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The Periwinkles´ Blackurrant Café

Dear readers,

Today I´m going to show one of the most popular spot in Sweet Berry Valley, "The Blackurrant Café" that is run by the Periwinkle Rabbbit Family. Hope you like it!

Every morning, before Alex Periwinkle opens the doors to "The Blackurrant Café" he arranges the tables and chairs to have everything ready for his customers.
Frasier Chocolate is always on time with his delivery, a basket full of delicious confectionery.

Alex can´t resist the temptation of grabbing something from the basket. The smell of freshly baked doughnuts, croissants, chocolate cake and cupcakes (these ones made by Teri) makes it hard to resist.
"Mmmm, simply perfect, Frasier" Alex complimented his friend  while biting a doughnut.

"See you , Alex. I´ll be back tomorrow same time." Frasier waved good-bye. "Have a nice day, Frasier. Tell Teri that her cupcakes are becoming very popular"  Alex said. "I will, she´ll be glad to know that" Fraiser answered.

Kate arrives at the Café carrying a load of fresh bread from "The Watermill Bakery".In the morning she takes the children to school and on her way back she stops at the bakery to buy bread to prepare the sandwiches they serve at the Café.

Now, it´s time to open, Alex places the sign on the door and a new working day starts for The Periwinkles.

 First, Kate prepares some sandwiches. They have a chill counter to keep them fresh.

Then, Kate and Alex put a selection of  the pastries and confectionery made by The Chocolates on a tray.

But there is a cake that is not made by The Chocolates, "the blackurrant gateau". This is Kate´s creation and she is quite proud of it. When they were thinking about a name for their business they were both at home over the kitchen table sipping tea and eating a piece of this cake. It was Alex the one who came up with the idea of naming the Café after the cake and Kate was very pleased about it.

Sometimes she also bakes cinnamon muffins. Kate´s mother used to bake them every Saturday morning when she was a child and that smell brings her back nice childhood memories and puts her in good mood. The  captivating smell of freshly baked muffins and freshly brewed coffee fills the air of the Café .

A few menu leaflets here and there ...

and everything seems to be ready to welcome the first customers.

Doctor Murdoch is always the first one to arrive. He likes to enjoy a quiet breakfast before going to "The Cottage Hospital" . This morning he odered  fresh juice, coffee with cream and a muffin.

Lunch time is usually busy. Today The Dingle Sheep Family are having lunch together at the Café.What a nice choice!! filled bagel for Mum, filled croissant for Amanda , a traditional sandwich for Dad and a small sandwich for baby Katharina.

Riding on her trycicle made her hungry.

 Now, time for dessert. It´s hard to choose. Everything looks so yummy!! Finally, Amanda decided to have a piece of chocolate and vanilla cake.

The Kennelworth brothers are regular customers. Dorothy, Monty´s wife, prepares lunch for them but they always come to the Café for a cup of coffee to have a break from their work at the carpentry workshop.
Apart from enjoying their coffee they also like having a chat with Alex. He´s very friendly.

The Café has also a take away service. It comes very handy when the villagers are busy and need to have something to eat .

Arthur Osborne from "The Country Market" is having a take away. Both, his wife Carol and himself can´t leave the store for a long time.  Today, they put lots of articles at half price and they have lots of customers.

Tea time menu consists of a cup of tea or coffee, a sandwich and a cupcake. Very good value for money!
Tea time is a favourite for the Chocolate grandparents." Blackurrant cupcake please and a red berry  tea for me, please!!" Patricia always reminds Kate.

Some days "The Blackurrant Café" is packed with customers. Alex and Kate enjoy their work and are pleased to serve their customers always with a smile but at times they consider the idea of employing some else to help them to give their customers a good service.
This is the way the Café looks in one of these days.


After a busy day, now  it´s time to clean up.

At the weekend Rebecca and Oliver help their parents but during school days they only go to the Café in the evening after doing their homework." Can we have these sandwiches, mum?" they asked with a hungry look . "Of course, you can. They seem to be waiting for you. Only two sandwiches left". Kate replied.

