sábado, 23 de diciembre de 2017

Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers,

Just a very
short post to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with love, happiness, joy, good luck, good health and Sylvanians!

Lots of love and Christmas hugs.

martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017

An early Christmas present

It is nearly Christmas and it hasn´t snowed yet in Sweet Berry Valley.
This time last year, the village was covered in a white blanket of snow and everyone was getting ready to celebrate the festive season.

This year, most villagers wonder when the first sowflakes will begin to fall but weather this Christmas is white or not, it´s time to create a holiday atmosphere in their homes.

The Mulberry grandparents are a bit eccentric but when it comes to Christmas they are very traditional.
Mildred and George enjoy decorating their home for the festive season.
Mildred had just hung a wreath in the front door when George arrived with a Christmas tree resting in the sidecar.

They are so young at heart and so enthusiatic about life that they love Christmas as much as their grandchildren.

The Christmas wreath on the door and this welcome mat will tell all who entered that Christmas has come to the Mulberry grandparents´home.

But nothing says Merry Christmas more than the smell of their kitchen.

Homemade orange and cinnamon buns...

Hot chocolate and mulled wine simmering away...

and  the heavenly smell of christmas cookies and baked goods wafting through the house bring out the warmth and comfort of the Christmas season.

Talking about comfort, there´s nothing better than suggling up in a nice warm blanket on the sofa next to a wood burning stove when it´s cold outside.

A knock on the door made Mildred stand up from the sofa.
"Ike, Candy. Come on in,my dears." Mildred  welcomed her grandchildren warmly.

Ike and Candy came to help their grandparents put up the Christmas tree.

Decorating the tree was fun but tasting their grandma´s homemade cookies was a real treat for Ike and Candy.
George was trying to tune in to Christmas SF, a Christmas music station very popular at this time of the year.

The fun and festive tunes coming from the  radio put them in the mood for dancing away. 
"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock...What a bright time, that´s the right time to rock the night away..."

The music was so loud that they didn´t hear a car coming. 

Someone got out of the car and knocked on the door repeatedley but no one answered. The visitor slowly opened the door and entered the house.

He went straight to the living room and asked "Can I join the party?"

"EDWARD!" Mildred and George said at the same time.

"UNCLE EDWARD!" Ike and Candy exclaimed.

They all ran up to hug him. It´s been a long time since they last met. Edward hasn´t been in Sweet Berry Valley since last Christmas.

"What a lovely surprise, my son!" Mildred exclaimed. "We didn´t expect you until Christmas Day. You are always so busy at this time of the year that your visit caught us by surprise" She added.

" This year I´ve decided to arrive earlier. It´s time to break the bad habit of getting home five minutes before Christmas dinner" Edward said.

Ike and Candy wanted to tell their parents about their uncle´s arrival. George offerd to give them a ride home to tell Elma and Mae.

Mildred was so excited! She missed her son so much that his visit was like an early Christmas present.
Actually, the best Christmas present she could wish for when she heard Edward saying:

"Mother, I´m here to stay.I´m moving to Sweet Berry Valley. This village needs a toy maker and I need to be close to my family. I feel lonely some times, you know?

"Edward, that´s the best news I´ve heard in  ages!. I´m so happy!" 

Mother and son  hugged each other long and with great tenderness. 

After a while, the whole Mulberry family gathered in the living room. Edward had so much to tell and his family so many questions to ask that they stayed up until nearly midnigth. As it was so late, they all spent the night at Mildred´s and George´s place.
"It feels like Christmas Day" Candy said.
She was right,that was an especial family gathering just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

The next morning, when the children woke up and looked through the window they couldn´t belive their eyes.

"IT´S SNOWING" They shouted in amazement.

Sweet Berry Valley was a winter wonderland. A crisp, white blanket of snow covered the green fields.
Shortly after breakfast,Edward asked with a naughty smile : "Anyone for a snowball fight?"

Mildred and George enjoyed looking at their children and grandchildren having fun in the snow. They were delighted to have their family reunited.

