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Crafting miniature challenge 3 : Hanging by a thread

Dear Readers,

When I read the theme of the third forum crafting challenge was a material challenge: yarn, string, floss, twine ...anything cord like, the firs thing that came to my mind was knitting and crocheting.
When I wrote on the forum I had no intention to join this challenge due to my lack of knitting and crocheting skills, two forum members, IcePixie and Tenchibaka inspired me with their suggestions and I came up with some ideas .Thank you, my friends!

The miniatures I made are very simple and not very creative but they made some of my sylvanians happy.

First of all, I´ll show you the materials I have used .

And now, the mini projects:

A pink rug for Rosa Hopkins´s bedroom.

A beach bag for Selly Neptune.

More bags and a basket for the ladies wearing purple.

Some coasters for Nancy Waters.

Some balls of yarn. Thanks Kaz for this suggestion. I used beads and pieces of straw for the longer ones . I found the wool labels here.

Then, I thought I could make another basket to put the balls of yarn and I made this one

I gave it to Mabel Periwinkle who is delighted to have a new basket for her knitting supplies.

My next project was for the Robinsons´supermarket.

I heard Fliss telling Wilbur they should get some bread baskets for the bakery section so I got down to work.



Baskets are quick and easy to make. There are different ways to  make them but for all the ones I made today I used egg cartons. 

You just have to cut the carton the size you want for your basket. 
Then, add glue and paste the piece of fabric
to the egg carton.

Next, start rolling string or twine all around.

For the handle, glue two pieces of cord together.

Don´t you think they are handy for shopping and perfect for Easter eggs?

My last mini project is related to Valentine´s Day. 

"Happy Valentine´s Day" Monty said holding a big bunch of red roses.
"They´re lovely, thanks so much!. "I also have something for you" Dorothy said.

"I cross stitched this card". 

"Dear Monty, I made this card especially for you with love in every stitch. Love you always, Dottie.

Aww,that´s so sweet, Dottie!Our hearts are stitched together!" 

As you can see crocheting and knitting weren´t the only options to make projects for this challenge. 

Thanks for visiting my blog!

A big hug!

9 comentarios:

  1. So many wonderful projects :) I'm so glad you got creative with the challenge after all Cutata! The baskets are so lovely with fabric on the inside, the cross stitched Valentines card is a clever idea! I planned to make a glued twine rug too, but it still hasn't been done...

    1. Thank you for your comment, Suvenkorento! I´m usually stuck for ideas when I first find out the new theme for the challenge but once I get into it I really enjoy making these mini projects.

  2. Oh you made so many awesome items! Thank you for sharing how you made the baskets, I’d love to make several little Easter baskets.

    1. Thank you for your comment, IcePixie! Using egg cartons is a very quick and easy way to make baskets, especially if you want to cover the inside with fabric.

  3. So many wonderful things you have made! They are all amazing, well done!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Emily! I´m glad you liked them. You should join a challenge too. You are very good at making handmade miniatures for your critters.

  4. Wow! I love the baskets they are really cool! The ones i made for my sylvanians turned out very well, thank you for the idea! I made the coasters also and they look lovely in my sylvanian cottages. The pictures of monty and dorothy are adorable!

  5. Hi Isla! Thanks so much for your kind words!The baskets are really cute and easy to make and so are the coasters. My projects are usually quite simple.
    Monty and Dorothy are a lovely couple.They are very much in love.

  6. Hi! Glad my comment made you happy. Yes i love crafts that are simple yet effective!! Monty and Dorothy are adorable , i love stories about them!