domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

The Caramels´Arts and Crafts Store

Dear Readers,

I know some of you were looking forward to seeing the new shop in Sweet Berry Valley.
The Arts and Crafts store is already finished and their proud owners, the Caramel dog family, are happy to show you all the art supplies they stock.

Just before entering the shop you´ll see
a big chalkboard sign. Vivian and Lance think it can be a good way to attract customers´ attention.

As you enter the shop, you´ll find a wide variety of easels. 

You can also buy canvases and art portfolios to store your drawings.

The shelves are well stocked with lots of art supplies: coloured pencils, different types of paint, watercolours, pencils, coloured paper for crafts and also fancy wrapping paper rolls. 

The big window sill comes very handy to display a wide variety of art supplies such as sketch books, paintbrushes, soft pastels, oil painting sets and different pencil cases.

They also offer a selection of art books. 

Instead of putting a shop counter Vivian and Lance opted for two tables that can be easily set aside and don´t take much space.

Here you can see a detail of the bunting and the decorative palette sign .

Full view of the shop front.

I hope you enjoyed this shop tour!

I intented to post this entry earlier but I got infected by coronavirus and I haven´t been able to do until now.

Luckily,I feel totally recovered.

I´m glad my energy and motivation are back. Today, I felt like doing something sylvanian- related so I chose some pictures of the art and craft´s store to show you.

I´ll probably write another post to show you in more detail the miniatures I made.

Take care!

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2020

A new family in Sweet Berry Valley: The Caramels

Dear Readers,

There is a new family in Sweet Berry Valley and there will also be a new shop very soon.
In today´s post I´ll tell you a bit about this family and why they decided to move to Sweet Berry Valley to start a new business.

Vivian and Lance Caramel love art.They met at the Sylvanian Academy of Fine Arts when they started studying drawing and painting.

Even though their dream was to make a career as fine artists they soon realized it was tough to make a living by only selling their artwork.

They needed a way to support themselves and still find enough time to devote to their passion for painting.

Lance became a part-time art teacher and Vivian found a job at an art gallery. Both enjoyed their art-related jobs as they not only paid their bills but also fueled their creativity and were a source of inspiration for their own artwork.

One fine day ,Lance was painting at his studio when he ran out of paint.
The truth was that finding art supplies in Sylvania wasn´t easy as there were very few art shops. Vivian and Lance had to order their supplies from a catalogue with the inconvinience of having to wait for their package to arrive for at least a week or longer.

It was then when Lance came up with the idea of setting up an arts and crafts store.
He told his wife about starting their own business and Vivian totally approved and supported her husband´s initiative. 
Of all the villages in Sylvania they chose Sweet Berry Valley as it is well known for Arts in all its forms.Arts play an important role in the education of children at Berry Grove School and the Forest Nursery.

Lance and Vivian contacted Mayor Cameron Moss and Agatha Buckley, the school headmistress and the arts and craft teacher at Berry Grove School, to let them know about their desire to set up an arts and crafts store in the village.

Both seemed to be very pleased with the idea and Agatha Buckley was particularly excited at the thought of having a local shop to buy art supplies for her students.

(Hope you like these two photos. It was really hard to make the children sit properly and hold their colored pencils. My ten year old daughter drew the pictures)

This is the reason Vivian , Lance and their two children, Carlie and little Justin moved to Sweet Berry Valley.

They have only been in the village for a few months but they have already settled in and their shop will be open soon.


The prompt for challenge#4 in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community  was Art and Artists.
At first, I only intended to make some miniature art supplies. Then, I thought I could set up an arts and crafts shop to display the supplies I made and finally, when I had to choose the shop owners,I felt the need of explaining why The Caramels moved to Sweet Berry Valley to open their new business.
The Caramel Dog family is one of the last two families I added to  my collection (The Chihuahua family is the other one).
I love the Caramel dogs since I first saw them and I´m happy this prompt inspired me to introduce them in Sweet Berry Valley.
As for the miniature art supplies, I made some for today´s post but you´ll see more when the arts and crafts shop is finished.I still need to take some pictures.


sábado, 25 de enero de 2020

Peter and Peace´s cottage

Dear Readers,
"Interior design" was the prompt for the second creative challenge of the year in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community.
I had several projects that fit into this challenge but I chose to finish decorating Peter and Peace´s cottage first. 
You´ll see that the decoration of their home differs from some of the houses I have previously decorated.I wanted their cottage to match this young couple´s bright and cheerful personality .This bohemian style really suits their artistic and creative vein and their free spirit.

