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Hornbull at his parents´.

Hornbull was on his way back home when he decided to stop at his parents´house just to say hello.

"Hello, is anybody home!" he shouted.

His mother was in the kitchen.She was about to put a hot water bottle into its cover.
"Good to see you my son!" Bessie was delighted to see Hornbull.
"Are you going to bed, mother?" He asked when he saw her with the hot water bottle.
"Not at all! It´s for your father.He´s in the living room and it´s cold there. We run out of firewood".

"I was making apple pie.Why don´t you stay until I take it from the oven? She knew her son wouldn´t say no to a piece of warm apple pie.The smell of his parentkitchen always brought Hornbull nice memories from his childhood and the smell of sweet ripe apples and cinnamon was his favourite.
"Of course I will, mum! he was quick to answer.

In the living room, Angus was concentrated doing crossword puzzles.
Hi Dad!It´s cold in here! Hornbull´s remark made Angus lift his eyes from the crossword book.
"Hi son! It´s freezing indeed, but my back is not at its best to go out to cut some wood. This blanket and the hot water bottle will keep me warm" Angus said.
"I have a better idea.I´ll be back in a minute." Hornbull said leaving the room. 

Hornbull had some firewood in his wheelbarrow.He picked it up and got into the house again. It was a chilly day outside.
"Oh,you´re such an angel,Hornbull" Bessie said when she saw her son carrying the firewood.

 Angus smiled widely when he saw his son back in the living room.
" You brought some firewood! Thank you so much! Angus claimed in surprise.
"You´re the best son in the whole world"  Bessie said with pride.

"You´ll be warm enough for the rest of the day. I´ll bring more wood in the morning." Hornbull told his parents while he was stacking the firewood in the fireplace.

When the fire was lit up, Hornbull took off his boots and sat down comfortably on the sofa to have a chat with his father.
"Will you have some tea or coffe, my son? Bessie asked.

"I wonder if I could have a hot chocolate. Not even Fraiser Chocolate can make a better hot chocolate than you,mother." Hornbull´s compliment made his mother´s day.

Bessie made her way to the kitchen.First, she took the apple pie from the oven.It smelled wonderful!

Then, she made her creamy homestyle hot chocolate. The kitchen smelled even better!

"Rich hot chocolate and apple pie for my big boy!" Bessie said. The comforting smell and his sweet mother´s words made Hornbull feel as if he was a child again.

"You´re the best, mother! You deserve a big kiss". He also gave Bessie a big great hug. A hug from her beloved son was always the best gift for Bessie.

Suddenly,there was an energetic knock at the door. 
"Who could that be?" Hornbull and his father asked at the same time.
"You sit down to enjoy your chocolate, son. I´ll open the door" Bessie said.

As soon as Bessie opened the door, Daisy, Hornbull´s wife, started talking nonstop.

"Hi Bessie! Is Hornbull here? He left home a good while ago. He told me he was going to cut some wood but he´s not back yet.I see his whelbarrow is here but there aren´t any firewood so now I see he lied to me about his intentions and I´d like to have a word with him..." Daisy said,losing her temper. 

Bessie tried to calm her down.

"Daisy!, Hornbull is here so stop worrying and jumping to wrong conclusion.Please, come inside!. I´d love to spend some time with my grandchildren". Bessie was glad to see her grandchildren but she wasn´t that fond of her daughter in-law when she was in such a bad mood.

Daisy bursted into the living-room and she turned red from anger when she saw her husband enjoying a mug of hot chocolate.

"HORNBULL BUTTERCUP! Look at YOU! I was very worried about you and here you are all relaxed drinking hot chocolate! YOU ARE SUCH A LIER!! You told me you were going to cut some wood and your wheelbarrow is EMPTY!! 

"Stop being a MUMMS BOY!! Let me remind you you are a husband and a father so you should GROW UP a bit and be more considerate to your family!" Daisy was known for being a temperamental lady but today she was very angry.Mad!.Furious,indeed!She even looked scary.

Hornbull was a quiet man. He didn´t like to argue but this time he had to make things clear. Daisy´s words were really unfair.

"Daisy, please,calm down and listen to me!. You´re judging me wrong and I don´t deserve that.I went to cut some firewood and on the way back home I stopped to say hello to my parents. I´m proud of being your husband and a father but don´t forget I´m also a fine and considerate son.I love you and our children but I also love my parents. I owe a lot to them and they also deserve I spend some time with them from time to time.The wheelbarrow is empty because my parents didn´t have any firewood to light their fireplace and it was freezing cold in here. There´s nothing wrong to sit down for a while and have a hot drink with my parents". 
Hornbull tried his best to defend himself againts his wife´s accusations.

Daisy wasn´t used to such long explanations from her husband. She was quite surprised at her husband´s long speech.Hornbull´s words made her soon realized she was wrong and she was quick to apologize.

"I´m so sorry, Hornbull.Please,forgive me!.  I´ve been such a selfish cow!.I said things I didn´t really mean but you know the way I am sometimes. I undestand you should also share your love and time with your parents".

The good thing about Daisy is that deep inside she has a big heart but sometimes her temper gets the best of her and usually she says things in the heat of the moment she is sorry for later.

She also had words of apology for her in-laws.
Apologizes accepted, Bessie suggested that they all spend the rest of the evening together.
"There´s plenty of hot chocolate and pie for everyone and it´s great to have our loved ones around, don´t you think so, Angus?" Bessie asked her husband who just smiled and nodded his head in consent. Angus was as quite as Hornbull.

Daisy offered herself to serve the hot chocolate.The smell was so comforting...!

Paddock and Annabell enjoyed a piece of appple pie and had fun playing a board game.

Angus and Hornbull also had a good time playing draughts.

They also had several cups of hot chocolate.
"I´d love some more,my son" Angus said. The blissful expression of his face showed how much he was enjoying the evening.

Cheddar had also a great time. He´s very fond of his grandma´s apple pie.

He sat down comfortably to eat the last piece of pie from the dish.

Daisy and Bessie were chatting animatedly. Daisy was about to bite her piece of apple pie when Cheddar called her attention. "Mum!,Cheddar want more grandma pie, yummy, yummy"
"Do you?, my little piece of cheese!Mummy will give you some more." Daisy was all sweetness and light with her baby son.

Cheddar stood up and before grabbing her mum´s piece of pie, he went to snuggled up on his grandma´s lap and  he said "Cheddar love your pie, granny.You best cook".

Bessie couldn´t help but laughing at Cheddar´s compliment. "You´re such a considerate little grandson" She said hugging him tightly.Cheddar reminded Bessie of Hornbull when he was the same age so she has a soft spot for him.

As you can see, after a storm comes a calm. The warmth of the fireplace, the freshly oven baked apple pie, the steaming hot chocolate and the company of the loved ones had the power to warm and comfort the Buttercups´body and soul in a chilly autumn evening.

I hope you enjoy today´s story. 
The truth is, at first, I didn´t mean to write a story but a review of "the farmhouse accessories". I had always wanted to buy this set since I first saw it.😍

When I ordered this set from SSK I also added the cow grandparents and the cozy living room.

I unboxed all the items from the farmhouse set ready to start my review but eventually I changed my mind and I wrote this story instead.

I used all these items in my story. Did you spot them all?
The story was meant to be shorter but then, I decided to include Daisy and she made a bit of a scene😡 that´s why the story ended up being a bit longer.
I love the Buttercups and this story gave me the opportunity to picture them all together.

Thanks for reading!😊

Lots of love💖