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Merry Christmas from Sylvanian Families Town.

 Dear Readers,

Hope you´re doing well!

It´s been a while since my last post. These past few months have been very busy and stressful. When life gets crazy, I usually lose my interest in Sylvanians to the point that the idea of giving up this hobby crossed my mind more than once. Fortunately, things seem to be improving and my motivation is coming back.

For the past five years, I´ve published a Christmas story or at least some Christmas pictures. This year, I wasn´t sure if I could keep up with "this tradition" but eventually, I gathered enough motivation to do it. I intended to have this post ready a few days before Christmas Day but finally I run out of time.

As in Spain Christmas celebrations have only just begun and  they last until the 6th of January, I guess I´m still in time.

The scenes of this post ,except one of them, are not set up in Sweet Berry Valley but in the Main shopping Street in Town 

Hope you like them!

Christmas is around the corner and the Grand Department Store is the best place to find the perfect gift in Town.

The Main Shopping Street is usually bustling with activity all year round but at Christmas time it gets even busier. 

Let´s meet some of the Sylvanians who live in Town. I guess, most of them must be doing their Christmas shopping, going for a walk along the festively decorated streets or enjoying a meal at a restaurant.

One of the best restaurants is the Delicious Restaurant that, as its name suggests,  serves the finest and tastiest food in Town and it´s just beside the department store,

This glamorous  celebrity couple has just enjoyed lunch at the restaurant and are going to continue with their Christmas shopping. She is an actress and he is a popular TV presenter in Sylvania.

Talking about famous Sylvanians, look who is just leaving the department store . No more no less than the most sought-after pianist in town! Lionel Grand!.He performs regularly at the Grand Department Store and the Delicious Restaurant in the evenings. I wonder who the gifts he bought are for. He is so reserved that ,despite being so popular, little is known about his private life.

Someone who is also famous in town for being in all the best fashion shows is Alicia Persis. She is a catwalk model who always wears the most fabulous outfits and shoes. It must be tricky to walk  so stylishly in high heels along the cobbled streets of town. 

Alicia Persis is a good friend of Stella Chocolate who works as a fashion designer. Some of her beautiful dresses are sold in the Grand Department Store  and she also works at the clothing section helping customers choose the outfit that best suit them.
During one of her work breaks, Stella went to get some fresh air on the balcony of the department store. The city looked so lovely with all the Christmas decorations! She was admiring the big Christmas tree in the middle of Main Square and counting the minutes left to go back home for Christmas. 
She was absorbed in her thoughts and couldn´t imagine someone was about to surprise her with a Christmas gift.

It was William Cinnamon, the department store manager´s son. He also works there and is always very kind to Stella. She thinks he is nice and regards him as a  friend but I´m afraid William has stronger feelings for her.

I´m sorry but there´s no picture of the present. I can tell you that Stella liked it a lot and kissed William on his cheek . Will this friendship develop into a relationship? Time will tell...

Stella left work earlier that day. She had some errands to run and she also had to pack her luggage before heading to Sweet Berry Valley. She couldn´t wait  to spend Christmas with her family!

By the way, a family that lives in Town and visited Sweet Berry Valley some time ago is the Tuxedo Family.  
The Tuxedos loved Sweet Berry Valley but they haven´t made up their mind about moving out.  Mason enjoys his job as an architect and he has more job opportunities in Town than in a village. He took part in the project of the design of the Grand Department Store and some other buildings.

Their triplets  enjoy going to the department store. They have fun at the  revolving door and if they are good kids they always get some chocolate or a sweet as a treat. Today they must have behaved very well since they got a candy cane each.

Another family that is also living and working in Town is the Maple family. Today, Georgina, Millie, her daughter, and Alfie and Misty, the youngest of the family, went  shopping to the department store.
Gerogina  runs the Creamy Gelato Shop but now it´s closed for the winter months. 

Her husband Theodore is the tram driver and Jasper, his son, is learning to drive the tram, so at the weekends and on holidays he keeps his father company on the tram drives along town.

We´ll probably meet them later. Actually, Lionel Grand and Alicia Persis are already waiting at the tram stop.

While we wait for the tram, let me show you some pictures of the main shopping street from different angles.

I also made an attempt to show you how the department store looks in the evening, when its Christmas lights are on .

"Ding-a-ling". Look! The tram is coming!

Little Alfie is running to catch the tram. "Daddy, wait for us!"