When the Café is clean and tidy they are ready to go home. The Periwinkles deserve a nice family dinner and a relaxing evening. Don´t you think so?

As you can see I changed the decoration of the original building. In my opinion, it looked a bit plain with the creamy walls. It needed a bit of colour and I think it looks cosier this way.

When I started my collection, only a few months ago,this was one of the first buildings I wanted to own but it wasn´t available in Amazon Spain any more. I was over the moon the day I saw it on ebay. It was brand new and one of the "buy now" items and the best of all at a reasonable price(postage charges are the problem!)It also came with Teri Chocolate, that was my first sylvanian figure!(The very same day I also bought a very nice shop "The Country Market"also brand new and from the same seller.I went a bit overboard but no regrets!)

The Periwinkles are adorable. I like the way their name sounds. Periwinkle!
I like Sylvanian rabbit families and this one was on my wishlist from the very first time I saw them.Their clothes are lovely.

They are very happy with their business and the villagers from Sweet Berry Valley are very lucky to have such a  welcoming place to enjoy the best tea and coffee along with a sandwich or a sweet treat. 

That´s all for today. 

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"A new baby in Sweet Berry Valley" ( Part 2)

Morning Monty!You´ve got a prescription...Who´s not feeling well? Arthur enquired.
"It´s Dorothy. She has a cold, sneezing and coughing all the time". Monty answered.
"Here you have a cold remedy and a big box of tissues. I hope she gets well soon" Arthur wished.
"I hope so too. She is the joy of the household  and when she is ill our home is not the same."
Monty said sadly.
Carol who was entertaining baby Mark sent her best wishes to Dorothy too. "Give my greetings to her and if you need anything just tell us, ok?. Anyway, I´ll bring you some soup for dinner". Carol offered.
Oh, that´s very kind of you!! Monty replied." Dottie is not in the mood to cook and I´m hopeless in the kitchen".
"See you later, then Monty. Bye-bye Mark" Carol waved her hand to baby Mark as they were leaving the store.
Soon after Monty left , Nancy, Daisy and Constance entered the shop.
"Morning, girls!!! Nice to see you !! Carol greeted them cheerfuly.
"Morning Carol" The three of them said at the same time.
"If I can be of any help just let me know" Carol said.

The three ladies started having a look at the gifts section.
"What about a basket with some baby clothes and and a few litttle toys?" Daisy suggested.
"And a baby book, too. This one looks very intersting" Nancy added
"Sorry for meddling, ladies but I guess you´re looking for a present for a baby, baby Joey? Am I right? Carol  said softly.
"You´re right indeed, Carol" Daisy stated.

May I suggest something? Carol asked.
"Of course you can!!" They replied." Give us some ideas, please"
Then, Carol told them about something Sheila liked from the Toys Catalogue but as it was a bit pricey and had to be ordered she was going to tell her husband about it. She didn´t have the chance to do it since that very same day she had to go to the hospital and baby Joey was born.
"That´s fantastic. This way we can be sure she is going to like it and instead of getting a present each we can buy it together" Nancy commented.

Daisy and Constance agreed with Nancy about ordering the present from the Toys Catalogue and Carol joined them too." Ok, I´ll order it today and as soon it´s delivered we´ll visit The Springers" Carol said.
What about a nice cup of tea girls? Nancy suggested. "Great idea" Daisy replied.
I´m afraid I can´t stay today, I left the triplets with Richard and they must be hungry by now and you don´t know how hard is to handle three hungry babies.Richard gets very stressed out when the triplets start pulling his trousers asking for food." Constance explained.

"See you later Constance" her friends said.
"Enjoy your tea, girls. I´ll join you next time!! Constance said.

When Carol and Arthur closed The Contry Market they went home. Carol cooked dinner for her family and as she promised Monty, she called over to bring them some food and see how Dorothy was feeling.

