sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

The Polaris´soft serve ice cream shop

Dear Readers,

One of the presents I have recently got at Christmas was "The Polaris Polar Bear Family".

And one of the presents I got last Christmas was "The soft serve ice-cream shop" that I hadn´t set up in my village until now.
I think the Polar Bears are well suited and very happy to run this small ice-cream business. 

I was setting up the shop to take some pictures of my new family and I made up this short story.

The Polaris have just opened a new ice-cream shop in Sweet Berry Valley and everyday they make soft ice-cream with the best fresh milk.
Hornbull Buttercup delivers the milk every morning but today Daisy insisted on letting her deliver the milk to The Polaris.

"Moorning!" Here comes the best milk in the whole Sylvania! Daisy greeted her new neighbours.

One might think Daisy´s remark was a bit pretencious but Peter Polaris knows there is no good ice-cream without good milk and he soon appreciated the good quality of the Buttercups´milk. 

Daisy introduced her youngest son to Barbara.
"Nice to meet you Cheddar! Your dad told me you are a very good boy and good boys deserve a treat. Do you want an ice-cream? Barbara asked.

"I doo!" Cheedar was quick to answer and asked his mum to lift him up to choose his favourite one.

"Chocolate, strawberry,chocolate with cream, strawberry with cream...What´s your favourite? Barbara asked Cheddar who seemed to be a bit undecided about what flavour to choose.

After a while and without giving an answer he asked his mum to put him down. 
"Cheddar Buttercup! I can´t believe you don´t want ice-cream! You must be sick, then! Daisy said in surprise.
But Cheddar had already made up his mind as soon as he arrived at the ice-cream shop.
"Cheddar want this big ice-cream" he said trying to grab the ice-cream cone sign.

The Polaris and Daisy couldn´t help laughing at Cheddar´s choice and tried to make him understand the big ice-cream he wanted didn´t taste nice.
"What about two ice-cream cones? They make up for a big one, don´t you think so?" Peter and Barbara kindly offered Cheddar who seemed quite pleased with the treat.

Wow, Cheddar! Are you going to eat them all?
Daisy asked knowing her son was able to do it.
"One for you, mummy" he said offering Daisy one of the cones
Aww, thank you, my little piece of cheese! Daisy felt very lucky to have such an adorable son.

It was the first time Daisy tasted one of the soft serve ice cream from the Polaris´ and she loved it so much!
"It´s delicious, Barbara! One of the best ice-cream I´ve ever had." Surprisingly, this time she didn´t make any comments about the milk but she was thinking about it "Our milk makes a big difference, that´s for sure. I have to tell Hornbull about it" She thought herself.

When they were leaving, Cheddar told Daisy:
"Mum, tomorrow you and me bring milk here again, ok?

Daisy laughed out loud and said "I know what you mean! Lovely ice-cream, isn´t it?

"You know, Cheddar? I think it´s a good idea. From now on you and I will deliver the milk to the Polaris" Daisy said licking her cream and chocolate ice-cream. She was enjoying her ice-cream as much as her son.

Hope you also enjoy today´s post!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love

domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

A lovely parcel from Germany and Happy New Year!

Dear Readers, 

A few weeks ago, Nina ,who runs a lovely blog "At the Periwinkles", held a giveaway and I was lucky to be the winner. If you like miniatures, crafting and Sylvanian Families I´m sure you´ll find her blog a real treat.

I was really excited when I received her parcel.

But even more when I opened it.She put so much care and detail into everything!

She sent me this lovely Christmas card.

Inside the card there was a really cute picture of one the families that live in the village of Riverside. Her blog is named after this family "The Periwinkles". Julie and James live in a beautiful house with her baby daughter Jemima Periwinkle.
I´s such a sweet picture!

She also sent a postcard of this lovely place in Germany at Christmas time.

Are you curious to see what comes next?

TA-DA!! I was so surprised! I just expected a little box with the giveaway she announced but she sent lots of extras I didn´t expect at all. Thank you so much Nina!

She included some delicious chocolate treats. Look at the cute chocolate bear and how nicely she wrapped everything!

The parcel also contained these four lovely boxes. I love her choice of colours, the cute stickers,the way the ribbons match the colour of the boxes...Her attention to detail is amazing!

The first box I opened was the green one and that´s what I found inside.More sweets and chocolates to indulge my sweet tooth, a lovely pink dress,another tiny box and something wrapped up.I was pretty sure she had to be Tanya, she was part of her giveaway, and I was right!
She looks so pretty in her red dress!

I wasn´t that sure about the content of the blue box so I opened it up and Munchie was there!!He was so relieved to come out after such a long journey!

Nina is very good at making miniatures and other crafts. She made Munchie out of fimo.The glittery snowflake was also in the box.

I asked Munchie to take off his scarf and to lay down so that you can see the deatail of the little ginger cat.

"How are you little Munchie" Tanya was quick to asked Munchie as soon as he came out of the box.
" I´m fine, Tanya. Just a bit hungry. What about you? He said while his stomach was making growling noises.