"Come on grandpa! Come on grandma! Join us!"

The Mulberrys spent a lovely day together and without a doubt they will have a wonderful  white Christmas.


As you have just seen, Mildred , George and the rest of the Mulberry family are happy to have Edward back with them.
I´m also very happy to have added Edward, the toy maker, and his  work bench and most of his accessories to my collection. The toy maker set has always been one of muy favourites.
Edward´s decision to move to Sweet Berry Valley was his family´s best Christmas present and an early Christmas present for me too. 

Wishing you

A big hug!

lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017

A day at the dress shop

Dear Readers,

Salome Persis´s dress shop has already become a popular shop in Sweet Berry Valley.
Today we are invited to spend a day with her.

"Hello! Welcome to my shop!"

The first customers of the day are Adrianne Hopkins and her daughter Rose.

Adrianne wants to try Rosemary Bouquet new perfume and Rose is finding it hard to choose the best hair accesory.

She likes them all! 

Lucy Fenton was looking for a new pair of shoes and Salome also showed her a matching bag. Very tempting! 

Olive Butler would like to buy something more glamourus to wear when she is not working. She finds her conductor uniform a bit dull and boring.
"What about this one? Would you like to try it on? Salome offered.

"You look fantastic!" Salome exclaimed. "Take a look in the mirror"

"It´s lovely but... Isn´t it a bit reaveling at the top part?" Olive asked hesitatly.

Grizzabella hasn´t got much money to spend on new clothes but she visits the shop regularly to have a look at the dress catalogue. She is saving money for a new dress.

Yardley Walnut needs some fragance candles for her beauty salon. She likes to light a scented candle when she is giving a massage.

Tomorrow is Safron´s birthday and she can choose her birthday present.
What about this yellow bag and a matching hair band? Salome suggested.
"That´s lovely,Mrs. Persis! Yellow is  my favourite colour!Saffron exclaimed.

And it really suits me! Saffron thought when she saw her image in the mirror.

I think she has already found her birthday gift.

Rowena Moss is a regular customer at Salome´s shop. Today she is looking for a new dress to wear at the charity tea party she is holding.
"I don´t want anything too fancy, Salome." Rowena said.
"I think this blue dress really suits your style. It´s been made and designed by Eleanor Bramble". Salome pointed out.

"Oh, dear...Blue really suits you!.You look so beautiful!" Cameron complimented on his wife´s look. 

Salome totally agreed and Rowena looked very pleased too with all the compliments and her new outfit.

If you can´t find any dress that suits your size or style you can also have dresses made to order. You just have to ask for it and Eleanor Bramble will be there to help you.

If what you want is to improve one of your favourite outifts, Eleanor is also the right dress maker. Victoria Truffle 
feels like she is wearing a new dress.

Do you like my dress? Victoria asked her husband.
"It looks lovely on you but your smile is the prettiest thing you wear"
"Aww,Eustace, you´re such a charmer..."

Agatha and Maria Buckley  love visiting Salome´s shop.
The Buckleys have been invited to one of their siblings´wedding and Maria needs a new dress and matching accessories to wear for the occasion. 

"How do I look?" Maria asked.

"You look lovely, Maria! " Agatha and Salome said at the same time.
"Thank you" Maria said with a smile.

Salome´s dress shop is also a good place to find a gift for a special occasion. Ashley Maces is looking for a present for his wife´s birthday.
"What perfume would you recommend for Laura? " Mr.Maces asked Salome.
"This violet perfume smells of spring.Fresh and romantic without being overly flowery" 
Salome´s description of the fragrance helped Mr. Maces to make up his mind.
"I´ll take it" 

"Send my birthday wishes to your wife and I hope she likes the perfume." Salome said.

Salome´s daughter,Sadie, can´t hide her excitement when she sees a new dress at her mum´s shop. "Can I try it on? Please mum!" 
"Ok!and then we´ll go home. It´s time to close"
Salome told her daughter.

It has been a busy day at the dress shop.
Hope you have enjoyed it!

Lots of love!
Have a nice day!