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End of year school show at Berry Grove School

Dear Readers,

The school year is coming to an end at Berry Grove School and at Forest Nursery  and everything is nearly ready for the End of Year Show.


After weeks of rehearsal and organization the big day has arrived.
The school staff and some parents are gladly helping to make sure everything is perfect for the End of Year show.

Agatha Buckley, the headmistress, is reading her speech to Lucy Fenton, the nursery teacher.

Eleanor Bramble, the dressmaker, is showing the last outfit she made for one of the ballet dancers to Holly Golightly, the dance teacher.

Mr. Fenton, the music teacher is tuning the piano.

Daisy Buttercup and Willow Thistlethorn, the cleaning lady, are leaving the School hall as clean as a whistle.

Ryan Forrester, the village electrician, is in charge of the lighting. 

Rupert Buckley is checking that the curtains run smoothly along the pole.

Taylor Timbertop is helping to arrange the chairs for the audience. He is strong enough to carry two and even three chairs at the same time.

Wilbur Robinson and Bruce Springer are also helping to set up the seats.

A few hours later, Agatha Buckley took the stage and gave her speech.
"It´s my pleasure to welcome you to the end of year show. This evening you are going to be entertained by some of our pupils´perfomances. At Berry Grove School we believe that Arts are also an essential part of education. School is much more than reading, writing and learning Maths..."
Mrs. Buckley kept on talking about the benefits and the important role that dance, music, drama and visual arts play at her school and at the early years of nursery school.

"...and now, last but not least I would like to thank you all the teachers for the good job they have done with their pupils and to all the staff and parents who have dedicated their time and effort to organize this show..."
Mrs. Buckley invited the dance teacher, the music teacher and the nursery teacher to go on stage. She also gave a special thank you to Mrs. Appleblossom for leading the school choir as a volunteer teacher and to Mrs. Bramble who made most of the outfits for the show.

"Please, let´s all applause them!"

"...I would also like to say a big thank you to our mayor Mr. Moss and his wife for their financial support in refurbishing the school hall"
The audience gave them a big clap.
When the audience stopped clapping Agatha Buckley finished her speech saying

"So, without further ado, let´s start the show. Hope you all enjoy it!"

Rupert Buckley and Joanna Springer are the presenters. They took the stage and introduced the first perfomance of the show.

"Dear parents, teachers and pupils. The   children of Forest Nursery are going to sing  the lovely song "Old MacWalnut had a farm".

Daisy Buttercup got all excited when she heard her youngest son was going to perform. As she didn´t want to miss a single detail she stood up her chair and went to talk to Mr. Moss who was sitting in front of her.
"Excuse, Mr. Moss but I´m afraid your antlers don´t let me see properly. Would you be so kind to lower your head when my little piece of cheese starts to sing,please?" Daisy asked looking at the mayor with pleading eyes.
"Not at all, Mrs.Buttercup. Would you like to take my seat?" Mr.Moss offered kindly.
"Aww, you´re such a gentleman!Thanks so much." She exclaimed.

The children started singing
"Old MacWalnut had a farm, ee,i,ee,i,o and on his farm he had a cow, ee,i,ee,i,o. With a moo moo here and a moo moo there..."

BRAVO! BRAVO! Daisy started clapping in the middle of the song. Her husband looked at her in astonishment.She was so proud of her little Cheddar.

Next perfomance was a lovely ballet dance which all the parents, classmates and staff enjoyed very much.

After a song and a dance, the audience watched a funny play called " The amazing carrot".

After the play, it was Freya´s and Saffron´s turn. Saffron sang a beautiful song that she wrote herself "Reach for the stars" and Freya accompanied her on the piano. 

The audience gave them a big round of applause and they acknowledged that applause by bowing.

Next, "The Red Braces Brass Band" took the stage. The  four boys did a great performance.

The nursery school children were upon stage again ready to sing a  popular nursery rhyme.

"Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse ran up the clock..." they all sang in their cute voices. Actually, not all of them...

When Skimble recognized her parents among the audience she just stopped singing and tried to catch their attention.

"Mummy! Daddy!" she called them.

Rupert and Joanna asked the audience to welcome the next performers with a big clap.

Justina Appleblosson, Julia Polaris and Nicole Maces impressed the audience performing a lovely dance called "The Snow Queen".

