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The Kennelworths´ housewarming party

Dear Readers,

As you know from previous posts the Kennelworths have happily settled down in their new home. Today they are having a housewarming party and they have invited some of their friends. You´re all welcome!

The Kennelworths´s kitchen has been bustling with activity for the past few hours. Dorothy and Clara have been making sandwiches and snacks to serve on the housewarming party they´re having this evening. Their friends must be about to arrive at any time.

Meanwhile, in the back garden, Monty, his brother Rufus and the kids are setting up the barbacue.

They all helped to insert the vegetable through the skewers. They are ready to be grilled!

There´s plenty of food and drink so now they just have to wait for their friends to arrive.

They didn´t have to wait long. A couple of knocks at the door made Dorothy and Clara run to welcome their first guests.

The Fentons were the first to arrive. Dorothy was glad to see them.

 Shortly after, the Springers were at the door too.

 The Robinsons didn´t take long either.

Rufus is looking through the window. He´s looking forward to meeting his friend Coco Chocolate.

 The Chocolates are already here so now the party can start.


Clara and all the girls went upstairs. Clara is delighted to have a such a big room to play with her friends.

The boys got together too. They love to kick the ball.

And the babies are playing hide and seek."Ready or not, here I come" Creme said

Dorothy gave her friends a tour around her new house. They are all giving her compliments."You´ve got a lovely house Dorothy!" they said.

 The men gathered around the food and  drink chatting away and cracking a few jokes.

 "Rufus, these skewers are delicious!" Wilbur praised.

" Would you like something to drink, Barker?" Monty said offering his friend a cold beer. 
"Thank you Monty"

 The babies are also enjoying a nice plate of yummy sandwiches!

The mouth watering smell of barbacue hovering in the air made everybody gather together around the food. Even the children left their games and went to have a bite to eat.

The party lasted until it got dark. Monty and Dorothy walked their friends to the door and said good bye to them. "We had a very good time. Thank you for the invitation" the Fentons said as they were leaving.

Once all the guests were gone it was time to tidy up.

Rufus is very helpful. He offerd himself to do the washing up.

Upstairs, Dorothy is putting baby Mark to sleep. "Na night, sleep tight" Dorothy said kissing her son good night"

Clara is also very sleepy but she never forgets to brush her teeth before going to bed.

After helping tidying up ,it was time for Rufus  go back to his place. Monty and Dorothy insisted that he should stay. "You can sleep on the couch" Monty told his brother but Rufus was  tired and he felt like lying comfortably on his bed. "Thank you for your help. The party wouldn´t have been the same without you being in charge of the barbacue" Dorothy really appreciates all the help her family gets from her brother in law.

Before going to bed and after all the fun and excitement of the party Dorothy and Monty sat back, relaxed and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee in the warmth and cosiness of their new home.

And this is the last post about the Kennelworths that it has been on the draft of my blog for more than a year.
Hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about this family.

Thanks for reading!

See you soon!

Lots of love

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  1. Thanks Cutata, this is lovely! I love the Kennelworth's home and all the detail you've added.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Terrapin!

  2. Yay! I have loved reading about their new house. This story makes you feel like you are there at the party. Well done!

  3. What a great time everyone is having! Lovely story Cutata, you always put a smile on my face!

    1. Thank you for your comment,Sylvanako! I´m glad to read my stories make you smile! That´s a really nice compliment :)

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  5. I like how the house is decorated- lovely curtains and wallpapers. Great atmosphere in the family.

    1. Thank you for reading, Maria! Dorothy says thank you for complimeting her on her choice of curtains and wallpaper.

  6. Hello Cutata,

    What a cheerful housewarming party with a big number of friends! Congratulations to the Kennelworths, again! I enjoyed seeing how each of the little groups of friends spent the afternoon, talking, playing and eating together.

    I love the look of the Kennelworth's little table grill and all the little vegetable slices. What set is it from?

    My favourite photos are the one of Rufus, Monty and the sons at the barbecue and the very last one of Dorothy and Monty relaxing with a cup of coffee. Such a cosy atmosphere! :)

    Have a pleasant weekend,

  7. Hi Nina!s
    Thanks so much for your comment!The table grill and vegetables slices are part of a SF set that was sold in Spain long time ago. I wasn´t collecting Sylvanians at that time but this set was one of the first ones I bought when I started collecting a couple of years ago. I bought it brand new in box from a spanish collector. The set is called "Fabio hora de almorzar" (Fabio´s lunch time) I found a link to a site that used to have it in stock but not any more. The price was really good. http://jugueteguay.es/figuras-sylvanian-families/1714-fabio-hora-de-almorzar-sylvanian-families.html

  8. Everyone looks like they are having a great time at the housewarming.
    I love all the photos, my favourite is the one of Clara and her friends in the bedroom. Is the baby's cot a playmobil one? It looks really good, I think a lot of playmobil items work well with Sylvanians.
    Congratulations on doing such a beautiful job with this house!

  9. Hi Emma!
    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment!The cot is Playmobil. Some playmobil items really suit Sylvanians´ size, especially small accessories, such as food, books, toys, plants... and even some pieces of furniture like this cot.
    I used to collect Playmobil until I discovered SF. The cuteness and attention to detail of SF really won me over.