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An autumn day with the Hunter-Smyth Family

Dear Readers,

"Welcome Autumn" was the theme for Challenge#18 in the Sylvanian Families Collector Community . Even though real life is keeping me quite busy lately, I really wanted to join this challenge as autumn is my favourite season.

Autumn is also Camilla Hunter-Smyth´s favourite time of the year.As you can see, her kitchen wallpaper is proof of that.She absolutely adores the colours of autumn and she does everyhing she can to incorporate those colours into her fall decorating inside her home 

and also outside. Camila feels very proud of the autumnal wreath on the front door. She made it herself with the help of Rebecca Dingle, the village florist, who organized a workshop at her flower shop to show how to make autumnal wreaths and flower arrengements.

Here, Camila is decorating a huge pinecone she and her kids found on one of their walks in the forest.

The idea of the pumpkins was inspired by her three triplets. Autumn is also their favourite season. Playing in the leaves and Halloween is a lot of fun for them.

By the way, I can only spot two of them.Where is the other one? I´m afraid Georgina must be under that pile of leaves!

"What are you up to, kids?" Camila went to keep an eye on her youngest children. They get on quite well and have fun together but they are prone to get into mischief too.

"Just playing with the leaves,mum".

When you think of autumn,I´m sure most of you think of leaves falling from the trees. Leaves turning to set the wold ablaze with colour, leaves crunching under your feet, leaves to play with and leaves to be raked into piles. That´s exactly what Charles and his son Hector are doing. Truth to be told,Hector would rather be stomping on those crunchy leaves instead of raking them.

You have already met all the members of the Hunter-Smyth family except for Isabella, who is having a glass of milk in the kitchen.
"I´m going to the market, Isa. Would you like to come with me?"
"Yes, of course,mum!I´m just going to put on my cardigan and I´ll be right back."
The weather is still nice and mild but the air is a bit crisp and breezy in the morning and Isabella is a bit sensitive to cold.

"We´re going to the market. Kids, behave yourselves! Be good,ok?"
"Sure, mum!" (Look at those cute little faces!) 

When Camilla and Isabella came back from the Farmers´Market the triplets were surprisingly quiet and busy making an autumn craft that Charles suggested.
"Look, daddy!" Georgina said showing her leaf to her father.
"That´s lovely,sweetheart! Good job!" Charles praised her little daughter´s craft.

One by one, the tree of them  showed their leaves to their mum who was happy to see her youngest ones had behaved very well while she went shopping.

She liked her triplet´s leaf crafts so much that she put them on the fridge door. They were perfect as autumn decoration.Meanwhile, Charles took out the fruit and vegetables from the basket.
Georgina and Gerard, who were a bit hungry,couldn´t keep their eyes off those tasty apples.

Charles cut an apple into pieces and gave them to their kids.

They love apples especially in their mum´s apple pie, but they also enjoy them fresh as long as they are crisp and juicy.

"Some more? Yes,please!"

Camila started preparing lunch.She was going to make her delicious pumpkin soup which is one of her family´s favourite dishes at this time of the year.

While Camilla was preparing lunch, Charles and the children went for a walk in the forest.
Autumn is all about nature and nothing beats a walk through the forest in a beautiful autumn day.Leaves changing colours is one of natures´s finest moments for the Hunter-Smyths.

As the pumpking soup was cooking slowly, the kitchen was filling with a lovely scent that Camilla always associated with autumn.Inspired by the gorgeous outdoors and the sweet spicy flavours of the season,Camila felt like baking some biscuits. 
Autumn leaf biscuits! Her kids were going to love them!

"Into the oven!"

Meanwhile in the forest,Charles was trying to teach the triplets the difference between poisonous and edible mushrooms.

Come here everyone! Isabella shouted. These mushrooms are safe to eat! Let´s pick them up!

Back at the Hunter-Smyths´home, the soup was already cooked and Camilla placed it into a large ceramic serving pot. She tasted it and it was perfect!

There was a lovely smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in the kitchen. The biscuits were ready to be taken out of the oven.

Then, she put them on a lovely plate just perfect for the season.

Charles and the children should be home soon so Camilla set the table. She knew her kids were going to be starving after their walk.

When she finished setting the table she headed into the forest. Her family must be on their way back home and she went to meet up with them.

The triplets were specially excited to see their mum.
"Mum,we saw bad mushrooms, the ones that make your tummy sick and we saw a squirrel but not like the Walnuts, mum! This one had four legs and run very fast and dad has a basket full of good mushrooms and....and..... we are very hungry!"
Thomas was very tired and his brother Hector gave him a piggyback ride.Gerard,didn´t leave his flag for a second. He said he was the forest guide. Anytime they go for a walk into Acorn Forest he takes his flag with him. "Follow me everyone! This way!"
Even though he is still very young, he already has what it takes to be a little bit of a leader.