The whole Maple family got on the tram. Miranda, the oldest daughter was also there. She loves flowers and nature since she was a little girl and she would like to open his own flower shop. 

Stella managed to have all her errands done after work. Then, she packed all the gifts in her big pink suitcase and went to catch the tram to go the bus station. She was so excited to see her family again! 

From the balcony of the department store, William Cinnamon waved Stella good-bye. He insited on giving her a lift to the bus station but, much to his dissapoinment ,she didn´t accept the offer. 

After a few hours of travel, Stella arrived at Sweet Berry Valley.
When she knocked on the door, her parents and siblings crowded together at the porch to welcome her warmly.
Stella was elated to see them again and was looking forward to hugging them.
She was happy to be home for Christmas. Now, it was time to relax, enjoy and spend time with her loved ones.

I look forward to the coming days when, like Stella in this picture, I can meet up my parents, sister and relatives and I can hug them again. This year, I didn´t reunite with my family because of the covid situation. It´s best to be on the safe side to avoid risking my parents´health. But despite this, I had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my husband and kids and we still have more festive days to celebrate.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day!

I also hope you enjoyed my first post about SF Town.

When I first saw the Town Series, I said I wouldn´t buy any of the buildings.I wasn´t even fond of  the figures dressed up in  fancy satin outfits. I must admit I was wrong. Never say never!,my mum would say in these cases.

Little by little, the elegant and sophisticated style of this series won me over. Last Christmas, I got the tram as a gift. Shortly after, I found the Grand Department Store at a reduced price so I couldn´t resist. The details and engravings of this building are absolutely gorgeous.

The older sisters were also added to my collection little by little and last June my husband and my children got me the Delicious Restaurant for my birthday. I didn´t expect it at all and it was a great surprise.

Believe it or not, most of these sets and figures, were still boxed. It was high time to unbox them and that´s what I did.

I also made some crafts and decorations and I made an attempt to  wrap up some of the figures with warm clothes.

Sending you my best wishes for the rest of the holiday season and for the New Year.

Take care and stay safe, my friends!


lunes, 24 de agosto de 2020

Peter and Peace´s garden

 Dear Readers,

A few months ago, back in January, I gave you a tour of Peter and Peace´s cottage

At that time of the year, their  back garden looked rather bare, unwelcoming and banked with snow and leaves so I thought it was no worth taking any pictures of it.

However, in early spring colourful flowers bloomed and the lawn started to look lush and green again.

It´s summer now ,and even though Peter and Peace spend most of the time at the beach, they don´t neglect their garden and take their time to keep it in good shape.

Every morning, Peace waters the plants to make them grow happy and healthy.She also talks to them as she believes that talking to plants and being nice to them can help them grow faster.

"Good morning my dears, it´s time to  have a shower!"

Peter is particularly fond of a very unusual plant in Sylvania. Believe it or not it´s a carnivorous plant!

It was tiny when he planted in the garden but look how tall it is now!

Peace, who was never very keen on growing this kind of plants , doesn´t water it as often as the rest , just in case it keeps growing and gets too hungry! 

"Peter, don´t get that close! Mind your ears! You never know ...!

Peter says there´s nothing to worry about his plant. He must be right. Truth be told, it seems to be a bugs- friendly plant. Peter and Peace have never seen it catching any of its visitors and they look quite happy to sit on its leaves . It might not be so carnivorous after all.

Even though Peace loves colourful flowers , cacti are also some of her favourite plants ,that´s why she is delighted with  the design of her new garden table. 

The bright orange chairs are also new and so is the big pink cushion. 

It´s nice to lay down on the  fluffy grass and have something soft to rest your head on.

One of the things Peace likes about having a garden is that she can do her morning yoga routine outdoors.It´s lovely to breathe  clean and pure air!

Sometimes, not very often, though, Peter has accepted Peace´s suggestion of trying partner yoga. However, it didn´t work as well as she expected. The rumbling in Peter´s stomach made it hard for her to concentrate on her breathing.

"My goodness, Peter! There´s a lion in your stomach!"

Peace says the ideal time for yoga is early in the morning on an empty stomach  but Peter doesn´t agree at all. He much prefers having a good breakfast first. 
When the weather is nice,having breakfast outdoors is one of the little pleasures in life  that Peter and Peace enjoy.