 "Here you have some pumpkin soup and some fish. The fish is ready to go into the oven. Leave it there for twenty minutes and dinner will be ready". Carol told Monty.
"Thank you Carol. We really appreciate your generosity." Monty said with a grateful look.
"You´re welcome Monty, that´s what friends are for. How is Dorothy? Feeling any better? Carol asked.
"She is in bed. Go upstairs, she´ll be delighted to see you. Meanwhile I´ll put the fish in the oven and I´ll heat up the soup"

Monty put the fish in the oven and Clara tried to feed her baby brother . Clara was a very nice girl, always very helpful and kind. She was the apple of her father´s eyes.

 Dorothy seemed to be very pleased with Carol´s visit. She was bored of being in bed all day.
"Hi! Dorothy, How do you feel?" Carol asked. "I have a bad cold, sneezing all the time. Achoo!! I´m going to finish a box of tissues in a day". Dorothy said while blowing her nose with  a tissue paper.
"I brought you a magazine from the shop. I guess you must be kind of boring so a bit of reading will keep you entertained". Carol said.
"You are such a nice friend!! I won´t kiss you just in case you catch the cold too but you deserve a big hug." Dorothy exclaimed. "You´d do the same for me so no problem at all. I also brought some soup and fish for dinner." Carol added. "Thanks a million, Caro!. I was a bit worried about dinner. I was wondering what the kids were going to eat. Monty and the kitchen don´t get on well, you know?" Dorothy said with a smile.

When Carol went down to the kitchen again Clara offered her a cup of tea. "Thank you Clara" "You´re such a nice girl" Carol complimented on her and she left promising she would come back tomorrow.

Shortly after Carol left, Doctor Murdoch called to visit Dorothy. He was very kind to his patients and after closing the hospital he liked to visit them to see how they were doing. "I leave this tablets just in case she has a temperature later on or feels worse but I think she´ll be much better in a couple of days."He told Monty while handing him the tablets. "Dorothy, you need to rest and drink plenty of fluids, Ok?" he said to Dorothy.
"I will doctor. I will. I´m looking forward to being myself again. Achoo!!! Achoo!!! she said snezzing again.
"I know you will look after her, Monty" Doctor Murdoch said "Of course, I will " Monty replied. There was no doubt about it. Dorothy means the world to Monty.


Three days later after ordering the present for the Springers, a big parcel arrived at The Country Market.

Carol and Arthur removed the original packaging and wrapped  it up with wrapping paper.

The following day Carol arranged to meet Constance, Daisy and Nancy to visit The Springers to congratulate them on their new baby.

"It seems theres´s nobody at home" Nancy said after knocking at the door a couple of times.
It was so hard to carry the present all the way from The Country Market that they decided to wait for a while. They were having a lively conversation when sudddenly they heard some steps approaching. Daisy recognized Sheilas´s voice.
Come on , let´s hide around the corner!!!! Daisy whispered. The four friends ran away gigling as if they were playing hide- and- seek.

Shhh! They are coming!!! Daisy said in a whisper. Are you ready, girls? she asked her friends.
Having said that they just appeared from behind the house shouting cheerfuly "SURPRISE!!!!!"

Oh, dear!!! It´s nice to see you!!! Sheila said ." Hello, ladies" Bruce greeted. "I have a baby brother" Joanne said proudly. The four of them congratulated Sheila and Bruce on their new baby and Joanne for becoming a big sister.
"What ´s in this big parcel?" Joanne wanted to know. May I open it? she asked.
Go ahead, Joanne! It´s for your brother Joey. Constance  encouraged her.

A playpen!!! Sheila exclaimed. "The one I liked from the Toys Catalogue!!!!" Oh girls, you are wonderful!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I love it!!!! Sheila said showing her gratitude.
Come here girls, let me give you a big hug!!!! The four friends gather around Sheila and they all hugged.
Joanne got into the playpen and started playing a melody on the toy piano." Listen dad ,I know how to play twinkle, twinkle little star" Joanne said. "It sounds lovely, sweetheart." her dad exclaimed.

