorcycles since he was a very young boy. He used to go to sleep with a toy car instead of with a teddy bear. His father George was the one who sparked this interest as he was also a mechanic.

Mae is the school cook. She prepares healthy and delicious meals for all the village schoolchildren at lunch time. Children love her vegetable soup and cheese nuggets. She loves reading cookery books and try new recipes to fill and delight the schoolchildren´s stomachs and her own family´s.

Ike wants to be a mechanic like his father and his grandfather. His best friend is Vespa Farthing. They both love motorcycles and like to draw their own designs. They want to build and ride their own motorcycle when they grow up. In the meantime Ike is more than happy when his grandpa takes him for a spin in the sidecar.

Candy is as sweet as her name. She loves dollhouses and miniatures. She likes to make their own dollhouses out of cardboard and sew tiny dresses for her dolls. She also likes cooking like her mother but just sweet treats. Her berry trifle is delicious. She also likes cars, or rather, toy cars that she borrows from her brother. She likes to pretend her dolls travel by car to lovely places.



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