miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Welcome August

Dear Readers,
I can´t believe it´s already August!Time flies! Sometimes life moves at such a fast pace that it seems to pass by before we can really enjoy it.
I don´t know if our Sylvanian friends have the same feeling about time going by so fast but what I´m sure about is that their life style is far from being fast-paced and hectic. 

I like to believe they have a slow paced life that allows them to take time to enjoy whatever they´re doing,to appreciate nature, to actually focus on whoever they´re talking to or spending time with instead of always being connected to a smart phone or other electronic devices.

When I saw the calendar picture of this month the first thing that came to mind was breakfast : orange juice, croissants, strawberries, marmalade, coffee… well, I have to admit salad and ketchup didn´t fit into my idea of breakfast so maybe they´re having brunch,lunch or even dinner.
Either way, a healthy breakfast is important to start the day with plenty of energy to live each day to the fullest.
Isn´t it nice to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast instead of rushing off to work or school in a frenzy?

I love to eat breakfast in the morning. I don´t really mind getting up a bit earlier to enjoy a relaxed breakfast. 

My Sylvanians like to take their time for breakfast too. They believe they can´t have a good morning without having breakfast. I´ve looked for some of the pictures I´ve taken of some of my sylvanians having breakfast so if you are a regular reader of my blog you have probably seen them before.

This picture belongs to the first story I wrote for my blog. Sheila Springer was expecting a new baby. She needed to start the day with a good breakfast. That very same day baby Joey was born.

I took this picture for a Sylvanian photo competition. I won the second prize with a different picture but I was very surprised when one fine morning I saw this picture on Facebook Sylvanian Families Spain.

Doctor Murdoch likes to have breakfast at the Blackurrant Café before going to the Country Hospital.He is always the first customer to arrive.The Café is usually very quiet at this time of the day and Kate and Alex enjoy chatting with him.

Postman Pete Petite knows a healthy breakfast has a great role to make his day a good day.

Every morning The Dales enjoy having a family breakfast in their cozy kitchen.

Taylor Timbertop and his wife Rose are the owners of a Bed and Breakfast in Sweet Berry Valley. In this picture he is stocking the breakfast trolley.

The Puddlefords will never forget the first breakfast they had in Sweet Berry Valley.

Teri cooked Freya´s favourite breakfast on her birthday

In summer,Teresa and Robert Seashore love sitting at the open porch of their cottage to enjoy breakfast.

This is the picture of the breakfast I´ve just had a short while ago.

Hope you have a good start of the day and a wonderful August!

A big hug!💗

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  1. (Hi! This is Ayrell. :)).

    Thank you Cutata for this wonderful post, time flies indeed! I can scarcely believe that it is already August myself! I enjoyed looking at all your gorgeous pictures again, breakfast is such an important part of the day! Though I admit that as I don't like getting up early, I mostly just have a quick coffee in the mornings.

    I loved the picture of your real-life breakfast!Your crockery is beautiful and very Sylvanian! :D Toast with tomato spread and olive oil, yummy!

    Hope your hand is healing well and that you're enjoying your summer. :)

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for your comment! It makes me happy to hear you liked my post, my pictures, my crockery and my real-life breakfast. I´ve just have breakfast this morning: juice, fruit and milk and cereal but I love to have toasted bread with grated tomato and olive oil especially in summer.

      My hand is recovering well. I had my stitches removed on Monday but two of my fingers are still numb. I manage to do most of the things I used do do with my left hand but it can´t get wet so that means I won´t be able to go for a swim at least for nearly two more weeks! It´s so hot these days that I´d love to get into the swimming pool to cool off instead of just keeping an eye on my kids while they´re in the water.

      Hope you´re having a good summer! Enjoy and have fun!

      A big hug!

  2. I always have such a good time looking at your pictures ! Thank you for sharing those ! And I love your crockery too !

    1. Hi Arcadia!
      Thank you so much for your comment! I´m really happy to hear you enjoy looking at my pictures. I love taking pictures of my sylvanians. I do it just for fun but the fact my blog followers have fun looking at them makes my hobby even more enjoyable to me.

      Hope you are having a lovely summer!

  3. What a wonderful post, Cutata.

    I love the vintage feeling of the photograph of the baby rabbits and their grandad with all the clocks. Even though that room is filled with clocks, there is something so calm about it.

    My favourite of the breakfast pics is the one of Teresa and Robert Seashore sitting on the porch, because it seems the most relaxed.

    I agree with Jessica, your crockery is gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful August, and plenty of time for a delicious breakfast in the mornings!

    Kind regards from Jemima and me.

    1. Hi Nina!
      Thanks for your kind words! I´m glad you liked the picture of the room filled with clocks.Grandpa Mack Periwinkle used to work as a clockmaker and loves collecting clocks but what he loves the most is spending time with his grandchildren.

      I agree with you on the breakfast picture. Teresa and Robert are very relaxed having breakfast on the porch of their cottage. As they are retired they don´t have to rush to go to work after breakfast. Besides, they live in front of a river and the wiews from the porch are stunning. You know how beautiful Sylvanian landscapes are.

      Hope you are enjoying your summer too! I know jemima is having fun in the garden. She had a wonderful party and climbing the calla with her friends must have been good fun too. Say hello to her and give her a kiss!

      A big hug for you!

  4. Hello! I agree time does go alarmingly fast, even for a young girl like me! This year is going so much faster than the previous couple of years, its scary! You dont get time just to stop and enjoy the present nearly enough... though i have a strong feeling that this is not the case for our sylvanian friends. Your breakfast looks nice... is that tinned tomatoes on your bread? Can’t really tell from this angle. I always have breakfast, but i have to say it certainly isnt my favourite meal at all - i am more of a night owl as a pose to a early bird like you! I hope that time slows down for us all this month, seeing as it is the holidays!!! Hugs

    1. Hi Isla! Times flies and as you get older it seems to go by even faster so we have to enjoy every single day especially when we have more free time during our holidays.

      The tomato on my bread is fresh tomato. I grated it with a cheese grater.

      I´ve always been an early bird more than a night owl but lately I´m both. I don´t need much sleep.

      Enjoy your holidays!

      A big hug!

  5. Oh and i forgot to say that i also love your crockery! Seems like it is the star of the show this post;) it is very vintage, 40’s or 50’s style i think

    1. Ha,ha! You´re right, my crockery is getting a lot of attention! I like it too. I bought a tea set, a mug, a table mat, an oven glove and that kind of tall kitchen canister which I guess is for spaguetti but I use to store biscuits. Now, I regret not having bought plates and other kitchen accessories.I love the floral design of this crokery.