DIY miniatures for my Sylvanians

Here you can find DIY miniatures I made for my Sylvanians.

DIY Flower beds

(Toy box, laundry basket, brush, mop)

Crafting miniature challenge 3: Hanging by a thread

(Pink rug, beach bag, purple bags and baskets,coasters, balls of yarn, bread baskets, cross stitched Valentine card)

(Golden tray, silver plate,picture frames, whilte gold necklace and bracelet, copper canisters, can of soup, cheese grater, candle holders, silver bracelect and necklace)

(Cracked eggs, two whisks, chocolate chip cookies, two cookie jars, mugs and matching plate, cocoa plastic jar, kitchen canisters, strawberries)

This is a story ( I made the dresses and bags)

Crafting miniature challenge 7: ABC

( children miniature books, "read" garland, bookcase)

(bedroom decorated in purple, violet and lavander colours)

Crafting miniature challenge 9: "For the kids"

(Story: A day in the life of Edward Mulberry: The toymaker.
I made some toys for this story: yo-yos, boats, abacus, bead rollercoaster, quoits. I also made school bags)

Crafting miniature challenge 11: "Paper"

( A flower planter and paper flowers, some vintage jugs,a bus shelter and a suitcase)

Crafting miniature challenge 12:" It´s too hot"
( I made some swimming outfits out of balloons,a beach bar, ice cubs and cocktails)

Crafting miniature challenge 13: U.F.O.s (Un-Finished Objects)
(I made a juice bar for Betty BlackBerry and I wrote a short story behind this project)

Crafting miniature challenge 14: Night time
( I made a bed and bedding)

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