sábado, 13 de mayo de 2017

The Kennelworths´ housewarming party

Dear Readers,

As you know from previous posts the Kennelworths have happily settled down in their new home. Today they are having a housewarming party and they have invited some of their friends. You´re all welcome!

The Kennelworths´s kitchen has been bustling with activity for the past few hours. Dorothy and Clara have been making sandwiches and snacks to serve on the housewarming party they´re having this evening. Their friends must be about to arrive at any time.

Meanwhile, in the back garden, Monty, his brother Rufus and the kids are setting up the barbacue.

They all helped to insert the vegetable through the skewers. They are ready to be grilled!

There´s plenty of food and drink so now they just have to wait for their friends to arrive.

They didn´t have to wait long. A couple of knocks at the door made Dorothy and Clara run to welcome their first guests.

The Fentons were the first to arrive. Dorothy was glad to see them.

 Shortly after, the Springers were at the door too.

 The Robinsons didn´t take long either.

Rufus is looking through the window. He´s looking forward to meeting his friend Coco Chocolate.

 The Chocolates are already here so now the party can start.


Clara and all the girls went upstairs. Clara is delighted to have a such a big room to play with her friends.

The boys got together too. They love to kick the ball.

And the babies are playing hide and seek."Ready or not, here I come" Creme said

Dorothy gave her friends a tour around her new house. They are all giving her compliments."You´ve got a lovely house Dorothy!" they said.

 The men gathered around the food and  drink chatting away and cracking a few jokes.

 "Rufus, these skewers are delicious!" Wilbur praised.

" Would you like something to drink, Barker?" Monty said offering his friend a cold beer. 
"Thank you Monty"

 The babies are also enjoying a nice plate of yummy sandwiches!

The mouth watering smell of barbacue hovering in the air made everybody gather together around the food. Even the children left their games and went to have a bite to eat.

The party lasted until it got dark. Monty and Dorothy walked their friends to the door and said good bye to them. "We had a very good time. Thank you for the invitation" the Fentons said as they were leaving.

Once all the guests were gone it was time to tidy up.

Rufus is very helpful. He offerd himself to do the washing up.

Upstairs, Dorothy is putting baby Mark to sleep. "Na night, sleep tight" Dorothy said kissing her son good night"

Clara is also very sleepy but she never forgets to brush her teeth before going to bed.

After helping tidying up ,it was time for Rufus  go back to his place. Monty and Dorothy insisted that he should stay. "You can sleep on the couch" Monty told his brother but Rufus was  tired and he felt like lying comfortably on his bed. "Thank you for your help. The party wouldn´t have been the same without you being in charge of the barbacue" Dorothy really appreciates all the help her family gets from her brother in law.

Before going to bed and after all the fun and excitement of the party Dorothy and Monty sat back, relaxed and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee in the warmth and cosiness of their new home.

And this is the last post about the Kennelworths that it has been on the draft of my blog for more than a year.
Hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about this family.

Thanks for reading!

See you soon!

Lots of love

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

DIY trees

Dear Readers,

A few days ago I showed you some DIY flower beds I made for my village.
Today I would like to share with you my first attempt at DIY trees.
I made two types of trees. One of them was inspired by Mimi´s blog.

The other one is very quick and easy to make.

You just need the following:

A round ball of green foliage, a real twig, a bottle cap and air dry flexible clay.

(I bought the ball of green foliage in a home decor shop. I paid 2€ for it but I´ve just found it on eBay  cheaper with free shipping)

I´m sure you have already figured out how to turn these materials into a tree so there won´t be much explanation, just a few photos to illustrate the project.

It only took me a few minutes to make the trees. Then, I thought the base should be improved and I tried to cover it up with some fake moss but I didn´t have the right kind of glue and this part was a bit messy and sticky. My fingers ended up covered with glue.

You can skip this step but I think the base looks better when it is decorated.

 Decorating the base is what takes a bit longer but  not that much, really. The rest, as you have just seen, is very straight forward and quick to make.

I also made an orange tree, at least that´s what is meant to be, following this tutorial 
on Mimi´s blog.

To be honest with you, I´m quite happy to add some trees to my village.

They are quite stable on a flat surface but they are a bit wobbly on the green mat I have. When the trees fall off they knock down everything on their way. Domino effect, if you know what I mean.

In this last picture you can see the trees,  the new path I also made and one of the flower beds.

What do you think?

Thanks for visiting!

See you soon!

Lots of love

martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

The Kennelworths´ new home

Dear Readers,

For the past few months the Kennelworths have been working hard to have their new house fully furnished and decorated. They were looking forward to move into it.

Here they are posing in front of their new home. Monty and Dorothy feel so happy and proud...!

 The house looks lovely on the outside. 

Let´s have a look inside!

Monty and Dorothy made the most of the space of the groud floor and managed to create four areas: hall, kitchen, dining room and living room. 

Here is the small hall. The flower is still as fresh as the first day. Dorothy waters it everyday.

This is the kitchen.

 Here is the dining room.

This is the living room.

 Full view of the ground floor.As you can see there´s no doubt that red is Dorothy´s favourite colour.

Dorothy is a wonderful cook. There´s always a lovely smell in the kitchen!

After a long working day, Monty and his brother Rufus like to relax in the living room. The sofa is so comfortable that sometimes Rufus sleeps there at night.He is single and lives on his own so he enjoys the company of his family.

The children´s room is on the first floor.These are Clara´s and Rufus´beds.

 Here is where baby Mark sleeps.

  The study area.

 And this is where they keep all their toys.

Full view of the middle floor.

Clara is telling a story to her teddy bear.

Rufus has to study Maths, he failed his last test, but he gets  distracted easily looking through the window.

Baby Mark is playing with his favourite toy.

Let´s go up the top floor.As you can see it is divided in two parts: the bedroom and the bathroom. It´s nice to have some privacy in the bathroom

This is the bathroom.

 Red is also the dominant colour in the bedroom. Dorothy loves it.

This is the wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom.

First thing in the morning Dorothy likes to contemplate the views from the balcony and breath some fresh air.

Here is a view of the three floors and the garden.

 The Kennelworths love their new home!


Hope you enjoyed the tour around the Kennelworths new home. Soon, they will have a house-warming party. You are all invited!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. They always cheer me up!

Lots of love