Winton Dale, Tabitha Catwood and Rebecca Periwinkle were brave enough to stand in front of everyone to recite the long poem they had learned by heart "There´s no better place than Sylvania".

"We will now enjoy a flamenco performance by Maxwell Bramble on the guitar and two great dancers Asparagus Macavity and Tilly Dappledawn." Joanna and Rupert told the audience .

"Next up, we shall have some more music". Mandy Brightfield on the flute and Frances Robinson on the violin captivated the audience  till the final note.

"And finally, I´m sure you will ejoy the last dance of this show "Butterfly Waltz". The presenters assured.
The crowd welcomed the young performers with a warm round of applause. 

Everyone was amazed at the three little girls´ perfect coordination and timing with the music.
Parents and teacher oohed and aahed at every step of this beautiful dance.

The audience stood up clapping and cheering for a good while once the show was finished.

Lastly, Mrs.Buckley asked all the performers to return to the stage where they all sang the song "School is out".

Cecil Maces,the village photographer, enjoyed watching her nieces dancing and took some pictures during the show for the local paper and the school newspaper.

This is one of the pictures that appeared on the local newspaper under the heading  :

"A well-deserved ovation for 
Berry Grove School and Forest Nursery 
Young Talents"

Hope you have enjoyed the show too!

All the children did very well but have you got a favourite performance?

Just one more little thing. Let me tell you something about Spanish dance.
Most people make a common connection between Spain and flamenco but not everybody knows that Spanish traditional music and dance vary as you travel from region to region. Each Spanish region has its own typical dance. The south of Spain is the traditional home of flamenco. However, if you travel to the north of Spain you will hear the sound of bagpipes and tambourines as it´s the music accompanying Spanish dance across northern Spain. There are around 17 different types of traditional Spanish dances but flamenco is  the only one that is internationaly famous.

Thanks for reading and attending the end of year school show!

Lots of love
See you soon!

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  1. Wow! What an inspiring job, Bravo Cutata! I completely enjoyed the story and the beautiful theater stage you made with all the fantastic performances! All little sylvanians look very alive! I loved all the dance acts and laughed with the babies reactions! The huge carrot scene was so funny! Thanks you made my day! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Sylvanako! Your comments mean a lot to me. They always make my day :D

  2. Cutata,

    No, no, no, so much cuteness should not be allowed... It's almost too much... :D

    Old McWalnut had a farm... and Daisy asking to see her little "cheese" perform... and little Skimble shouting out to her parents and forgetting to sing... hahaha! All that was so adorable. And all the pretty little dance costumes the children are wearing are impressive.

    Also, I loved the look of your auditorium. In the very first second, I thought you had purchased the new ballet theatre! :D

    Have a good week,

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Nina! I really enjoyed making the costumes and setting up my school hall. Of course, I was inspired by the new ballet theatre. I´m glad you enjoyed the show!

  3. This here has got to be my favorite story you have ever created! The costumes are so cute and adorable and fantastic and amazing and you made them! You are such a talented and creative person! I loved the Old McWalnut had a farm song, it sounds much better than Old McDonald had a farm in the sylvanian world. I had to laugh when Daisy asked Mr. Moss to move so she could see her little cheese perform, she obviously loves Cheddar very much!

  4. Thank you so much! Your comment brightened up my day! It is one of my favourite stories too! I really enjoyed getting everything ready for the show. The set up, the costumes, the performances... As a teacher,sometimes I have to do this with my students and it is usually much more stressful. This show was much more fun and stress free.
    As for the costumes I used more glue than needle but I think they turned out well.
    Daisy is quite a character! Her little piece of cheese is the apple of her eye.

  5. Oooooh bravo bravo bravo! Absolutely fabulous, cutata! This is so real and I really felt like I was at your school break up. The costumes are just gorgeous and you're very clever.
    I can't list all the things I loved as this would be WAAAY to long, but here are just a few things I loved.... your curtains... so clever!
    The barn door background in Old McWalnut.... so creative!
    "The Red Braces" I had a good giggle at that. Very cool
    Ryan Forrester the Electrician :)
    Those cute butterfly outfits!
    The Flamenco scene.
    And Mr Moss sitting in the front row with his great big boots. Bless him!

    This is so amazing. Well done, cutata.

    1. Thank you SO much for your lovely comment!I´m glad you enjoyed it. Your wonderful Gala Show is still in my mind and your lovely dresses were an inspiration for making the costumes for my school show.