lunes, 10 de abril de 2017

A Sylvanian Families puzzle

Dear Readers,
Today I´m going to show you the SF jigsaw puzzle I have recently bought.The fact that my seven year old daughter loves puzzles was the perfect excuse to buy it. Considering she can put together 300 piece puzzles, I knew this one was easy-peasy for her but it was a nice puzzle and it was Sylvanian so I felt like adding it to my collection.
"Mum! It´s only got 60 pieces!" That was my daughter´s reaction but she did it in the wink of an eye and I took some pictures to share with you.

As you can see the box is quite tatty and I was dreading the tought of counting the pieces to find out there was some missing.  Luckily the 60 pieces were there.

I´m looking forward to having a real Sylvanian bus. I like Woodland bus, the green and cream colour one but this red vintage bus is also very nice.
Olive and Stan Butler are waiting for their bus. That´s funny!

Thanks to this puzzle I ´ve met a new SF "The Sparkle Rabbit Family". I had never heard of this family before. 

It seems there was a set of four puzzles and each of them included a family member to complete the family of four.
The mother came with the Willow Hall puzzle, the sister with the Primrose Nursery puzzle and the brother with the Village Bakery puzzle.

This a stock photo I found of this family.
I wonder if the family was released as a set or the only way to get it was buying the four puzzles.The box says "collect the four puzzles and the exclusive Sparkle Rabbit Family " so it is more than likely that the family came only with the puzzles.
They are a nice looking family. I love Sylvanian rabbits and this family reminds me of the Champagne rabbits, one of my favourites.
Do you own any SF puzzles?
Had you heard of this family before?

Lots of love

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  1. Hello Cutata!

    I'm not sure whether I have heard of the Sparkle Rabbit Family before... it did sort of ring a bell, but maybe I only thought so, because they do look quite a lot like the Champagnes. I think I might have seen them on eBay once.

    Lovely Puzzle with the red vintage bus and regards to your daughter. :) I'm crossing my fingers so that Stan and Olive will get one like that, or maybe even the green and beige one. ;)

    The other puzzles look cute too! I am very curious about the Bakery scene.


    1. Hi Nina! Thank you for your comment. Stan and Olive like the green and beige bus. I think it suits them better but I´m afraid they´ll have to wait for a while. I´m on a tight budget at the moment.
      My daughter says hello to you:)

  2. Hello Cutata! Yes, I have heard of them before, the two children came up somewhere quite recently. They do remind me of the Champange Rabbits... The puzzle looks lovely! I too am dreaming of owning a bus, I really want the green and beige one, I think it will suit Stan and Olive better too.

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you for your comment!.Yes, the Sparkles look very similar to the Champagne rabbits. The puzzle is very nice. I know you also have some lovely vintage puzzles. I agree with you, the green and beige bus suits Olive and Stan´s outfits better than the red one.Hope you can also add a bus to your collecion soon.

  3. Hey :),

    what a great puzzle! I think I've heard about the Sparkle Rabbits, but never saw them. They are really adorable! And they look like they're a mix of Champagne and Strawberry Rabbits :D.

    Many greetings, Kyra

    1. Hi Kyra! It´s great to hear from you:)!I really miss you!I keep visiting your blog to read some of your old posts again! Hope everything is ok with you. I guess this year you must be very busy at uni and you don´t have much time for blogging but I just hope you haven´t lost interest in your sylvanians and you will be back writing lovely stories when you have more free time. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. The sparkles are lovely! The UK family came with the puzzles, but in Japan, they came out as a family set. Their babies were only available in Japan through the collectors club.

    1. Hi Santie! Thank you for your comment and for the information! Now, I know more about this family.

  5. Lovely Puzzle :)
    From what I've heard the Sparkles are very rare and hard to get hold of as they were out for a limited time, I've never been able to find any for sale.
    I do have a Sylvanian Club figure called Renee Sparkle, I'm not sure if she's meant to be part of this family.

  6. Hi Emma! Thank you for your comment! I guess if Renne´s surname is Sparkle she must be part of this family.

  7. Yes, I think she must be, I think her fur isn't as sparkly as theirs from the way they look in photos.
    It's unlikely I will ever have this family so I think Renne will be adopted by the Periwinkles or Hopkins Rabbits :)