It was lovely to be back home.The wonderful aroma from the kitchen greeted them as they walked in the door. There´s  nothing  quite like a bowl of homemade soup with bread after a walk in the forest in an autumn day.
Her husband and her children thanked Camilla for such a tasty meal.
"A big clap for mum!" Isabella and Hector cheered  and the triplets clapped their little hands energetically.

Mmmm! Yummy warming soup!

They all enjoyed it!

As for the biscuits, they were all gone in the blink of an eye.Just some crumbs were left on the plate. 
Atumn leaves are great not only to play with but also to eat!

"Mum, will you bake some more,please!"
"Of course, I will" Who can say no to these three cute babies?

One of the reasons I like autumn is because I love the array of colours that you get outside. I love the bright colours of yellow, gold, orange and red that ushers the season. 
That´s why Charles and Camilla´s oufits inspired me to chose The Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labrador family to feature this story.Besides, it was a good opportunity to unbox the baby triplets (they are truly adorable),the kitchen play set and the dining room set.

For this challenge I made some crafts, such as autumn leaves, the wreath on the door, Isabella´s cardigan and a little basket.

I made the leaves out of real leaves. I used two different leaf punches.

I used the small leaf punch for some of the leaf biscuits. I punched them on foam. The other shaped biscuits belong to the Village Cake Shop.As you can see, each side has a different colour.

Before baking
After baking

The plate were I put the biscuits it is just a plain plate but I put a sticker (for fabric) on top of it to match the autumn decoration.

As for the wreath,I made the base using very thin branches of a this kind of bush.

I shaped the branches into a round shape.

Then, I painted it brown using acrylic paint but actually there was no need for it. I stuck so many leaves that the base can´t be seen. I was so entertained sticking leaves on the wreath that I completely forgot to take  pictures of the process. It turned out too big.I was meant for a different house but it was too big for its door.

I also used faked moss,plastic flowers and orange ribbon.

Isabella´s cardigan is a piece of an old(but  clean)sock that I was going to throw away.I cut a little piece of fabric and made two holes.Not perfect but it will keep her warm.

For the little basket and the pot at the front door I used the cupule of an acorn.

The funny pumpkins and the big orange leaves were a gift from Nina,an on-line friend from Germany that I met through her blog "At the Periwinkle´s"
I also made the door mat pasting a printed picture on brown foam.

Hope you all enjoy the autumn season!(or spring if you are in the southern part of the globe)
Ilustration by Susan Wheeler

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Peter and Peace go on holidays

Dear Readers,

Summer is coming to an end but before it is over I wanted to share with you some pictures of Peter and Peace enjoying a few days of holidays during the last week of August.
They have been working hard at their beach bar this summer in order to save money to buy a van. Both like travelling and it would be great to have their own means of transport.Unfortunately, they still have to make some more money to be able to afford it.
I was preparing my luggage to spend a few days at the coast with my family, when Peter and Peace sat down on one of my t-shirts and asked me if I could take them with me.
"Yes,of course! You deserve a break!"

As soon as I said "yes",they ran to get their tent and their backpack.
Once we arrived at our destination, Peter and Peace started to explore the area.
It was the first time they were "in the real world" and they were looking forward to living new adventures.

"Look at this, Peace! A mushroom as big as a table!"

"At least flowers are perfect for our size" 

Soon, they realized not all the flowers were "sylvanian size".Some were very big but very beautiful too.

Flower power!

They had fun exploring the holes of this rock that they called by the name of "The Gruyere Rock" Peace said he holes reminded her of a gruyere cheese.

Peter wanted to swine on a vine but it was a bit far and he couldn´t reach for it.

They were happy to find a lake where they enjoyed a relaxing raft boat ride.
They even considered to spend their first night in the tent of the raft but finally they changed their mind.

They set up their own tent on a grass field instead.The following morning, Peter woke up early.Peace, however, was still asleep so Peter tried not to wake her up when he came out of the tent to keep exploring the surroundings.
It was such a beautiful morning!

He still had in mind the big size of the mushroom they saw the day before, when he found two big strawberries while he was walking along a wooden path.
He tried to pick them up. He knew Peace would love to have some for breakfast but they were hard to pull and probably too heavy to carry them all the way back to their tent. 

As he couldn´t bring Peace strawberries he tried to pick up a flower for her but he couldn´t find any small flowers around so,at least, he managed to pick just one petal.


"Morning sleepyhead! I have a little gift for you!" 
Peace opened her eyes, she yawned and said. "Aww Peter! you´re so sweet! What a lovely flower!
I´m glad you like it, love!I nearly risked my life to pick it up. There are no small flower around,only huge ones!