Have you noticed that Munchie has a Christmas cookie in his hand? I´m going to tell you something about Tanya and Munchie in case you are not a regular reader of Nina´s blog.Tanya has been working as a trainee in Santa Claus´ Magical Christmas Bakery in Finland for the past year and now she is looking for a job in another place. Santa asked her to take Munchie with her.I have the feeling that Munchie wasn´t a good helper at Santa´s bakery. He is always hungry and I think he was probably more a kind of cookie taster than a helper at the bakery.

As you can imagine after opening my first box my face looked like the one on this sweet Nina sent.
So many nice things!! I´m thrilled!

Still more goodies to reveal!
Next, I opened the medium pink box and I found a Christmas tree with a lovely thin golden chain.The tree was also part of the giveaway but the leaves were an extra gift that I really appreciate. I loved them since I saw them in one of Nina´s stories and I am really happy to have some myself to use in my autumn stories. Thanks again,Nina!!

Two  more little boxes to open. I had so much fun unboxing this parcel...!
Look what the silver box had inside.
If you follow Nina´s blog I´m sure you´ll recognize these halloween truffles.Nina also made them and I can tell you they look fantastic. Some of them are glittery ones and the white ones glow in the dark! 
I was really impressed by the detail of the golden package of truffles. Absolutely awesome!The truffles and the trick-or-treat bag were also part of the giveaway but she also included a cute little duckling and the picture of a pumpkin drew by Jemima Perwinkle. Thank you Jemima. I love your drawing!

And finally the last box!
If I was amazed at the detail of the handmade truffles of the previous box I was spechless when I saw the content of this box. The tray of cinnamon cookies, the Christmas cake  and the snowflakes were also part of the giveaway. The cookies and the cake are so well made, so detailed. The tray is made of metal and it seems it has some baking paper too!. Nina did a fantastic job and I think Tanya learned how to make lovely sweet treats at Santa´s Magical Bakery.

In addition to all these gifts, she also sent me a lovely sticker book.Nina is so generous!

Look how nice the stickers are!

While I was writing about the giveaway and posting photos, Tanya freshened up a little bit , changed her clothes and put on her pink dress.Munchie ate a sandwich my daughter made for him but he still has a growling stomach.

"Wow! Tanya, you look so pretty" Munchie complimented on her friend´s looks.
"Thank you Munchie!. Are you still hungry?" Tanya asked.
"I am indeed!" he said looking at the pile of yummy chocolates and sweets Nina put in her parcel.

 "OK, Munchie you can have some" I said as I placed him on top of the sweets but his eyes were fixed on the chocolate bear.

"Munchieeee!...the chocolate bear NO way! Tanya warned him.
"Ok, ok,I´ll be a good elf" He said reluctantly.
Santa would be proud of you Munchie.

I hope you had enjoyed the unboxing of Nina´s giveaway.I was so happy that I felt like writing a long and detailed review. I had so much fun opening the little boxes that I wanted to share it with all my Readers.

Thank you Nina for your fantastic blog, the kind comments you always leave and for this wonderful present

By the way, I´m spending a few days in my hometown and I took Tanya and Munchie with me. We celebrated New Year´s Eve last night.
Here are some pictures.

Munchie specially enjoyed the Christmas sweets .It was the first time he tasted "turrón". A traditional Christmas desssert in Spain. The traditional turrón is made of honey, sugar,egg white and toasted almonds but nowadays there are more varieties such us chocolate with puffed rice and all kind of chocolate pralines.
Munchie liked them all!

More sweet treats!! Munchie was over the moon!

And now grapes? Those are much healthier.

Just in case you are wondering about the plate of grapes, the party hats and the bottle of champagne, I´m going to tell you something about a Spanish tradition on New Year´s Eve.
In Spain 31st of December is a very special celebration. On this day, family or friends get together for a delicious dinner and then the eating of the twelve grapes. The eating of the grapes is the high point of New Year´s Eve.Each grape stands for a month. Tradition has it that you have to eat them one by one with the stricking of the clock at midnight on 31st of December. If you manage to eat all the grapes on time you are in for a year of good luck.
The stricking of the clock is broadcasting live on television throughout Spain.
After eating the grapes there is a mass explosion of joy. Confetti and streamers everywhere, bottles of cava or champagne uncorked and everyone toasts everyone else wishing a wonderful new year.

"Happy New Year, Munchie"
"Happy New Year, Tanya" 

When we were packing the luggage to spend a few days with my family I told my daughter to choose a family to take with us along with Tanya and Munchie . Of all the families, my daughter insisted to put the Chocolates in the suitcase so they travelled with us and of course,they also joined the party.It seems Tanya and Munchie are making some friends already.

Wishing all my Readers a very Happy New Year!

(We celebrated New Year´s Eve at my sister´ place and as you can see it was freezing cold when we left her house.I couldn´t help writing this message on our car bonnet.) HAPPY 2017!

 Lots of love and my best wishes for 2017!