domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

The Periwinkle Grandparents

Dear Readers,

I don´t know if I´ve already told you that I have a soft spot for Sylvanian grandparents.
I hope to collect them all little by little. The problem is some of them are discontinued and can only be acquired second hand or, if they´re brand new, at a high price.  
I´ve been on the search for the Periwinkle Grandparents shortly after starting collecting. As the Periwinkle Rabbit Family is one of my favourites I wanted to add the grandparents to my collection and I´ve been lucky to do it recently!
So, I´m really happy to introduce you to Mabel and Mack.


This is the bio I wrote for them:

Mack is now retired but he used to work as a watchmaker. Now, his eye sight is not as good as it used to be and his hands shake a little bit but he still loves to examine broken watches and clocks to find out what´s wrong with them and try to get them going again. He is always very punctual and you will hear him saying very often “time is money”.

Mabel Periwinkle was the owner of a small sewing shop. She is an expert at knitting and sewing. She would have loved her children had continued running her little business but none of them showed much interest. Actually, her daughter Clarice showed some interest in needles. However, not in sewing needles but in needle syringes instead. The truth is that now Mabel doesn´t complain anymore that her children are not working in her sewing shop. She is delighted to have a nurse in the family and she feels very proud to say his son Alex is the owner of The Blackcurrant Café where she loves to go with Mack to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and a piece of blackurrant cake.


I´d love to have more time to dedicate to my Sylvanians but right now work is keeping me away from them. I´m quite busy at the moment. I just took a short break today to show you this new addition to my collection.

They´re a lovely couple, don´t you think so?

Lots of love

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016

The Mulberry grandparents´ day out

Mildred and George are getting ready to go on a day trip.

Before hitting the road they have another quick look at the map to make sure they´re choosing the best route to reach their destination.

There they go ready to enjoy the beauty of the countryside of Sylvania!

When they find a nice setting they get off their bike and stop for a while to enjoy a nice cup of tea. They always make a flask of tea to take with them.

Mildred also likes driving so they take turns. Slow down,Mildred.This road is a bit bumpy!

"What a beautiful place!" Mildred exclaimed."This looks like a perfect spot for a barbacue lunch" George added.

As soon as they got off the bike and the sidecar, Mildred and George ran to the river. Mildred wanted to get her feet into the water. "Look at the fish, George!" She said in surprise

George took a fallen tree branch and a little bit of rope he had in the boot of his motorbike to make an improvised fishing rod.

"I think we´re going to have fish for lunch" he said lifting a fish out of the water.

Meanwhile, Mildred went for a walk into the nearby forest.
Some green mushrooms caught her eye but she didn´t trust them.

 These look safe enough to eat!

Barbacue fish and mushrooms for lunch!Delicious!

After lunch they had a little nap and then they went to explore the area.

"You look so beautiful,Millie!" George said admiring his wife.

They were lucky to have found such a nice place to spend the day.

They liked it there so much that they decided to stay overnight. They always pack up their little tent in the boot just in case.

No sleeping bags! The picnic blanket will keep them warm.

Once the tent was set up Mildred suggested to go for a spin before it was too dark.

 Let´s go!

On their way back to where they put up their camping tent, they stopped to enjoy the lovely sunset and another cup of their flask of tea.

"What a nice day we´re having! don´t you think so,George?" Mildred asked after having a sip of tea. George nodded and said looking into his wife´s eyes "Life can´t get any better Millie and I´m lucky to have you by my side".
"Aww...George! You know I´ll go with you to the end of the world!" Mildred said feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.


Aren´t they a lovely couple? So young at heart, adventurous and free spirited!
I like the fact they have a youthful spirit in spite their age. Have you noticed that  instead of wearing glasses as the rest of the sylvanian grandparents they wear googles to ride their motorbike

Hope you had enjoyed Midred´s and George´s day out.

Enjoy life, live the present, be happy!

Lots of love