Peter knew Peace needed her time to wake up properly so he started to prepare breakfast.

When breakfast was ready, he took his guitar and played Peace´s favourite song. He knew that would help her to get out of the tent.

"Morning,love!" I´m wide awake and ready to enjoy the day!".

"Me too, sweetheart, but first I need some breakfast and a kiss".Then we´ll continue our expedition".

After breakfast, Peace found something that caughted her attention.
She climbed on top a blue bag and got very excited.
"Peter! Cutata is going to the beach! I know it for sure! The bag says "Sun and Beach in spanish"
"I think you´re right,Peace.There are some straw beach mats in that bag too"

"I have an idea!" Peace was thrilled at the thought of spending some time at the beach "If we get into this pocket, she´ll take us with her." 

When I went to pick up the bag to carry the beach mats, the two of them waved to me with a big smile on their faces.
"Hi Cutata!, would you please take us to the beach. You know how much we like it"

I agreed but I warned them to keep away from the big waves. I didn´t want them to be dragged into the sea.
They promised not to be too intrepid this time.

Let´s go!

 Here we are!

"This is amazing! Don´t you think so Peace?"
"It is indeed, Peter."

"Look at the size of the waves! We promised Cutata we would keep away from them".Both were very impressed.

They felt like going for a swim but they knew they´d better be cautious or otherwise they wouldn´t be allowed to come with me again.

Instead of going swimming,they went for a walk. This time they avoided the seashore and followed a  path between the rocks.

On their way along the path, they met a crab that was slepping on its back.
They were very careful not to wake it up just in case it wasn´t very friendly!

The long path led them to a cave. Exploring the cave was an interesting activity but it was much better to be outdoors.

They tried rock climbing too.It was fun, especially, climbing down as it was quite easy for them.

Climbing up was a bit harder.Peace nearly suffered a bit of an accident.Luckily, Peter was behind her and prevented her from falling down.

Come on guys! You´re nearly there!

All their efforts to reach the top of the rock paid off! The sight was worth it and the sound of the waves was so relaxing that they lost track of time.

When they realized it must be time to go back home for lunch they climbed down the rock but they couldn´t help sitting down for another short while to look at the sea once again.

On the way back home they told me how much they had enjoyed.I promised I would take them with me another day.

The next morning, Peter and Peace got back into the pocket of the straw beach mats´ bag.
"I hope the sea is calmer today and we can get near the seashore" Peace told Peter who was thinking exactly the same as his girlfriend.
They were very lucky!Their wish came true! The sea was calm and flat!
It was a lovely sunny day to go for a walk along the beach.
Even though the water was a bit cold they were brave to go for a swim.
"Let´s lie down under the sun to get warm.Brr…!" 
"You´re my sunshine"

There is  no doubt this couple is very much in love.
"This is the life!"

After sunbathing, they were ready for new adventures.
"Let´s go canoeing"

After their canoe ride, they went rock climbing again.
"Be careful, Peace! Hold my hand!"

I followed them for a while and when they were on top of the rock ,I asked them to look at my camera.
"I´ll give you this picture as a keepsake of your holiday. Smile!"

After climbing hard rocks, it was nice to feel the soft sand under their feet. As they were walking on the sand they found these small orange flowers.They never expected to find flowers at the beach!

A cocktail before leaving the beach was the icing on the cake! 

"Are you having a good time,Peter?"
"I´m having the time of my life, love"
"Me too,I don´t want to leave"

Every single morning of our family holidays, Peter and Peace came to the beach with us.
We also took them for dinner a couple of evenings.Dining out in "the real world" was another great experience for them.
They were gobsmaked at the size of the food!
One of the evenings they came with us,I ordered a vegan burger (Sylvanians from Sweet Berry Valley don´t eat meat). Peter and Peace loved it!

If they were amazed at the size of the burger, they were speechless when they saw the size of these mussels.
"I wish the Neptunes could see these giant mussels!" Peace said."Just the shell is as big as ourselves!

And the same happened when the seafood pizza arrived at our table.
"Alonzo Macavity would love to see this huge pizza". Peter was sure about it.

The smell of the garlic mushrooms made them turned their heads. 
"One of these will be more than enough to feel our tummies"

Unfortunately, holidays don´t last forever and we all had to go back home.
As you have just seen, Peter and Peace enjoyed their summer break and so my family and I did.
I hope you had a great time on your holidays too and I also hope you have enjoyed today´s post. 
It was the first time I took pictures of my sylvanians outdoors and it was good fun. Some people were curious and even talked to me,some other people just smiled when they saw me posing Peter and Peace for the pictures.It´s impossible not to smile when you see these two cute rabbits:)Don´t you think so?

See you soon!