Even if I hadn´t told you who the owners of this cottage were, you would have guessed straight away. Their front door speaks for itself!

Here they are happy to welcome you into their home!
Hope you enjoy the tour!

As you walk in the door, you find the kitchen. They kept the sink and the woodcook stove that were in the cottage when Peter lived there on his own.

The wood stove is perfect for cooking and for keeping their home warm on the cold winter days.

Their living room is very bright and colourful.
Its bohemian style gives it a homey and fun feeling.

Peace made the cushions and hand painted the flower vase. She is very good at crafts! The table is also handmade. Peter and Peace found an old table at a flea market and customized it into this unique piece of furniture.

Peace also got an old wooden container to store some of her crafts. She made a lid for it and put a cactus on top. 
She also keeps some of her stuff in the big whicker basket. Those are the mandala coloring books and the recorder that Peter gave her at Christmas.

Coloring mandalas is something that Peace finds very relaxing, especially when Peter is playing a melodic tune with his guitar at the same time.

Both are very creative and they turned this table upside down to give it a different look and make the most of the space. 

You can see that Peter and Peace have lots of plants. They believe the houseplants really bring some nature´s benefits as well as a natural touch to their home.

Peace has green fingers and takes good care of them.She waters them regularly and even talks to them.

"How are you, Mrs.Prickles. Fancy a sip of water today?" She asked one of her cactuses.

They like plants so much that even their favourite tea set has a leaf design.

Their bedroom is upstairs and just like in their living room, you´ll find bright and colourful rugs, trendy and stylish cushions and pillows,a unique furniture piece, lots of candles and more plants.

Putting a mattress on the floor instead of a proper bed gives their room a more casual and informal look. A king sized bed was out of their budget so they opted for buying just a big and comfortable mattress.

Here you have some closer pictures of the rest of the bedroom.
On the bench you can see a picture of Peace with her good friend Apple from Purrchester, the tray with scented candles she got as a Christmas gift from Peter´s brother and his wife ,and a bright yellow vase with a fresh daisy which is Peace´s favourite flower.

This piece of furniture was restored and customized by Peace. 

There, she keeps some of her crafting material, such as yarn shands, fabrics and beads.

Peace makes and designs her own clothes, bags and casual jewelry. Her creations are inspired by nature, music and a simple joy of life.

She shares her love for music with Peter.
Both enjoy composing their own songs.

Travelling is another hobby they both enjoy.They keep their suitcases in their bedroom to have them handy.

Exploring Sylvania and other parts of the world is one of their favourite activities.
Peter is already planning the next trip.

Even though they enjoy travelling and visiting different places, they also love being in the comfort of their own home.

Here you have a full view of the house.

Of all the houses I´ve decorated so far, this is the one I made more crafts for and the one I had more fun with.

Here you have more pictures of some of the crafts I made:

The wide colourful bracelet is a handmade gift I got from one of my second grade pupils a few years ago.

Pillows and cushions. 

Two box of matches for the chest of drawers.



Plants and pots. The cactuses are made out of fimo. The brown pot is the top of a strawberry drinking yoghurt I painted brown.

I found this spiky "thing" on one of the candle trays I have. I painted it green to  turn it into a cactus.

More plants

The wodden storage container is the top part of the bottle of a wood stick diffuser. I made the lid to cover it.

For the Himalayan salt lamp, I painted a stone and stuck it on a small round piece of wood.

I made the mattress out of cardboard some time ago. It wasn´t in a very good state as my children had used it to play with.

The mandala book covers and the posters on the walls are images I printed from the web.

For the flower vases I used a big wooden bead and a small crayon for the yellow one.I put the base of three of these crayon on the kitchen shelf.

The peace sign on the door is made of cardboard and covered with these green stuff.

The suitcases and bags are also handmade but I made them some time ago. The orange shopping bag was a gift from Florence Holiday, a fellow collector from the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community Forum

She also made the  bright yellow basket I put at the front door next to the doormat.

The candle and the set of cream containers were handmade by Nina .Peace got them as a Christmas gift from Tanya and Muchie. 

I hope you liked Peter and Peace´s house tour as much as I enjoyed decorating it.

See you soon!