After all the displays of affection Sheila invited her friends to come into the house for a cup of tea.
Are you sure Sheila? You must be tired. I still remember when my triplets were born. How many sleepless nights!!!!I was exhausted!! Constance sighed. "I´m fine, I really feel like having my friends around, so please come on in" Sheila said cheerfuly.

Nancy, Daisy and Constance accepted the invitation  but Carol had to go back to The Country Market. "Sorry Sheila but Arthur must be missing me already, the store gets busy at this time of the day" Carol explained. "Ok, but  please come around any other day and bring Arthur and the kids too. Sheila asked. "That´s for sure" Carol stated.
The two friends kissed goodbye. Just before Carol left Sheila told her " Carol, thank you very much for the present . I know it was your idea." "You´re welcome Sheila.The girls were looking for something special for Joey and I remembered you asking me about the playpen from the catalogue so it was easy to make the right choice" Carol explained.

They were about to start serving the tea and the coffee when there was a knock at the door. When Sheila opened the door Teri Chocolate and Freya were there with a mouthwatering chocolate cake.
"Hi, Sheila. Congratulations!. We just dropped by to bring you a cake. We were looking forward to metting  baby Joey. "Look at him!!!! Isn´t he cute, Freya?" Teri said and Freya totally agreed.
"Thank you Teri, that´s very kind of you!! This cake looks delicious!. Why don´t you come in for a cup of tea? Sheila offered. "Nancy, Constance and Daisy are also here and to be honest with you I was  missing having something sweet with my coffee so you are just in time!

As usual, Teri´s cake was delicious. The Springers felt very lucky to have so many nice friends around.
They had a good chat and share a few laughs as well.  Joanne and Freya had a very good time too playing with their "babies"

All of a sudden there was another knock at the door. "Who could it be now? I´ll go and see". Bruce went to open the door and couldn´t believe his eyes when he saw some of his pupils at the door.

"Congratulations Mr. Springer." all the kids said. "We just called by  to give you a present from the whole class. Some couldn´t come but we all bought it with our pocket money" Freddie said while he handed Bruce a gift wrapped parcel. "Thank you very much but you shouldn´t have gone through all the trouble."

The children asked Bruce to open the present but before opening it he called Sheila so they kids could meet Joey. "Congratulations Mrs.Springer" "You have a lovely baby".They all exclaimed.

"What a nice present kids. Very kind of you!! You are great!!!! Sheila and Bruce thanked them.
"Look Joey, that´s for you" his dad told him.
Wait, kids !! I´ll be back in a sec" Bruce told his pupils.

When he was back he was holding two boxes of sweets. "That´s for you . I´m always telling you sweets are not good  but  this is a special occasion so help yourselves" Bruce handed them the sweets. "Thank you,sir. You´re the best teacher in the world!!!" they exclaimed." Hurray for Mr. Springer!!!" and they all laughed out loud.

" Can I have one, please? Asparagus asked. "Yes, of course. We have to share them and keep some for the ones who coudn´t come" Maria Buckley said.

When the children were gone Sheila told Bruce " You know? Your pupils are right. You are the best, Bruce. Best teacher, best father, best husband!!.."
It seemed he was about to say something but then he just kissed her.

"You are the best indeed!!" she kept saying. They both laughed and kissed again.

"Hem, hem!! Mum!! Dad!!! The coffee is getting cold!! Joanne interrupted her parents´ sweet moment.
"Oh!! There you are. Come here, sweetie!!!"

 "Let´s have a family hug!!! We love you Joanne!!! " her parents said while kissing her.
"Ok, Ok. I love you too but I´d love to have a piece of cake so please let´s go inside" Joanne said.
"You are right, Joanne" "I feel like a piece of chocolate cake too" her mother said.

So they got back into the house and kept enjoying the good company of their friends, a cup of cofee (a bit cold though) and a piece of chocolate cake. A nice way to spend the evening!

Besides baby Joey didn´t even cry once!!. What else could they ask for?  Life was going well for The Springers.!!

Hope you like the second part of my story. 
See you in my next post and thank you for reading.