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At the Dales´ kitchen

Dear Readers,

A few days ago, I got up in the mood to furnish one my sylvanian houses.Recently, I bought some pieces of vintage kitchen furniture and a vintage cookware set and I felt like setting up a kitchen scene.
I chose Beechwood Hall, as it is not decorated yet, but to my dissapointment the room where the kitchen is meant to be was way too small to fit all the furniture I wanted to include in the scene so I changed my mind and I just created the kitchen scene using a carboard structure.

The vintage cookware set I´m talking about is this one:

I really like the chopping board, the kettle and the green shelves. The combination of red and beige looks very nice.

This is my kitchen scene.

Some close up pictures.

Once the kitchen was set up, I picked up a family to take some pictures. Of all my families, I chose The Dale Sheep Family.The colour of their outfits suit the green furniture. It´s a pity that Barbara, the mother, is missing her original dress.

 Here, she has just brewed some tea.

The Dales´s like to sit down and enjoy the first meal of the day together.
"I´d love some tea, Barbara" Ewan asked kindly.

Winton, Iona and baby Emma are enjoying a bowl of milk and cereal.

But Emma is still very young and she finds it hard to use the spoon.
"Here comes the plane" Barbara said trying to land the spoon in Emma´s mouth.

There´s nothing like a good breakfast to start the day!

Hope you have a nice day!

Soon, you´ll get to know a little bit more about The Dales.

Lots of love

4 comentarios:

  1. Hello Cutata,

    Lovely vintage kitchen scene and utensils!!

    Such an adorable photo of the Dales having their cereal! I hope they had a great day. :))


  2. Hi Nina!
    Thank you so much for your comment! Did you know the children are having real milk and cornflakes? The cups of real coffee and chocolate milk you showed in one of your stories inspired me to use real food in this scene. Thanks!
    Hope everything is ok with you!

  3. Hello there Cutata!
    Finally it is the holidays and I have two weeks of nothing. This is just what I needed to relax after sitting numerous tests these past few weeks. Live had just gotten ahead of me and I didn't have the time nor energy to read your lovely blog. Now though, I can spend a blissful half an hour browsing through your blog. Yay!
    This is such a cute little set, I do love the little details on the pot, it makes them look country and rustic. The Dales kitchen looks lovely like this, I am sure Mrs. Dales has something delicious brewing in her new pot. The cornflakes look amazing! Did you make them? I just had some cornflakes this morning too! I can't wait to hear a bit more about the Dales!
    Have a truly lovely day Cutata,
    Love, Emily

  4. Hi Emily!
    I´m so happy to hear from you! I was about to send you a pm on the forum. I was wondering if you were fine but now I see you were busy sitting tests.I hope you did well. Now,it´s time to enjoy your deserved holidays.
    Thank you for your lovely comment! This cookware set is lovely. Actually, I love all SF cookware and kitchen sets.
    The cornflakes are real. I put some small bits on the seethrough container ( it is a mini box of smints) and some real milk and cereal in the bowls.
    Hope you have some time during your holiday to play with your sylvanians. I miss new posts on your blog.