"There´s nothing like a good breakfast in the comfort  of our garden"

As well as lovely flowers,  a dodgy looking plant and  some greenery, there is also a vegetable patch in Peter and Peace´s garden! In early spring, they got their hands in the dirt and planted a few seeds. Just carrots and tomatoes to start with. A few  months later, their first crop is ready to be harvested!

"Tomato soup and carrot cake for dinner today! Yummy!"

Look how proud they look of their first little harvest!

Not bad for a couple of first time planters. Don´t you think so?

Pleased with the result, they are considering enlarging their vegetable garden and growing more variety of veggies. A great way to save a few sylvas and trips to the farmers´ market.

Good idea guys! I think you have a green thumb! Go for it!

As they had planned,with their first little harvest they cooked  a tasty tomato soup and baked a delicious carrot cake. It was so nice that even the butterflies wanted to taste it!

"Peace, the butterfly landed on your head now. It seems to like your flower!"

"You  also have one resting on top of your ear, Peter!"

They had such a good laugh with the  butterflies fluttering about them!

They also got a bit romantic talking about how both of them had butterflies in the stomach the first time their eyes met.

"I knew straight away you were the one, Peace"
"I felt exactly the same about you" 

I let them alone for a while but shortly after, they asked me if I could take a picture of them sitting on the lawn. They wanted to send it to their good friends Apple and Juice from Purrchester.

Hi, Apple!
Hi, Juice!
Summer greetings from our garden !

They were in a great mood but that feeling didn´t last long, at least for Peter.

When they went back to the table, they couldn´t believe their eyes!

"You greedy plant!  How you dare! Don´t eat the last piece of our cake!" Peter stood up on a chair and yelled it at the top of his lungs.

Peace found the whole scene so funny that she couldn´t help but giggling, not in front of Peter of course! He was mad at his favourite plant´s behaviour and she didn´t want to make things worse laughing in front  of him.

However, Peace was relieved to know the plant wasn´t as carnivorous as it looked. 

"Don´t bother, Peter! Just leave it alone! You won´t get the cake back!"

"Don´t  you worry, next time, we´ll bake one for us and another one for your plant. It has a sweet tooth , for sure!  

This time the two of them bursted out laughing.

That´s all for today. Hope you have enjoyed spending some time with Peter and Peace in their garden. 

I don´t have a garden and I wish I did .I live in a block of flats so there´s no chance for proper gardening. At least I have a balcony where I can have potted flowers and plants . I love gardens so hopefully I will have my own at some stage. My children will love it too!  Meanwhile, I´m happy with setting up gardens for my sylvanians to enjoy spending time outdoors.

To be honest with you, I never thought of making a garden for  Peter and Peace  until my good friend  Berna ,who has an amazing village " Alcalá de Sylvanian", sent me a wonderful package that included among other things, the greenery , climbing plants and the flowers that you have seen in these pictures. She also sent me the  chairs, the cushion and the lovely cacti coaster that I turned into a table adding  a bottle-top.

Peter , Peace and I are very grateful! Berna,thank you for being so kind and generous and for inspiring me to create this garden and write this post.
By the way, the canivourous looking plant was also in the package! LOL!

See you soon, my friends! Take care!


miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2020

35th Sylvanian Families Ambassador: A dream come true!

Dear Readers,

Last month of June, Sylvanian Families Spain organized a contest to celebrate the brand´s 35th anniversary in Facebook and Instagram.

It was a great honour to be chosen as one of the five winners. 

The prize involved becoming official ambassador for the brand in Spain and receiving some wonderful SF sets that I would like to show you. 

Prizes were different for each winner. Those were the sets I expected to receive but , to my surprise, there was even more! My kids and I were so excited when we opened the package!

We also got a personalized card each, written  and signed by Freya herself. My five- year-old son was really surprised that Freya was able to write and he felt proud that she knew his name!

For the contest, I posted photos from some of my old stories but I also added a couple of new ones.

This last picture is quite special to me because the Marshmallow family ,including the triplets, was a precious gift I was given by five of my first graders last year.

How kind of them and their parents! Don´t you think so?

This hobby is a source of joy in my life,not only because Sylvanians are adorable but also because they have given me the opportunity to make good friends and meet lovely people from all over the world.

Many thanks, once again to Sylvanian Families Spain for making me so happy with this amazing prize.

Thank you to all my readers for being there. Sharing this hobby with you makes it even more special to me! 

Take care!